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The Thrill of Monday

NOW: It’s amazing, it’s stupendous, my children look forward to it ALL week!  It’s Monday, it’s GARBAGE DAY!  That means we’ll get to see the garbage truck if we hurry out of the house in the morning.  GO GO GO!

  I think this is the highlight of the day, if not the week.  Don’t worry about the toys, the games, the going to Papa’s.  Seeing the garbage truck is all they need.  If I could have the garbage truck go past my house every so often all day, my kids would just be glued to the window saying “krr krr krr”; that’s the sound it makes when it crushes the garbage.

They also go crazy for the “meh-man” (mailman).  The guy at my parent’s house even stops and waves to them now. Today he forgot.  So, he literally backed up his mail truck so that he could see them.

If we see a bus, forget it.  It all started back in February.  They dug out a toy garbage truck and toy bus and Mommy was driving them around saying “krr krr krr”, and singing the “Wheels on the Bus” complete with hand motions.  Well….that led to part of a never-ending, always repeating conversation every time we see a school bus. 

They started singing “bump, bump, bump” and I would tell them they were right, there was a bus.  Every time they said it.  Every bus, every day.  Then, I added more.  I started asking them what color the bus is… they will respond, “lellow”, I started asking them who is on the bus….now they will respond “kids!”, I started asking them where the bus takes the kids….now they will respond “koo-ool”.  If I sing, they do the hang motions and say those words they know (up and down, beep beep beep, bump bump bump).  All because I have a ‘terrible’ habit of repeating myself.  Luckily, the twins aren’t sick of it…..yet.  This is now.

THEN:  disclaimer; I understand you’re more fertile when you’re younger, but still…..

I thought it would be so easy to get pregnant.  Didn’t I just spend my whole life (since puberty) avoiding getting pregnant?  So, it must be really easy.  I abstained, I used protection, I was on birth control….all of these measures must have been taken to prevent something unavoidable, right?  Apparently not.  When we’re younger, and first learning about babies and where babies come from, we’re warned that if you’re not careful, that’s it, baby.  Especially as teenagers.  My goodness, you could TOUCH  a boy the wrong way and BAM!  So, when you’re actually trying to get pregnant, simple, I know just what to do. 

But your body has other plans.  Even a fertile, “normal” couple has only like a 25% chance of getting pregnant each month.  And that’s IF they time it right.  Time it?  What?  Count what?  When?  I guess I was clueless until I get bit by the baby bug.  Then I started researching.  I kept calendars, I took ovulation predictor tests, we made sure to time things just right, every day for a week.  This was easy.  Fun.  Yeah, until month 3 or 4 or so.  Then, it was kind of not as much fun.  And I researched more…..maybe let’s just have our fun every OTHER day, maybe it’s too much.  There must be something WE are doing wrong!  We blamed ourselves.  Not each other really.  It never became a battle between us, which I think is why we were able to hold on to that hope every month.  But wasn’t this supposed to be easy?  What was I warned about all those years?  And hindsight is always 20-20….should we have started earlier if it was going to take this long?  Probably not, we weren’t really ready.  But then, by the time we were ready it was already taking too long.  🙂  That was then.

Question: Do you repeat yourself a lot?