Life with Twins

Saturday Snapshot

NOW: Soon I’ll spend almost every day with the twins, so I’m looking forward to that.  And my goal is to fit in some extra exercise too!  I’m really in a slump right now.  I know why…..I haven’t really upped my workouts in a while.  I just love taking a family walk every night, but I really need to do more than that.  Anyway…..

On Saturday morning we had our ‘last’ swim class.  We signed the twins up originally back in September.  The schedule follows the school year, so there has been a few weeks off here and there, but mostly we’ve been going every Saturday since then.  We’ll take a break for the summer though because my parents have an above-ground pool we will use.

Here they are getting all ready for “wimming!”

  I also got one of the cutest pictures of Ariel ever.  The girl doesn’t normally smile.  Will is such a ham, and loves having his picture taken so he usually looks right at me and smiles.  Ariel plays shy.  But ever since they got a new Elmo Camera, and you press a button and Elmo says, “Say Cheese”, Ariel’s been giving me some smiles.

They LOVE LOVE LOVE the water.  They love splashing and getting splashed.  They kick, they jump off the side of the pool, they blow bubbles (or sometimes just drink the water).  Which is so great.  I think getting them in the water early helps so much. They went in my parent’s pool last summer just before they turned a year, and then started the formal swim classes. There’s two schools of thought on this subject, but my feelings are; it can’t hurt.  I think my kids feel so comfortable in the water.  Once there were other kids in our class that were probably like 2 or 3 years old and THEY were the ones crying and screaming.  I think they had probably not had that experience before and were just so scared and overwhelmed.  As long as you provide a safe environment for the baby there’s no reason not to take them to a swim class or a pool.  It’s not the same as the bathtub! 

Saturday evening we played in the backyard.  They have bubble lawnmowers which are super fun.  Although they don’t really push them fast enough to make bubbles most of the time.  But they like mowing. Plus, every time we see someone really mowing they get so excited.  So, just one more chore I can have them do in a few years, ha ha!  Ariel obviously had to adjust the settings a little on her mower first.  They also blew bubbles and played with the doggies.

And they slid down the slide; kids have no fear.

Daddy: Ready?

Child: Rebby!

Daddy: On your mark…

Child: mark….

Daddy: Get set….

Child: SET, GO!

Daddy: GO!!!   And down they go, where Mommy catches them at the bottom.  Most of the time.  😉

I love that we can have almost complete (sort of) conversations with them now.  They are VERY verbal.  And they’ll repeat and remember SO much!  What a great Saturday.  This is now.

THEN:  Pregnancy tests.  What horrible little instruments.  Honestly.  So, I had posted previously how when you’re trying to get pregnant you know almost to the hour when your period is late.  And then, although you know it won’t work, your next thought is that you can’t wait to take a pregnancy test.  But even the “best” of them now, you still have to wait until 5 days after a missed period.  And even then, you might get a false negative because it’s too early.  So, if you REALLY READ the directions, they suggest waiting until two weeks.  Yeah right.  Plus, they’re not exactly cheap.  Even if you get a multi-pack.  Which of course you have to……because you’ll take it after 5 days, and not believe the negative so then you need to take another the next day, and maybe the day after, and then maybe buy another box…..or two…..because you must be pregnant, you must be.  That was what happened the first couple of months that I was late.  Then, I started trying to be a little more realistic and logical.  I would argue with myself on a daily basis.  I would wake up in the morning, on that fifth day of being late, and before running to the bathroom I would have a conversation between the emotional and logical halves of my brain.  If logic won, I would go to the bathroom as normal and just try to get on with my day.  Of course, going to the bathroom as much as possible that day, just to see if my period had come yet.  It was obsessive.  I’d try to make myself wait a week.  During the week I would overanalyze every single thing that was going on with my body.  I would try to convince myself that I felt different than from every other month.  Then, even when I did get the negative, I’d convince myself it was wrong.  Then, when waiting a week wasn’t working, I tried to make myself wait 10 days.  But part of it was, that if I didn’t take the test, and didn’t get the negative, I could still (possible, maybe)be pregnant.  As soon as I took the test and got the negative the hope was gone.  I guess we just have to have hope and faith.  It got a little annoying after a while, trying to convince myself that I really WAS going to get pregnant someday.  But if I didn’t have that hope to keep me going I would really have fallen into dispair.  Especially after all those negatives.  That was then.


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