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Patriotic Piggies

NOW:  Can I tell you how glad I am to have a daughter AND a son?  People often say to me “oh, a boy and a girl, how perfect.  Are you done now?”  Which is kind of presumptuous.  But also kind of true.  I think because they are of the opposite sex, they are already very well-rounded in gender-based activities.  But, part of that is Ariel being a girlie-girl. 

See her little red toenails?  I had to get a picture of them while she was in her swing.  When she was on the ground she kept running away saying “no, no, no”, but in a cute, teasing voice, not a tantrum voice.

I had been thinking about painting her nails for a while now.  What better time than 4th of July?  Nice red for the holiday.  I was going to do them red and blue, like mine. 

  But, I wanted to see how she reacted first.  I asked her this morning if she wanted me to paint her toenails.  She said yes.  I didn’t know why because I don’t think she knew what I was talking about, but she’s pretty agreeable.  I didn’t even have mine painted yet to show her an example.

  I painted them for her while she was in her highchair, having snack.  I figured this way her hands were busy holding crackers and stuffing her mouth.  Less likely to touch them.  I painted her big toe first and asked her if she liked it.  “More, more” was the reply, while pointing to her remaining toes.  So, I finished them up, and told her she couldn’t touch or they’d smudge.  And she didn’t!  Once she was ready to get out of her chair, they were dry.  She showed Will, who immediately touched them and smiled.  I thought, “uh-oh, here we go, he’s gonna want some too.”  But he didn’t.  Even after Mommy painted her own toenails too.  I figured worst-case-scenario if he REALLY threw a fit I had some clear polish that might have satisfied him and no one would ever know.  I should have known better, really.  The boy acts like I’m shoving bamboo shoots up his fingernails when all I’m doing is clipping them.  So he probably wouldn’t want any extra attention bestowed on his piggies.

Poor Will had to play by himself in the sandbox though.  Ariel didn’t want to get her toesies dirty.  See?  Girlie-girl.  🙂  She’s all ready to party this weekend!!! 

ALSO: I lost 2 lbs. on the Wii Fit last night!  Meeting and beating my goal of 5 lbs in a month!  YAY!!!  I think it’s all the extra running around after the twins.  And, eating less because it’s hot.  And going back to dessert after dinner, not after exercising.  However, I am often STARVING after exercising.  Here’s our schedule: eat dinner, have dessert, play with twins, baths for twins, put twins to bed, exercise, relax on the couch, bed.  We don’t want to have our dessert/snack too close to bedtime, but should we be eating after exercising???  This is now.

Question:  Should I snack after exercising even if it’s only a couple hours before I go to bed?

THEN:  April 5, 2009

Ok, I don’t often go around showing off a naked belly, so it’s hard to compare this picture to what my belly looks like normally.  That being said, I already felt HUGE.  And I’m only 2 months pregnant!  Look, I had to wear my pajama pants below my waistline.  Pajama pants.  So, maybe I went a little overboard with the eating at first.  I don’t know.  The doctors didn’t seem concerned – I was carrying multiples after all!  I was expected to gain a little more. 

I still couldn’t exercise.  Those extra follicles that had gotten so enlarged from the injectable fertility drugs were still enlarged and likely would be for a few more months.  I couldn’t believe it.  A small price to pay, but it made me nervous.  Thinking that the follicle, or even my whole ovary, could burst or twist?  Not good.  So I was taking it easy with the workouts.  Very easy.  But, I was told to, so it’s not like I was really being lazy.  I was trying to follow the doctor’s orders to a “t”, which included no working out, no sex, and some “no-no” foods.  After working so hard to get what I wanted, I didn’t want to screw it up by eating blue cheese or a hot dog or something stupid.  I was a little paranoid probably.  But I wasn’t taking any chances. 

