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Back to Normal

NOW: This week has been so busy, but almost back to normal.

Monday and Tuesday we hung around at home.  On Monday my parents came over to watch the Sesame Place video and look at the pics, and then Tuesday Tim’s parents came over to watch.

Wednesday morning I had some errands to run so my dad came over to watch the kids until lunchtime.  It looked like a toy-hurricane hit my house while I was gone.  I’m not used to them playing inside so much!

Thursday was so stinkin’ hot that I decided to take the kids to swim in Papa’s Big Pool.   We had fun, and then went to lunch at a restaurant called Taffy’s – in Orchard Park.  The food was ok.  Just hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.  But it’s the milkshakes that I love.  They are so delicious!  I had chocolate-peanut-butter-coffee flavored.  YUM.

While we were gone last week we turned on the Air Conditioning for the dogs.  It was supposed to be hot, and for them to be stuck in the closed-up house for 4 days was not a good idea.  Well…….now the air is still on.  It’s been in the 90’s here, and I figured just for this week.  But we’re turning it off again Sunday.  I promise.

Today we went down the waterfront with my father-in-law.  He wanted to take the kids to see all the boats.  It was hot hot hot again……but fun to walk around.

I got lots of pictures but for some reason my computer is not cooperating with me, so I will add them soon.

We have a busy weekend too!  A wedding tomorrow.  Possibly Canal Fest or dinner Sunday.  We can’t get anything done around here because we’re always going going going!

Tomorrow morning I’m also running another 5K!  I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it.  I didn’t run the 2 days after Run for Rover, and then we were gone for 4, didn’t exercise for those 4 or the day after.  On Monday we were still so tired we did some step aerobics and that’s it.  Tuesday we ran inside for 30 minutes…..I was supposed to run the course for Saturday but my friend that was going to go with me decided it was too humid, so I backed out too and ran inside.  Wednesday I ran the course – which is right near my house!  It was hot and I ran with a friend of mine.  We walked a little more often than I would have liked, but it was ok.  I ran yesterday too, even though it was 94 degrees outside.  I did the course in a little over 34 minutes.  I felt like I walked a lot, but that’s ok because I need to save some energy for Saturday anyway.  And 34 minutes is only a minute off my time from the 10th. 

I wasn’t sure because we do have that wedding to go to.  It’s at a State Park, near Dunkirk, so about an hour and a half drive.  It starts at 1, babysitter coming at 11.  But, the run starts at 9:30, and it’s right around the corner, so I should have plenty of time to shower and get ready.  It’s a casual wedding, so I’m not going to have to work too hard on my hair and makeup.  It should be fine.  And I really wanted to run!  So, I am.  I’ll keep updating as much as possible this weekend – and definitely talk more about our trip to the waterfront today!  This is now.

THEN: I had major major swelling in my feet, ankles, legs, wrists, and hands when I was pregnant.  Especially once it started getting hot outside. 

I couldn’t even wear any of my shoes.  I went to Old Navy and bought men’s size flip flops because they had more room. 

I couldn’t wear my wedding or engagement rings. 

By the end of each day I looked like the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man.

I asked my doctor, but he said it was normal, especially in the heat and with carrying twins.  But he did say I should try to take it as easy as possible.  Sit, or even lay down as much as I could.  A lot of the time I would spend my evenings with my feet propped up, sometimes with ice packs on my ankles.  That would help the swelling go down a bit. 

I developed carpel-tunnel syndrome.  Also a normal pregnancy symptom.  Chances are, I have carpel tunnel anyway, but it just wasn’t showing itself yet.  But with the swelling in my wrists and fingers, it was cutting off some nerves and causing the carpel tunnel to flare up.  My hands ached constantly.

So basically, even if I wanted to do stuff, or even if my doctor had not said to rest……I had to anyway.  It was hard to walk.  It was uncomfortable and painful.  My hands were in constant pain, especially if I did anything where I had to use them.

Try not using your hands or feet for a couple of months.  Not the easiest thing.  And I’m not really the type of person who wants to take it easy.  I felt helpless.  I knew I was doing it for the good of the babies, which is the only reason I didn’t just push myself through the pain and continue my normal tasks. 

Of course, I couldn’t just constantly sit at home.  So I borrowed a wheelchair that my mom had because it used to be my grandpa’s.  I may have drawn a few looks while Tim pushed me around, but I didn’t care.  I even started using the automatic carts at Wegmans so that I could still go grocery shopping with Tim sometimes. 

There was a special exhibit at the science museum in the summer – The Human Body.  I really wanted to go, but I knew it would be way too much walking.  We brought the wheelchair.  Tim pushed me around as we looked at all of the displays.  We went on a weekday so it wasn’t too crowded, and Tim’s mom came with us.  I was so glad I was still able to go.  I was so grateful to Tim for pushing me around in the wheelchair.

Another event I refused to miss was the Erie County Fair.  I have been going every year since before I was born.  Yes, I went when my mother was pregnant with me.  It’s one of my most favorite places, mostly for nostalgic reasons.  I usually go 2 or 3 times……I knew this year I would only go once, and might not even stay the whole day.  But I was GOING.  Tim agreed to push me around in the wheelchair again.  Our children got to go before they were born.  It was hot.  I was swelled up like a balloon halfway through the day even without walking.  We stayed until dinnertime (that’s the best part!) I could barely get out of the wheelchair and into the car because my feet and ankles had swelled up so much.  We had to stop at my parents house to get something and my mom was shocked.  She couldn’t believe the swelling.  I brushed it off.  It was no big deal.  I’ll mention it to the doctor again when I go next week.  She made Tim promise that I would put my feet up with ice packs as soon as we got home.  Believe me, that was the plan.  That was then.