Life with Twins

NOW:  These are my first babies:

Biscuit (aka The Queenie)



Biscuit is 6 years old tomorrow!  Happy almost-birthday!  She really is a little queenie – in her dog world, Tim is the alpha, then she ranks second, then me, then the twins, then Griffin.  Griffin is just a sweetie – I call him my cuddle-bug. 

   Biscuit’s Likes:

Destroying toys so Griffin can’t have any. 

Chewing rawhides and making Mommy fish them out of her throat.

Chasing after Griffin and wrestling/humping him (yes, she is a girl, and she is spayed, it’s a dominance thing)

Chasing balls and barking at them.

Chasing rabbits/bird/people that walk past HER yard. 

People that love her.

Biscuit’s Dislikes:



             Not being petted if you’re within arm’s reach. 

              The vacuum (I tell her if she wouldn’t groom Griffin and leave his fur all over the rug I wouldn’t have to vacuum as much!)

Awwww......Griffin used to be a puppy!

Griffin’s Likes:

Playing with Biscuit

Following Biscuit

Cuddling with Biscuit

People that love him

Griffin’s Dislikes:

Nothing, he’s pretty easy-going

They don’t sleep on our bed – just on the floor in our room.  Luckily, our bed is too high for them to get up on by themselves.  And (I know it’s No-Twin Tuesday, but I have to mention this) they are both so super good with the twins!  They get poked, prodded, crawled on, fed fake food, fed real food (they like that part), and get their dog food taken out of their bowls as they eat….and they do nothing.  Best. Dogs. Ever.  This is now.

THEN:  We did a lot of research when picking a dog breed.  We knew we wanted kids someday and Goldens are one of the highest-rated temperments for if you have the dog first and the kid after.  We got Our Biscuit in October 2005.  It was a little over a year after getting married, we had bought our house that April, and we were originally going to wait to get a dog.  But, Tim got a new job, working Second Shift and I said there was NO WAY I was going to be alone in the house every night.  We needed a dog.  Now.  So, we got her.  She was one of three puppies that were left from a litter of seven.  We went to meet her and took her home that night.  After running to Wal-Mart to get some necessary supplies.  She was already 12 weeks old, and not really puppy-small anymore.  She jumped on my lap in the car like she was meant to be there.  She smiled the whole way home.

She was a terror at first, only because she could not be contained.  We weren’t going to crate her, so we were going to block her into the kitchen at first.  She had other ideas.  So, we ended up borrowing a dog house from my parents to use as a temporary crate just at night or when we weren’t home. 

We got Griffin in December of 2007.  It was a little earlier than planned (although we knew we wanted a second Golden at some point), but a breeder I had heard about from a Golden-lover at work was expecting another litter and if we wanted in on it, we had to put down a deposit.  We got first choice of the boys.  We got to see the puppies when they were only a couple of days old.

Then, a few weeks later, we went to play with them and meet them.  We even brought a blanket with us to bring home to Biscuit so she could get used to her new brother’s smell before he came home at 8 weeks old.  He shivered the entire time on my lap in the car, but immediately loved Biscuit when he came home. 

She was more unsure.  She was actually scared of him for a while.  But, eventually her won her over. 

I love love love having two dogs.  And I will always have two dogs.  I get too attached to have it any other way.  It sounds morbid, but once one of them “goes”, I will get a puppy.  Otherwise, I’ll be the person that claims she’ll never get a dog again.  I’d rather just always have dogs in my house.  So the puppy won’t replace my faithful dog, but instead will be another faithful dog to add to my heart. 

My dogs definitely helped during my struggles with infertility.  They were my shoulder to cry on.  They took my mind off of my troubles just by petting them.  They were always in my way my companions while I exercised and ate dinner by myself.  They jumped all around and were super excited as I told Tim I was actually pregnant.  They are, and always will be, my first “children”.  That was then.

Comments on: "Because 2 Goldens are Better than 1" (2)

  1. Happy early birthday! I love this post. Two dogs…and twins… sounds so familiar : ) We raised our twins with two big pups and now that they are in college, we are still with two big pups. Two is better! I am not sure I would know what a singleton would be like; pup or two-legged. : )

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