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NOW:  I’m going to let Will and Ariel tell about their day.  Anything in quotes is what they said while I was asking them questions and typing.

“Hello”, Mommy is letting “William” and “Ariel” write today because we went to “SCHOOL” yesterday!  We know all about school because mommy teaches there.  We read about “school” in “books”, and we learn about school on Sesame Street with “Elmo”.  But yesterday we got to “GO” there!  “Papa” drove us to mommy’s school.  It’s HER school.  We played on the playground.  We even went on the “slide”.  We wanted to go on the “swing” but the strap was broken.

We walked around with all the “kids” in mommy’s class.  Then we went upstairs to her classroom.  We colored with “crayons” and played with “blocks”, “trucks”, and a “ball”. 

“Bye bye” for now!  Mommy will tell you more. 

A few funny and surprising things……Will is usually very outgoing, Ariel is a little more shy.  But, when it came to those kids, they BOTH just took their hands and let themselves be led away from mommy onto the playground.  Every once in a while, they would ask for me, and the kids would bring them right back, but then they’d be off running around again. 

When we were in the classroom, it was so interesting how ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ they are.  It’s funny how Nature trumps Nurture.  Now, I know we probably do treat them slightly different.  But we didn’t when they were really little.  And we try not to now.  So, here’s a boy and girl raised in the same house, same parents, same age, same TOYS, and yet they have vastly different personalities, characteristics, and gender tendencies.  Ariel probably would have been content to color and sit and hold a stuffed animal.  Will was running around, pushing the trucks, throwing the ball, building with blocks and knocking them down.  It’s really so interesting to see how they are turning out in comparison with one another. 

The kids in my class seemed to have fun with them too.  Some even wrote in their Memory Books that their favorite memory of 2nd grade was when Will and Ariel came in.  Cute.  They were arguing a little about taking turns holding the twins’ hands, but they were very good with them.  Even some kids I wouldn’t have expected.

After school, we went for lunch at Ted’s Hot Dogs.  I was at the counter ordering and paying and the twins were sitting with Papa.  Ariel is quite the little singer lately, and she was singing the “Mama” song…..which consisted of “mama, maaamaaaa, maaamaaa, MAMA, MAAAAMAAAAA” and was pretty much screeching at the end….much to the amusement (thank goodness) of everyone else in the place.

After the kids were in bed Tim and I went back to the Wii Fit.  The last time we were on was about 3 weeks ago.  Tim’s weight stayed the same.  Mine?  I gained 3.3 lbs.  *sigh*  This is now.

THEN:  While Tim and I were trying to get pregnant, he was on a different shift.  He would work Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 2pm – 11pm.  I’m a teacher, so I was basically getting home a couple hours after he had left.  And believe me, I DO NOT stay up until 11.  I’m usually in bed by 9, especially if he’s not there to make fun of me.  This situation had it’s ups and downs.  The up-side was my exercising and eating.  I would come home from work, do my exercising (at least an hour a day), shower, and eat dinner.  I didn’t have to work around anyone else’s schedule and I didn’t often have any other plans.  On the weekends I would just exercise at my convenience.  Whether he was there or not.  My meals were simpler also.  I don’t cook and I don’t eat as much when he’s not around.  I don’t know why, just how it is.  So, although I would ‘cheat’ (with ice cream sundaes) every once in a while, I was being more healthy, especially with portion control.

The bad part was…..we didn’t see each other much.  Except when we were both taking the day off to go to the fertility clinic or something.  So… takes two people to make a baby…..and those two people weren’t together very often.  We had to be creative.  I started going to bed really early, like 8, and when Tim would get home from work he’d wake me up.  That was one option.  Or, he’d go to bed as soon as he got home and I’d set my alarm a little early and wake him up before I would go to work.  That was another option.  It was difficult, but there wasn’t really any way around it at the time.  We tried our best.  Early on, I thought maybe that was the reason we weren’t getting pregnant.  After a while though, it became clear that wasn’t the only reason.  Even with weird schedules and being tired, we were timing everything appropriately and often enough.  But it still wasn’t working.  That was then. 

Question:  Some people at work said they do gain a little weight when they start running.  Do you put on weight when you run?