Life with Twins


I was lazy Saturday and didn’t post, so I’m behind a day again.  Tim said, “Don’t be lazy on the weekend, what about all those people who are waiting to hear what happened?”  Thanks, hon.

NOW:  I had a retirement brunch to go to today, so I played with the twins a little before I left and then we took our walk early.  It was chilly out today!  Comparatively.

So, the twins hung out with Daddy until I got home around 3:30.  Then we played outside a little while Daddy was grilling.  We had a fabulous dinner!  A long time ago, (wow, really, like 10 years ago) Tim had created a pasta salad that I just LOVE.  He’s tweaked it a little over the years (he originally made it when he still lived at home, so he was dependent on what was in mom’s fridge.) 

Everyone who eats it, loves it!  Even the twins!

It’s penne pasta, italian dressing, shredded mozzarella, corn (Tim roasted corn on the cob on the Charcoal grill), chicken (also from the grill), and sun-dried tomatoes.  Yummy-yum!

We try to feed the kids what we are eating as much as possible.  We always have extra steamed veggies on hand for them to go with their “main” dish.  They love veggies.  So they usually have their main dish and then two veggies on the side.  I steam peas, corn, baby carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes once a week and keep them in containers in the fridge.  Then, for lunch and dinner I just re-heat whichever ones I choose.  Because if they ate JUST what we ate, there’s no way they’d be getting enough veggies.  According to health statistics, kids are just not getting enough fruits and vegetables.  (Well, no one is).  Tim and I are really into the idea that if we start healthy habits now, they’ll have healthy habits for their whole lives.  Not that they don’t have sweets or snacks – they do – crackers, cookies, juice, etc.  But in moderation, at snack time.   

 Tim and I are trying to eat more vegetables, but we still don’t eat enough.  So tonight, the twins had the pasta salad as well as carrots and roasted red peppers.  Tim and I also had some homemade bruschetta (that HE made) with red peppers, onions, grilled corn, and Emmentaler cheese.

We had taste-tested this great sorbet at Wegman’s yesterday and bought the sour apple kind (coupon AND on sale).  So delicious!  I’m never disappointed with a Wegman’s brand product.  So we all had a little for dessert. 

The twins also had pinapple after their sorbet.  Fruit is almost always their dessert.  Another good habit for them to have.  It’s a catch-22 about their vocabulary though.  It’s nice that they can ask for what they want.  So tonight when I asked them what they wanted for dessert they said, “opple” – pinapple.  I like to give them a choice when I can because at this age they like to feel as if they have a say.  Which is fine when we have it and when they haven’t had it 4 times in the last two days.  

Ariel also wanted a little carrot in her sorbet.  She often does this with yogurt too.  I figure oh well, she’s eating, right?  This is now.




THEN:   We had told pretty much all of our friends that we were trying to get pregnant.  Even when we were having issues and ended up at a fertility specialist, they knew.  We didn’t want our families to worry, so they didn’t really know as much.  There were a few reasons we shared a private matter with a lot of people.  Even people I worked with knew.  First of all, I had stopped drinking any alcohol even while trying.  So, our friends noticed when I was the only one not having a beer with them.  No big deal.  But as the months went on, they started to speculate, wonder, worry.  So we were always very open with what we were going through.  I ended up loving the support that poured in.  They were going to ask if we were successful anyway, but at least now they knew to be more tactful about it.  It gave me many people to ‘vent’ to.  Even if they didn’t completely understand.  Even if they told me to relax.  Even if they told me to get drunk because that’s what teenagers do.  Even if that advice was not in anyway  helpful… was still advice.  They still cared.  And I knew that they cared.  Another couple was going through the same trouble at the same time.  We could really talk to each other about what we were going through and be understanding.  It was HARD when she got pregnant first (ended up only by a month), but at the same time, encouraging.  Because if she could, I could.  Other people we know don’t tell anyone.  Or, only tell a few people.  To each their own, and I understand their logic too.  But I would never change how I approached my issues.  My support group was awesome….thank you all…..and now, I find myself being a  support group for others.  They know what I went through so they know they can come to me for advice.  I even recommended my fertility doctor to two people at work… had twins last January, the other is having a baby next October.  I feel like I really helped them.  And if I didn’t put my life out there for everyone to know, they never would have known to come to me.  That was then.

Question: Who cooks at your house?  Why?


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