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Run and Melt

NOW:   First things first.  I went RUNNING (jogging) yesterday MORNING!  AHH!  I am still in disbelief myself, so I took pictures to prove:

I always feel so good AFTER I exercise.  I wish I felt that good BEFORE, it would be so much more motivating.  I’ve been setting my alarm for 4:30 for 2 weeks……and then I either wake up at like 2 and think “oh I’m too tired to wake up in a couple hours” and then I turn the alarm off.  Or, the alarm goes off and I think, “yeah right”.  But, I was going to be going out to dinner with a few friends and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take a walk with Tim and the twins.  So, after laying in bed for 10 minutes (I’m amazed I didn’t fall back asleep), I forced myself to get up and go.  I considered doing the Wii Fit instead, but once I let the dogs out and fed them I got that breath of fresh air and decided I wanted to be outside.  I ran/walked for about 30 minutes around my neighborhood.  I loved having the sky turn from dark to light and watching the street lights go off as I went.  I wanted to carry as little as possible, so my camera wasn’t with me, but I was amazed at all the birds and rabbits I saw!  I know that seems silly, but there were just SO many. 

Anyway, I got home and it felt so stifling hot inside compared to outside that I decided to do my stretching and  jack knives on my deck.

I was pretty proud of how much I had run and I little I had to walk.  My main reason for walking at any point was a stitch in my side.  My legs felt good, my chest felt good, it was just a cramp that kept coming back.  Whenever I did stop to walk I made sure to give myself a limit like only for 3 driveways or only until the corner.   And then I made a goal for the running too and tried to go farther than the goal I set.  It was good to have those little “markers”.  After my stretching and jack knives I made my way upstairs to shower before I had to get my three little buggers out of bed.  🙂

After work, I went to pick up the kids as usual and then got lunches ready for the next day.  The twins were being terrors, but fast terrors, so I got no pictures.  My favorite thing was when I was sitting on the “potty”, and Ariel decided she needed to go too, so sat down on her chair next to me and was pulling on my clothes as I sat there.  In the meantime Will was runnign around the house, knowing I couldn’t come after him, splashing in the dog water, trying to close the bathroom door, trying to open the garage door and trying to get toilet paper (lots of it) for me to use. 

So, I was extra-glad when Tim came home today, especially because this meant I could leave to go to dinner with a few friends.  They were having Ladies Night at the Melting Pot so we had made reservations and tonight was the night!

I had been there before, and so had Mariah, but Leslie had not.  With the Ladies Night you got a cheese fondue course to share, a salad (each) and a chocolate fondue course to share.  I was actually a little nervous going into it because when I’ve gone before it’s been with Tim and we know what each other likes so it’s not hard to compromise.  But I wasn’t sure what to expect from my friends.  We all did the usual “Oh, I don’t care what we order”, but then Mariah settled upon the Fiesta Cheddar Cheese (I insisted I wanted it Medium though, not too Hot).  It came with three different kinds of bread, tortilla chips, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and apple slices to dip.

Later, we agreed upon the dessert – Dark Chocolate with Dulce de Leche.  YUM!

It came with more than this, but we started gobbling it down so fast I almost forgot to take a picture!  Bananas, strawberries, rice crispie treats, brownie bites, cheesecake, pound cake, marshmellows, oreo-covered marshmellows.  We had a second plate of food, it was so delicious!  I also ordered a second glass of red wine at this point, and Mariah and Leslie each had another “Love” martini.  I tried to convince myself I had chosen the healthier of the two drinks. 

Here’s us girls!  (A fourth friend, Katie, was sick, so she didn’t end up coming 😦 )

  So, I had a good night talking about our kids and catching up on job-related issues and stories.  I’ll see them again Saturday at another friend’s party (but WITH all the kids this time!).  Fun fun!  I can’t wait for some more free time in the summer when we can all get together more often.  Let’s make a point of it girls!  This is now.

THEN:  I went through six cycles (months) of Femara + Insemination = Nothing.  I was responding to the Femara, that is, my follicles were growing and (probably) releasing eggs.  But, I wasn’t getting pregnant.  Dr. Sullivan had said Femara for four months, so I was frustrated again…..on the sixth month I asked the nurse….she said all I had to do was ask.  So we made an appointment to meet/talk with him again about our next step and other options.  I thought they were going to try me on Clomid.  A friend was on it (also not getting pregnant), and she was having wicked side effects with it.  Not that everyone does, but I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to it.  When we went in to talk to him, he said he didn’t want me on Clomid.  The femara was doing what it was supposed to, in a sense, and Clomid wasn’t going to have any better affects.

So, he suggested injectables.  Wow.  I am terrified of needles.  Did I ever mention I am terrified of needles?  Um, OK.  Needles then.  Injectable fertility medication.  And, it has to be given so often (every day during the fertile time of your cycle), that I (or my spouse) had to give it to myself.  Really.  Every night.  OK.  So, I agreed to these terms.  I wanted a baby right?  Right.  Next we met with the nurse so she could teach me how to give it correctly.  First, she wanted to check with my insurance to see if they covered it.  She called my insurance company directly.  They said it would be fine (it wasn’t, but that’s another story).  So, she taught me how to give it.  It has to be given in your thigh or belly.  Numb the spot with an ice cube (if desired).  Pinch the skin.  Stick the needle in and press the syringe.  She also had to show me how to measure it because every morning I was to go in, get an ultrasound to measure the follicles, and then call an automated message that would inform me of the dosage for the night.  Ok, got it.  That was then.

Question: What do you if you get a stitch/cramp in your side while running?  Or, is there something I can do to prevent it altogether?