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Daddy Day!

NOW: Tim celebrated his second Father’s Day by……cooking!  For our families.  How fun.  Well, for him, it really is.  Although I felt bad he couldn’t just relax with the kids.  On the other hand, he could have bought/made easier stuff!  But he just won’t.  For lunch; steak, pasta salad, bruschetta (this time with Fresh Mozzeralla, mmmm).  For dinner; hot dogs (only cuz Papa K. requested), hamburgers (made from Chuck and Sirloin, ground himself, and then hand-formed), more pasta salad, regular salad (lettuce washed by yours truly….kids did the salad spinner), more bruschetta, mock pierogi (termed “stuff” by my mom; she made it), brownies, and chocolate chip muffins.  I have to say though, I think Tim and I did pretty well at controlling what we ate.

While Time was cooking, I kept the twins busy with Timbits (If you don’t have a Tim Hortons near you, you’re missing out!) and sidewalk chalk.

We drew all over the front porch.  I sat on the step as the barrier.  The rain won’t be able to wash it off, but at least they were contained for a little while.  Once they (Will mostly) started to get antsy it was almost time for Papa B. and Aunt Ra-ra (Sarah) to come over.  Then we went in the backyard while daddy cooked on the grill.  My exercise of the day was twin-chasing.  Tim’s was cooking.

Daddy got to play for a little bit.

  Then it was time to eat.  After we were all stuffed, the twins went up for a nap.  They actually asked to go!  Wow, they must have been tired.  Papa and Sarah stayed and chatted for a little bit, but then they left and Tim spent naptime playing video games.  I got the table re-ready for dinner and brought up paper plates and bowls.  Once the twins got up it was snack time and we also changed them into their bathing suits for the kiddie pool.


Then, it was time for Aunt Melissa, Grandma K. and Papa K to come over for dinner.  We played outside while Daddy cooked.  The twins ate pretty much everything we ate, which is so much easier.  Ariel got spoiled by sitting next to Papa because he was feeding her with a fork instead of making her do it herself.  They really enjoyed the brownies…..or at least the icing……

Then, they helped Papa open his gifts (a picture frame from the twins and a Tim Horton’s gift card ** best coffee ever**).  This is now.

THEN:  We did discuss other options.  After we had tried getting pregnant for several months, we had some pretty intense discussions.  We decided injectables and insemination would be as far as we would go.  In Vitro Fertilization was just too big of an expense and too big of a risk.  We didn’t want to spend our life savings on trying to get pregnant and then have no money to support our family.  A little dramatic, but that was what would work for us.

Adoption wasn’t an option either.  #1 – I wanted to be pregnant.  I wanted to carry my baby in my own womb for nine months and see what it was like, and experience childbirth myself. 

#2 – It is expensive also, and can be time-consuming, especially depending on where we would adopt from

#3 – I had heard too many horror stories about people adopting and then the birth parents coming back and saying they wanted custody.  The rules vary from state to state/country to country.  But I didn’t really want to take that chance.

So, our options were dwindling.  We had one more month of injectables and insemination and we didn’t know what would happen if it didn’t work.  That was then.