I got on the Wii Fit to weigh myself a few more times.  It was funny because when you gain weight, it asks you to pick a reason.  There’s no “pregnant” option.  So, the computer kept trying to motivate me to lose weight and reach my goal.  Stupid computer.  🙂 

It was kind of frustrating because I was so used to exercising.  I had really started to like it.  The way I felt so good afterwards.  Plus, it was just part of my routine now.  I knew I was supposed to gain weight, duh, so that part didn’t bother me.  Just the feeling that there was something I enjoyed doing that I couldn’t do anymore.  I was also really worried that once I had stopped, I would stop for good.  It would just be continuous excuses and I would end up never getting back into that routine again.  It was a valid concern.  It had been so many years that I would tell myself to exercise and not do it, or do it inconsistantly.  It had only been a year since I had started regularly exercising.  Only a year that it had been part of my routine.  Only a year since I realized I actually enjoyed it.  And it would be over 9 months to forget all of those feelings and go back to the lazy, excuse-ridden feelings that I had had for most of my teenage/adult years.  So, I tried not to let go of that feeling.  I waited for the day when those follicles were back to normal size and maybe I’d exercise a little towards the later half of my pregnancy so I didn’t forget.  That was then.

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  1. Beautiful post, as always. You’re lucky your boy didn’t want his toenails painted – my 4yo is ALWAYS asking me to paint his nails. I draw the line at fingernails, though.

    Also, I really hate the presumption of people to say something like “oh, a boy and a girl, how perfect. Are you done now?” I don’t have a boy and a girl – I have two boys. And I’m perfectly happy with that, thankyouverymuch. I actually had a woman ask me if my baby was a girl or another boy, and when I said that he was a boy, the woman said, “Oh, that’s a shame.” Really?? What kind of comment is that??

    • I agree, I don’t get what people are thinking sometimes. Or, at least, I don’t get what comes out of people’s mouths sometimes. 🙂 My mother is the type of person who doesn’t always think before she speaks….so I guess I’m used to it! LOL

  2. I’ve been wanting to paint my daughter’s toenails since I know she’ll love it (at least I hope she does) and waiting until she’s in her highchair is perfect. I never thought of that. Maybe I should clip her nails while she’s in her highchair since she acts like I’m killing her when I clip them. 🙂

    Yay for beating your goal for this month!! I was exercising for awhile and doing really well but have fallen off the exercise wagon. I’m hoping to get back on it Tuesday. I’m also hungry when I actually get off of my butt and exercise and need to have a little something. I think you should have a snack if you want. 🙂

    I found this cereal at Whole Foods called Ezekial 4:9 and the best way to describe it is it’s like Grape-Nuts cereal which I don’t care for at all unless I load it with sugar. When I first had the Ezekial cereal, I thought there wasn’t any way I was eating that stuff ever again. It has less than a gram of sugar and not what I usually like to eat but I found it really helped to tide me over for quite awhile which most cereals don’t seem to do. I let it soak in milk for a bit to soften it up because it’s so crunchy and I feel like I’ll break my teeth if I don’t

    It has about 8 grams of protein and when you add milk it goes up to about 15 grams and I think that’s what helps me feel full. Now I love it although it’s definitely an aquired taste. When I eat it in the morning I feel so much better the rest of the day and seem to make better food choices.

    My little girl, Avery, even likes it and she’s a VERY picky eater. Of course if she sees me eating anything, she wants it too. Sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble on about cereal but I think this stuff is amazing, except for the fact that it tastes like cardboard. 😉 Sometimes I have Greek yogurt after I exercise. The kind I get is fat free but it’s a lot higher in protein than regular yogurt.

    Okay, now I’ll stop. Lol! I think this comment is almost as long as your post. Oh, I just had to tell you that I absolutely love your daughter’s name! Will is also one of my favorite names for a boy. If the hummingbird was going to be a boy, I wanted William and use Will for short or Benjamin (Ben for short). 🙂

    • Wow, thanks for you input! I do clip their nails while they are in their highchairs. Although sometimes hubby has to hold Will’s other hand so he doesn’t grab the clippers. I thought it was a boy-thing, but I guess not! Ariel just sits there and hands me each of her fingernails or toenails like she’s having a mani-pedi. I’ll have to look for that cereal. I don’t think we have a Whole Foods store here….I’ve heard a lot about it from the blog world though, so hopefully we’ll get one soon. Our Wegmans has a “healthy” food section though, so maybe I can find it there. Yes, I think I should have something after I exericise and we always have greek yogurt on hand. It’s funny, my husband was looking for greek yogurt EVERYWHERE a couple years ago, now it’s the “thing” to have. Thank you for the compliments on the names. I’ll definitely be having a post on how we came up with them soon! There’s a story behind everything, ya know? I love the name Avery too, and I adore the hummingbird nickname. 🙂

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