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NOW:  I ran again yesterday and again this morning.  The dogs are very motivating.  Not because they run with me, but just because when my alarm goes off, they want to get up.  So the past two days, I figure if I’m getting up to feed them anyway, I might as well go running.  Plus, I promised myself I would try do run every weekday morning until school lets out, so I’ll rest this weekend (from running in the morning anyway), and then start again for just 5 more days.  Pretty easy, right?  I discovered my iPod Shuffle has a pedometer so I’ve set that as I go and then write it down on my calendar.  I’m hoping to do more each day (obviously), but today I was down about 100 steps from yesterday.  It doesn’t measure miles, which is something I don’t like about it.  So, I’ve been following approximately the same route each morning and I’m going to measure with my car this weekend.  I was definitely more tired today.  But not really sore, so that was encouraging!  I must have walked a little more and ran a little less though. 

Last night, the kids were CRABBY.  Again.  I think it’s because Tim and I are keeping them up just a little bit later than usual, dinner takes a little longer to make or eat, and then our walk gets pushed back, and then baths are later, and so on.  It will be nice in the summer when we can let them stay up an extra 1/2 hour or hour at night because they’ll be able to sleep in if they want. 

  Here’s Ariel, kind of upset because her beads are not in a circle.  She wanted to wear them as a necklace and she couldn’t get them together the right way.  Mommy offered to help, which is usually acceptable, but the Princess didn’t want help.  Oh well, she got over it.

 They got distracted for a bit by the sparrows outside the front door.  We have a little decorative bird house on the front porch and birds moved into it this year.  So, the mommy and daddy sparrow kept trying to get to the babies, but got a little nervous every time the twins yelled “Birrs!”  At least they were happy.

Will and Ariel were happier this morning when they discovered some presents at Grandma and Papa’s house.

Apparently, they have been climbing up into Grandma’s chair and when she asks them where she’s supposed to sit, they respond, “floor”.  Well, Grandma figured maybe if they had their own chairs that would be better.  🙂

  They were a big success, but I have a feeling they might be taken away after Papa gets a little sick of them rearranging, climbing on backwards, using them as step-stools, and anything else they might think of.  And they coordinate, they don’t have a secret twin language, they’re just telepathic.  I’m convinced of that.  This is now.

THEN:  The injectables were actually NOT covered by my insurance.  I didn’t find this out until after I tried to order them through a mail-order pharmacy.  Just before I got off the phone with them, I happened to ask how much my co-pay was.  Co-pay? No no…..more like $7, 000, each month.  Or more, depending on my dosage.  I cancelled the order and cried and cried and sobbed and sobbed.  We couldn’t afford to do something like that, on a chance.  It’s not like by spending that money it would guaranteed a baby.  That was one of the reasons we decided that this treatment would be our last effort.  We would not be doing In-Vitro Fertilization. 

What would we do?  Just keep on the Femara?  We didn’t know.  I was in despair.  After I stopped, I called the fertility clinic to let them know and see what my options were.  I never dreamed this……often, when people on the injectables got pregnant, they had leftover medication (they always had to have extra on-hand in case the dosage was higher).  They would often donate it.  To the fertility clinic.  For cases like this.  And they had some available.  I cried again.  It was a different kind then what I had been taught to use though, so I needed to get in there and learn how to use it.  It wasn’t much different, but they wanted me to be comfortable.  They gave me the donated medications and I was to call at the original date.  What a relief.  It was meant to be, it MUST be meant to be, it’s going to work, it’s going to work.  That was then.