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Busy as Bees

NOW: Wow, what a day!  We were running running running! It was my day to get up with the twins and Tim slept in a little bit.  We usually do that on weekends.  So, I fed them Cheerios, which they recently insist on eating with spoons because they saw Elmo doing it in a book.  Then we read books for a while and got Daddy up.  We started our day by going to Wegmans, then stopped at Consumer’s Beverages so Daddy could get some Father’s Day fill-ups on his growlers.  Of course, he will be sharing with me.  Boulder Beer Mojo IPA, and Long Trail Double Bag is what he decided on.  We stopped home and the twins helped put away the groceries before we made a dash next door.  Our friends recently added a 2nd child to their family so we went to see him, and they also have an almost-three year old daughter, so the twins were mainly hanging out with her.  We came home and had lunch.  While twins were down for their nap, I mowed the lawn and Tim trimmed the bushes and weed-whacked the yard.  Then we had to get ready for a party at our friends house around the block.  We loaded up the wagon and off we walked.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  You (or at least, I) never know what to expect when taking little kids to someone’s house.  Especially for a party.  The weather was beautiful (hot!), their yard is fenced in, there were other kids there, and two BIG doggies. 

By the way, in my effort to be clever and coordinating…..Ariel’s shirt has an ice cream cone with “Let’s Party”, and Will’s is a mustard bottle and ketchup bottle saying “What’s Up Dog?” to a hot dog.  LOL!

Our Goddaughter


Ariel cried when hers popped though.  Not because she got scared, but because it was “all gone”, and she wanted “mooorrreee”.  I guess Mommy will have to invest in some for home.  🙂
Hopefully all the fun in the sun will lend itself to babies sleeping in a little tomorrow.  They were exhausted by the time we got back home.  They’re usually in bed by 7/7:30…..we didn’t start baths until 8!  This is now.

Is this a bio-hazard pick-up box at a hospital?  Nope.  This is how many needles I went through to get pregnant.  Injectables+Insemination didn’t work right away either.  Now, these drugs are powerful.  So powerful that Dr. Sullivan said I’d only be able to try with them for two months before we’d have to look into other options.  Talk about pressure.  Relax, relax you say?  Why is that always everyone’s first piece of advice?  So, no, not relaxed.  Not to mention the fact that for every night for almost a week I had to prick myself in the thigh or stomach with one of the most terrifying things on the planet.  People ask why I did it myself then, why not have Tim help?  Well, he was always right beside me in the bathroom, that’s for sure.  Why didn’t I have him do it?  I would have flinched away every time and someone would have ended up hurt.  That’s why.  Even when I did it, it was comical.  Even for me.  I would get myself all ready.  Mentally and the medication and the site of impact.  Then, the conversation would begin; with myself.  Ready?  Ready.  OK?  OK. 1, 2….wait wait wait!  OK.  Ready?  Ready.  OK?  OK.  1, 2…..wait wait wait!  It would take me a good 3-5 tries to actually do it.  And sometimes, if it was the end of 1 vial, and I didn’t have enough in that one vial, I’d have to use more meds from another vial.  And that meant another needle.  Remember, this stuff was expensive, and precious, and I was hoping to have some leftover to give someone else a try like I got.  So, I couldn’t waste a drop.  But I appreciated every annoying pinprick.  It was helping me get closer to my baby.  I hoped. 

As I mentioned, the medicine was powerful.  The first month, I had 6 follicles release eggs.  Which meant, theoretically, I could have ended up pregnant with sextuplets.  If all six eggs got fertilized.  So, the nurses asked if I wanted to go ahead with the insemination, even with that knowledge.  Yes, I did.  I hadn’t even had 1 egg fertilize yet, what were my chances of 6, really?  Apparently not very good, because again, I had none.  None.  And only one more month to try with the injectables.  That was then.