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Red, Green and Walking

NOW: Every day, we am lucky enough that my dad and mom watch the twins for us.  So, after work I pick them up from their house.  They are usually still running around, playing, and kind of cleaning up.  Once we get in the car it’s about a 10 minute ride home.  And every day that 10 minutes goes something like this:

    Will says “WA WA” as we go over the   bridges.  Today he’s also holding a little pansy my mom let him pick on the way out of the house.

   Ariel also notices the wa-wa, but quickly loses interest and starts chewing on her finger.  Probably has remnants of Nilla Cookie still stuck under her fingernails.  She has her pansy clutched in her other hand.

Then, we have to stop.  Uh-oh.  I hear shouts of GO GO GO!  Coming from the backseat drivers. 

Mommy, pretending that her children know what she’s talking about, has consistanly been saying for months now, that we are at a red light and we need to stop and wait our turn.  We can’t go yet. 

But, lo and behold, when Mommy says to those children, “We’re at a red light, what does a red light mean?”  Those children, as of about a week ago, will now say “STOP!”.  Teaching Mommy that every moment is a teachable moment.  And the same conversation that she repeats EVERY day on the way home from Papa’s is actually important.

Of course, when the light turns green again……….

                                                 ……the ‘go go go’ chorus starts back up.

Then we get home and wait for Daddy so we can eat dinner.

We watch the front door so he doesn’t slip in unnoticed.

Then, after dinner we all usually go for a walk.  I give the twins a choice; wagon or stroller.  Usually Ariel picks and Will just agrees.  Tonight is a wagon night and Daddy’s back hurts so Mommy is going to pull the whole time.  We usually walk for about a half-hour.  This is a huge time-saver for Tim and I because otherwise our exercising takes place after the kids are in bed.  We would normally switch off pushing or pulling about halfway and whoever is not uses hand weights to maximize the effects of the walk.  We try to walk at a pretty brisk pace until we get to the water.

.  There were some excited QUACK QUACK QUACKS coming from the wagon, so we lingered a little longer than usual.

Tim and I have both been trying to lose weight on-and-off forever.  What it really comes down to is motivation.  I had been motivated when trying to get pregnant, but then put on 80 lbs. while carrying the twins.  Tim was a little more reluctant, exercising infrequently, eating well infrequently.  But now we’ve really revved it up.  Since January, I’ve lost 10 lbs and he’s lost 20.  We’ve been eating healthier, but still allow indulgences.  We’ve been exercising consistantly (aka EVERY DAY), and now that the weight is coming off it’s even more motivating.  I don’t know why this time was different for him.  I think he realized that we have two little ones that he wants to run after, and play ball with and he knew that at his current state he wouldn’t be able to.  Just another reason why I’m so grateful for Will and Ariel – for helping Daddy WANT to be healthier. 


This is now.

THEN: I remember when my OB/GYN said she would recommend a Fertility Specialist to me.  I was actually thrilled.  Not thrilled that I had a “problem” but thrilled that something was going to get done about it.  Hopefully. 

Before I actually went to see Dr. Sullivan at Infertility and IVF Associates of WNY, we had to get a couple of tests done.  Tim had to get a sperm check and count, so he submitted his sample to a Quest Diagnostics and then we met with a urologist for the results.  No problems there.  I had to go for a dye test, which was uncomfortable, but came with promising side effects.  As the dye goes through the fallopian tubes, they take X-Rays to determine if there’s any blockages.  On the plus side, the dye removes small particles as it rushes through, opening up your tubes even more, giving you (they say) a greater chance of getting pregnant that month or the next.  Well, that was at least enough to keep me hopeful until I got in to talk to the fertility doctor.  It didn’t have those positive results, but it helped ease my mind for a little while longer.  That was then.