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I RAN MY 1ST 5K!!!!

NOW:   A little over a month ago, a friend of mine, Katie, did the Breast Cancer Walk (5K).  She insisted she was just going to walk, with her friend Alicia.  Once she got there, another friend, Laura, convinced her to run.  I saw her later that day and was so impressed!  She seemed so proud and happy.  And not keeled over!  She mentioned she was doing another 5K in July, and I decided maybe I would join her.  And hopefully not keel over.

I had still been debating up until like yesterday.  I am really kinda busy right now – our anniversary is today (Happy 7 years, Tim!!), we are getting ready for a trip to Sesame Place, and just general craziness is ensuing.  Katie brought me the paperwork last Thursday and said she would even drive me down.  As of yesterday I still even almost called it off.  I just felt so overwhelmed with “stuff”.

But I didn’t.


This is me before the run.  I am so thrilled that I got a free bag AND water bottle!  I love free bags especially.  Good thing Tim wasn’t with me because I might not have been allowed to take it.  HA!

Katie and I:

We got there pretty early.  We hadn’t pre-registered so we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time.  There were vendors set up so we walked around a little bit after registering.  The 5K was called “Run for Rover” and it benefited an organization that gives emergency help to veterinarians.  There was also a 1K after the 5K that you could take your dogs on… there were LOTS of dogs there, and lots of vendors selling pet supplies. 

Katie’s husband, Erich, also came to run.  Lucky for me too, because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten any pictures!  I don’t have a cool phone like he does!

      Katie’s friend, Alicia, was also there!


We walked back and forth to the car a couple of times also, to drop off our bags and water bottles.  Erich shared a Gatorade Pre-workout energy pouch with me.  We also saw a couple of other friends there; Vez and Laura. 

Just minutes before the race – we’re ready!!!

Then, we were on our way!!!  I had set the Wicked soundtrack to play on my iPod while running.  Some of the songs are a little slower, but I’d rather have familiar music than music I don’t know.  Sometimes when I’m running around the neighborhood a song will pop up that Tim recommended and that I’m sure I would like, but I don’t know the words to it and it is much less motivating and distracting.  So, I decided to go with what I know.  I also started the pedometer on the iPod just as I started, to compare my time to my “official” time. 

When we got there, it was slightly overcast, but the sun did keep peeking out from behind the clouds.  It was hot, but a little more pleasant for running when the sun was hiding.

Mile 1: About halfway through mile 1 I really started to feel tired, but there was no way I was going to walk yet.  I run more than that around my house, or even on the Wii Fit.  So I promised myself I wouldn’t walk until at least the first mile mark.  The first mile was a small loop around the park.   I didn’t pass any water stations until I was almost back at the start line and that made me a little nervous.  So, even though I didn’t quite need water yet, I grabbed some as I went past, just before the 1 mile mark.  Good thing I did!  No more water stations!  And I can’t stand to carry anything in my hands as I run.  I can’t even stand to have my engagement/wedding rings on as I’m exercising!  The other thing that was a little annoying was that a few people  had brought their dogs to the run.  I almost tripped over the dogs a couple of times!  I felt bad feeling aggravated, but I really wanted to do well and didn’t need any obstacles!  When I passed the first mile a volunteer yelled out my time: 10:56.  Pretty good.  Pretty much the pace I keep normally so that was good.  I knew I didn’t have to walk yet.  I often get a cramp in my side as I run, but I wasn’t feeling that, so I decided I would try to run until the mile 2 mark.

Mile 2: The second mile was a bigger loop around the park as well as a little curve down a side street and back.  I hit a downhill slope and at first I tried not to go too fast, not wanting to tire myself out.  But then I thought that I should probably take advantage of the downhill and go a little faster!!!  So, I did.  There was a more pronounced uphill area but I was still feeling pretty good.  It was short, and I just told myself, ‘if there’s an uphill, there’s a downhill’.  Which worked.  By the time I reached the 2 mile mark, my legs were feeling pretty numb.  But they weren’t hurting and I didn’t have that cramp in my side and I didn’t feel short of breath (in a bad way).  But I almost walked.  I knew it would be ok.  I stop and walk about 4 times during my runs at home and I hadn’t stopped yet.  I convinced myself that if I wasn’t hurting in any way, there was no reason to walk yet, wait until I REALLY needed to.  So, I kept running, past the 2 mile mark.

Mile 3: As I started the last mile, that’s what I had to keep telling myself “only 1 more mile, you can do it”.  It’s a good thing I like to talk to myself so much.  But, I was really feeling tired.  And the sun was suddenly really beating down on me.  I thought, “but it’s so much better to call Tim and tell him I ran the WHOLE way”, rather than, “oh, I had to walk near the end”.  So, I kept running.  When I saw Alicia’s car that really helped motivate me – hadn’t I walked back and forth to that car 3 times before the race started?  No big deal, right?  Then, I could see the finish line.  Well, so sense in walking now.  So I didn’t.  As I neared the finish line I heard Vez and Laura cheering for me.  I smiled and passed the finish in 33:11 according to the big time clock.  Laura pointed out that we didn’t start in the first line of people though, so I could probably shave a little off of that time.  My iPod said 33:23 though, but I did get that started a little late too, and didn’t stop it exactly at the finish line.  So, I don’t know.  But I did know that I was pretty F***ing proud of myself! 

