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NOW: I know it’s already (!) “hump” day, but I need to do a weekend recap! 

On Saturday, we went to a family grad party.  The twins had a great time running around and playing with all of our cousins.

They especially enjoyed the “alleyway” in between the houses.  Our cousin Haley was pulling out the bubble wand and the bubbles would just FLY in the rushing wind.  Will kept running and running and running and running, with a look of pure joy on his face.  Once he noticed I was standing there, he told me “HAPPY!!!” and ran away again.  When he said that, I almost teared up from pure joy myself.  Wow.  My happy, healthy children make me feel so blessed.

We stayed there until almost 9:00 pm (2 hours after bedtime).

On Sunday we had a 4th of July party at our friends house.  My camera died so I only got a few pictures of the kids.

I had found a few dessert ideas on other blogs or from friends, so I made chocolate-covered strawberries:

And Ameri-ca-bobs!  (Steve came up with the name, not me)

We all had such a fun time.  The twins even stayed up to watch the fireworks!!!  Which, they were not scared of at all.  Daddy had been prepping them for a while in the front yard with little fireworks.  Those kids did not get home and into bed until MIDNIGHT! (5 hours past bedtime).

Monday was our Potty Party in the morning!  We watched Elmo’s Potty Time and talked with them about the fine points of going to the potty.  Then!  We! Got! Our! Big! Kid! Underwear!!!!!!!

Then, they sat on their potties and put on their undewear!

More stories about our potty adventures coming soon!

Later, Daddy showed them how to throw snaps:

They took baths, got on their jammies, and sat in the wagon to watch Daddy make “lights” – fireworks!

They stayed up until 9:30 pm (2 and a half hours after bedtime).  What little troopers.  This is now.

THEN:  My mom and my mother-in-law don’t really get along.  So, I helped plan my own baby shower.  Which was fine because then I got to do what I wanted.  I decided to have it at a local restaurant – Ilio DiPoalo’s.  I called and got the information about the pricing and the days.  I decided to have it at the end August – I was due October 31st (but my C-section was going to be scheduled 2 weeks before that), so that was about 2 months early.

Then I thought about it.  What if I went early?  Didn’t I want to have time to put everything together?  And wash all of the clothes?  And force Tim to get the rooms ready earlier?  So, I called the restaurant back.  I moved the date to June.  It felt ridiculous.  And I hoped I was “big” enough so that I at least looked pregnant to my guests.  My mom took care of the favors and kept them a secret.  My mother in law took care of the cake.  They paid for the shower – I just did all the planning.  🙂

All along I kept trying to make Tim do things early.  I kept telling him that I was more likely to give birth early because of the multiples.  In reality, I’m just not a very patient person.  I bought bedding for the rooms a month after finding out I was pregnant.  I knew what I wanted and it was a good thing I did because one of the sets I liked was discontinued and I had to get it offline!

We decided to set up two rooms.  We had the space anyway.  We would have them share a crib, and then a room at first but then separate them eventually.  So we bought two cribs, two dressers/changing tables, two bookcases, and borrowed two rocking chairs.  We painted one room tan and one light green.  Both neutral.  Just in case.  The bedding was neutral too.  We bought it so early that we didn’t even know at the time what we were having – boys or girls.  That was then.