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Happy 7th Anniversary!

NOW: Happy wedding anniversary to my darling husband.  Tim and I have been together since 2000, and we were married in 2004.  Sunday marked our 7th year of marriage.  That’s pretty long, statistically!  Since most couples don’t stay married past 10 years, Tim and I have a little arrangement.  Long ago, we decided that at our 10-year mark, we would get divorced.  This way, we’d still like each other.  We won’t have the messy divorce, fighting over every little scrap of lint in our house.  We had orignally said “together 10 years” but we weren’t really ready last year.  So, we decided 10-years married instread.  Just makes everyone’s lives easier in the long run.  🙂 

We celebrated on Saturday with dinner.  We went to Ristaurante Lombardo.  We had been meaning to go there for a while and had bought a deal on Groupon, so we decided to cash it in. 

Aww, look at the happy couple.  We clean up pretty well when we’re not running around after children, huh?

We always base our menu choices on each other.  This is somewhat annoying to other people when they’re eating with us, but that’s what we’ve always done.  We figure if we can kinda coordinate we can get to taste more.  However, I was set on an appetizer as soon as I saw it on the menu, no discussion required.

Octopus served over a lentil salad.  YUM!  I love octopus.  I had something similar to this on our honeymoon in Disney, at a restaurant called Jiko.  But then, when we went back in 2007, it wasn’t on the menu anymore!  I try to have octopus when I can, usually just sushi, but this dish was phenomenal!!!  It really reminded me of the one in Disney.

Tim tried a litle bite of mine, but his appetizer was scallops.  They were wonderfully prepared, melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Every time something would come to the table, it looked so good that we would dig right in.  And then Tim would remind me to take a picutre.  It’s so hard to remember! 

We also each got a half-size pasta as our next course.  They had full-sizes available as entrees, but we wanted to experience as much as possible.  We also each got a quatrino of red wine – perfect because I always want more than one glass, but we very rarely finish a bottle.

Bread was also served with the meal, with olive oil for dipping.

Tim’s pasta was farfalle with peas and prosciutto in a cream sauce.  It was really excellent!  Mine was lobster and marscapone stuffed ravioli. 

Mine was almost gone when Tim reminded me about the picture.  Oops!

I had chicken saltimboca for my main course.  It was a half-chicken served with a side of asparagus and it was prepared in their wood oven.  This was actually the only disappointment of the night.  The chicken was very tender and had a nice flavor, but it wasn’t amazing like everything else.

Tim’s Wagyu tritip was excellent!

  It was served with asparagus and rosemary fries.  Yum!  Then it was covered with a truffle gravy.  I definitely had a few bites of this!  Good thing we like to share.  I always like to look at the dessert menu, just to see if anything jumps out at me.  I try to get “different” things if I can.  When I saw vanilla gelato topped with espresso, I was intrigued.  Since we were finishing our wine anyway, i decided to finish up with this dessert.  It tasted just like vanilla ice cream, which was fine, because the idea of pouring the espresso over it was awesome!  I decided I would definitely have to try this at home.  I don’t have an espresso maker, but I bet strong coffee would work just as well. 

It melted VERY fast, obviously, so by the Tim time reminded me about the picture it was pretty much gone.  I loved that it was served in a wine glass because then I could drink the meltiness at the bottom without being rude.  🙂

So, all in all, a very nice restaurant experience.  For those of you in the Buffalo area, it’s on Hertel Ave.

On Sunday, our actual anniversary we got Chinese take-out for dinner.  We were still pretty full from the Taste of Buffalo, but it’s a tradition.  A few times we’ve used trips or fancy dinners to “count” towards our anniversary, but then wanted to do something special on the actual day.  So, from our very first anniversary, we started getting Chinese food on July 10th, and we’ve done it every year since.  This is now.

THEN: I have to take another step back, inspired by a co-worker of mine.  She had been trying to get pregnant for a little over a year, and knowing what I went through (because everyone did), she sought my help.  I gave her the name of the fertility clinic and doctor I went to.  She started seeing him, and stopped by my classroom every few weeks to give me updates.  Once she got pregnant, I was ecstatic for her!  And I felt like I had kinda helped! 

Since then we’ve been swapping stories.  About our husbands, about the infertility experience, and now, her pregnancy.

One thing she said recently was really very insightful (and hilarious).  We had often spoke of our husband’s going to the fertility clinic, finding out that the sample they gave was excellent, and being all proud of themselves, because that’s how guys are.  Both men had decided it was easier to retrieve their sample at home, and then bring it into the clinic for the insemination.  Tim and I would wake up early.  It had to be a clean sample, so I couldn’t really help much.  I would go take a shower while he got his sample, using a variety of videos found for free on the internet.  I certainly didn’t have a problem with this – hey, whatever worked, right?  Then, when we were both ready to go, I would put the sample in my bra to keep it warm and we’d drive to the fertility clinic. 

My co-worker was telling me a little story about the Family Video near her house.  Apparently, the video store rents pornography.  There are often people outside protesting this.  She drives past them often.  One of the signs that caught her eye was “Porn destroys families.” 

 That’s funny, she thought.  Porn created mine.  Best. Line. Ever.  I’m so totally using that from now on.  That was then.