Erich was going to get a pic of me crossing the finish line, but he hadn’t seen me on the course and figured I was further back.  Oh well, we got some good “after” pictures anyway.  Out of our group, Erich was first, then Laura, Vez, Me, Katie, Alicia.  We all swapped running stories and headed back to the car to grab some waters and Gatorades and stuff. 

We all headed over to the pavilion for pizza and fresh fruit and a group photo!

What a rush!  I was so proud of everyone!  And so proud of myself.  If I wasn’t addicted to running before, I sure am now.  We were already talking about finding a 5K for sometime in August.  Maybe Tim will even run with us next time!

As if that wasn’t enough, my friends then dropped me off to meet Tim, Steve, and all of the kids over at the Taste of Buffalo.  Which was good because I was starving, but bad because it meant a lot of walking in the heat!  It was already 86 degrees out!

Plus, Tim was at the opposite end of where I was.  So first, I had to walk all the way down to find him.

I wasn’t as tired or sore as I thought I might be though.  My back was hurting a little, but it’s kind of always in that state.  I think I was still on such a natural high from running that a little ol’ thing like walking was no biggie.  I was going to take my race number off, but then decided to wear it.  I like to brag like that.


So I don’t know if you have a “taste” type event in your city, but it’s pretty nice here in Buffalo.  Basically, you buy tickets; we got 80 tickets, which cost us $40.  Local restaurants have booths set up with 3-5 menu items, each different ticket prices.  Each booth needs to offer one of their items at the “taste” price, which is a smaller version for 4 tickets.  There are also drink stations, wine stations, dessert booths.  It’s a great way to get a variety of foods that either you might not try otherwise, or you don’t have the money/time to go out to dinner every night of the week!

Our first stop was Papaya.  It’s Thai cuisine, and we got braised short ribs and calamari.  Later Tim revisited the stand to get Spring Rolls as well.  It was nice having Steve there because we all shared, so we got twice as much!  We shared with the kids too. 

It was definitely one of the best booths there, and a restaurant that we keep meaning to go to, but we just haven’t had the time. 

In all, we probably tried items from 15 different restaurants.  Some other highlights included Chester’s Cajun Grille (which we CANNOT pass up) and 31 Club; which had an amazing Arancini in marinara sauce or gorgonzola sauce.  The twins and Eliza tried a little bit of everything.  Will really liked the rice from Chester’s, which was actually kind of spicy.  Ariel enjoyed some lobster bisque – which she has had several times and always enjoys (expensive taste!).  And they ALL loved the Chocolate Banana – although I hate most of the chocolate because the banana was frozen and they couldn’t really bite it.  So, I was biting off bits, taking them out of my mouth, and feeding them to the kids.  It was like feeding baby birds (but not quite regurgitation).


It’s true what they say though – if you eat slower, you feel more full.  Halfway through I was already feeling pretty full and I had only, literally, had a couple bites of each dish.  I’m sure the heat helped with that too, though.  This is now.

THEN: We had decided we weren’t going to tell anyone the sexes of the babies.  That lasted all of 1 hour.  The thing is, I just knew I was going to slip up and say He or She when talking about them.  Plus, I had originally said I didn’t want pink or blue.  But that was before I knew I could have pink AND blue.  If I was having two girls or two boys I would have been overwhelmed (read: sick of) pink OR blue, but having both was ok.  It would be easier to register for certain things and easier for people to splurge on other things if they knew we were having a boy and a girl.

We stopped immediately after the sonogram to see both sets of parents (soon-to-be-grandparents) and share the exciting news and the pictures of our little babies’ private parts from the sonogram.  🙂  Of course, they immediately wanted to know if we had discussed names.  We had discussed.  We didn’t have it narrowed down.  But, that really was going to stay a secret.  Really.

Well, they were a little disappointed with that answer.  We really wanted to stick with that decision though.  Everyone has an opinion.  I didn’t want anyone giving their opinion and making us doubt our name choices.  Once they were born it would be too late to question. 

Once we knew what those babies “were” I told Tim I really wanted to know their names.  I wanted to talk to them and call them by name.  I wouldn’t mistakenly call them their names in front of other people.  Plus, it would be our little secret, a private knowledge between husband and wife (and the dogs, but they wouldn’t spill the beans either).  I didn’t necessarily want to rush the decision, but it really bothered me that we didn’t know their names yet.  So it became a constant discussion.  Like all rational people we made a list.  We consulted the internet for ideas.  We made a spreadsheet with pros and cons.  That was then.