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Coming Home

NOW: It seems like every day when we get home from work/Papa’s, there’s something new and different that happens.  Yesterday, twins insisted on carrying something for Mommy.  Ariel got my purse, so I swung it over her shoulder so it wouldn’t drag on the ground.  Will got the food bag, which would not have dragged on the ground but he still insisted on putting it on his shoulder anyway…..monkey see, monkey do.

So we come in through the garage because there are less steps.  Which is easier for Mommy because they both still want to hold hands going up steps.

When we get inside, Mommy starts getting things out of the fridge.  Will is right beside me pointing to every little thing while I say “no, no, no….Oh wait, yes, you can have your water.”  So, he grabs it, grabs Ariel’s too and says, “sister?”.  He’s such a good little helper.  Then, he comes back, water in hand…….

  “Ah-que?”  Ice cube.  My child is asking for an ice cube in his water.  Ok. 

However, the water and ice cube distraction only lasted so long.  Then, it was decided amongst the children that they needed to be climbing on the couch.  Not an act condoned by the parental units.

But, when Ariel settled herself down  with a book, how could I say no?

This morning we had a Cheerio explosion.  Three guesses who caused it……

Couldn’t have been those innocent faces.  This is now.

Then:  The first time we went to see the fertility specialist.  It was just that, we went to see him.  Meet with him, review what our medical history was, review how long we’ve been trying, and the tests (sperm test and dye test) that we had had done.  It was nice though.  Something was going to be done.  I had to wait until my next period and then call the office so they could put me on Femara.   An oral fertility medication.  The Doctor explained that although Clomid is more well-known, he recommends Femara because there are less negative side affects and he’s found more positive results.  Then, after monitoring when I ovulated, and using ultrasounds to determine the growth of the follicles, we would set a time to do Artificial Insemination.  He said that right now he was just labeling me as unexplained infertility, but he was “guessing” that I wasn’t ovulating.  Wait a minute…..what about all of those Ovulation Predictor Kits that I got positives on?  False.  False.  False.  Wow, what a waste of time and money.  Oh well.

I even go so far as to ask what will happen if it doesn’t work  or how long we wait (already beginning to lose a tiny bit of hope?).  He says we will try for 4 months…..YAY, this doctor wants results!  This doctor understands that we want things DONE.  So, even though this was just a meet-and-greet, it was wonderful.  I was so glad that I liked him, that he was a doer, not a waiter.  I didn’t want to wait anymore!  I didn’t want to wait 8 months ago when we first started trying!  So it was a good feeling to know that something was going to be done.  That was then.

Question: What do you let your kids get away with because it’s just so cute?