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Potties are Making Me Crazy(er)!

NOW: Oh my goodness, these kids have really gotten the hang of using the potty.  Or, they’ve really gotten the hang of manipulating Mommy for M&M’s, I’m not sure which.  For example, yesterday, they each only had 2 accidents.  But they each recieved like 70 M&M’s.  Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I’m just saying that comparative to how many times they peed, they only missed twice. 

I started making baby vegetables and dinner around 4:30.  The kids were eating their snack in their highchairs.  I usually make them sit in their chairs; #1 because I’m paranoid of choking, #2 because if they’re running around with the food then the dogs steal it (only because the kids hold it out to them), and #3 if they’re in their chairs they’re giving me some free time in the kitchen. 

I had 2 pots of water on to boil, with corn and peas.  I had also started making Tim’s snacks for his lunches for next week (I put them in individual containers and then he just grabs them to pack his lunch.)  So that stuff was all over the counter.  I also needed to get a skillet on the stove for my veggie burgers and the oven needed to be pre-heating for the french fries.  Then the twins were done with snack and running around.

And I was in the bathroom with them.

For an hour and half. 

They would go pee-pee.  Potty would play the music.  Twins and Mommy would clap and cheer. (Mommy less and less enthusiastically maybe).  Twins would ask for M&M!  We would dump the potties one at a time in the big toilet.  They would each help flush, and wave bye-bye to the pee-pee.  Mommy would help children get underwear and shorts back on and tell them to go play.  Mommy would wash out the potty bowls and put them back together, step out of the bathroom, and have twins rushing back towards her saying “potty, potty”.  And the process would start all over again.  They peed every time.  And not just a drop or two.  I don’t know if they just don’t get the idea of “holding it” a little bit yet, or if they’re just not old enough to “hold it”.

In between potty times Will was getting into mischief.  Either climbing on the couch, which is annoying because I don’t want him to have an pee-pee accident.  Plus, he fools around with all of the stuff on my end table.

He was finally calm for a couple minutes when I heard a strange sound.

And this is what I found.  At least the toilet lid was down, so none of it got wet.  I just bunched it all up on top of the roll so that it could be used the right way. 

In any case, I finally turned the oven on to pre-heat at 5:40.  We usually eat at 5:30.  Oh well.

It was after 6:00, I started serving up dinner, and Will came over to me (this was after his 15th M&M) and said “eat?”.  Yes, we’re eating soon, Mommy’s just getting your plate ready.  “Hungry” he says.  Hungry?  How can you possibly be hungry after all those M&M’s?????  

Grandma and Papa had come over the night before with a surprise.

Potty Time Elmo dolls!  They are SO cute!  Elmo talks and says he’s thirsty or needs a drink and you give him his sippy cup.  Then, a little while later, he tells you he has to go potty.  If you get him to his little potty on time, he sings a song and “flushes” the toilet.  If you don’t get him there on time, he says, “oops, Elmo had an accident, sorry, maybe next time, accidents happen!”.  They just loved them.  However, because we dump their little potties into the big potty, they thought Elmo’s little potty would need to be dumped.  I could just see the little potty, the Elmo, the sippy cup, or maybe all 3 ending up in the water.  So I convinced them they didn’t need to do that because Elmo flushes the potty on his own.  Phew.  It also came with a sticker chart and stickers, but with these kids they’d have it filled up in one day.  🙂  At least they’re excited.  And running back and forth to the bathroom is good exercise for me I guess.  This is now.

THEN:  I know it’s going backwards a bit, but I’m trying to write about what I remember from 2 years ago (or more) and my memory is normally fuzzy as it is.  So bear with me, please! 

I wanted to give more information about the internal sonograms at the fertility clinic.  I had never known such a thing existed.  My knowledge of sonograms was probably mostly gathered from TV shows where they put the jelly on the pregnant chick’s stomach and used the little wand to gently glide over it and show the picture on the screen.

An internal sonogram also shows pictures on the screen, but because they were looking for follicles on my ovaries, and follicles are much smaller than babies, they had to do it internally.  They just wouldn’t show up on a “normal” sonogram.  It wasn’t really uncomfortable, just a little weird at first.  They had this wand (kinda looks like a long dildo), and they’d put a latex cover on it (kinda like a condom), and then put jelly right on it.  Then, they put it inside the vaginal opening, but only a little bit, not very far. 

And what we could see on the screen with that thing was amazing!  We were looking at little itty bitty follicles that were only millimeters big.  In fact, they could even use the screen to measure them.  That’s how they were able to tell when I would (probably) ovulate.  When the follicle was big enough, it was ready to release an egg.  If I’m remembering correctly (don’t take my word for it), the follicle had to be about 14-15 mm and that was when my insemination would be scheduled for the next day, or sometimes the day after that.  So I’d go in for 3-4 sonograms in the week I was supposed to be fertile to measure the follicles until they got to the right size and then I’d have to go in for the insemination a different day.

It was craziness.  I used a lot of sick time/vacation time/personal time those 2 years.  I tried to schedule the sonograms as early in the morning as possible and then still try to make it to work on time, but sometimes those appointments just weren’t available and then I’d have to take a half-day.  Most of the time I went by myself to the sonograms and then Tim came for the inseminations.  He just couldn’t take off all of those days!  That was then.