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Marina Mania

NOW: My father-in-law decided he’d like to go to the marina next time we had an outing together.  On Friday, that’s where we went.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had heard that it was looking nicer lately, and that there was ice cream.  But I didn’t think I had ever been there and wasn’t sure how much the twins would enjoy it.

I was also a little nervous because if we let them walk around, one false slip and they’d be in Lake Erie.

They ended up being in the stroller most of the time, which they still enjoyed.

It was a little early for people to be taking off on boats, but there were a few.

The Naval Park is also right there, so they got to see some BIG boats.  Children under 5 were free to go “explore” the boats and the museum, but we thought they were a little too young.  Maybe in a couple years.

When we did get them out of the stroller it was to play at the little man-made beach.  There were beach toys and everything.  It was like a huge sandbox.  🙂

So they had a lot of fun, but we only stayed there for a short time.  Then, I had to use some water out of my water bottle to rinse their hands because they were all sandy.  I shouldn’t have bothered……

They both got pretty soaked.  They hardly ever play in the sprinkler at home.  Apparently this one is different. 

We had started in the middle of the marina, so we decided to head back the way we came and then keep walking along the lake by the harbor.

Papa told us that when Tim was little he used to walk along these rocks.  I’m glad he agreed the twins were a little too young.  They were pretty smooth, but the twins have a hard enough time walking on flat land.  Even if we walked on the sidewalk and held their hands while they were up there, I would not have been comfortable with that!  Plus, Will sometimes likes to wiggle out of hand-holding.  Here’s my fear of them falling in the Lake!  They were content with touching the rocks as we pushed them along.  Then we walked along the docks.

Maybe someday we’ll know someone with a boat and be able to go out on it.  That would be fun.  But I wouldn’t want to buy a boat myself – not in Buffalo!  There’s too short of a nice-weather season.  The kids did have fun.  They were very serious throughout the trip – they’ve never really seen boats before and I think they were just taking it all in. 

Ariel got a bit silly near the end of our adventure.

She doesn’t usually care to have her picture taken and will usually turn away from the camera.  I was taking pictures and she told me she would smile.  Instead, she stuck her tongue out.  🙂  Silly girlie.

After we finished walking around, we met up with Aunt Sarah for lunch.  She works downtown near the marina.  The kids ate first and had a little picnic on the grass with some veggies and chicken I had brought with us.  The seagulls ended up with most of it because the twins didn’t really eat much. 

Then Papa got some soft serve ice cream.  It was supposed to be for the twins and I to share.  In the meantime I went with Aunt Sarah to go get a hot dog.  Upon returning with my hot dog…..I realized there was hardly any ice cream left for me!  The little piggies!  They didn’t eat their lunch, but instead ate MY ice cream!  I couldn’t believe it. 

We’d see Aunt Sarah later too; she was coming over to babysit so that Tim and I could go to dinner!  YAY!  We were supposed to go see the final Harry Potter movie, but our friend Steve couldn’t go.  We’ve seen all the HP movies with him.  He waited for us while we were in Sesame Place, so we needed to wait for him.  His wife, Mariah, just had foot surgery, and his babysitters got pnemonia.  So, Tim and I went to dinner alone, ran a few errands, and we’ll (hopefully!) all go see HP next weekend. 

We had two gift cards from the Melting Pot, as well as a coupon for a free chocolate fondue!  So our bill came to $2.32.  Nice.  The food was SO yummy and it was nice to get out of the house together.   We walked around the mall a bit and then had to go buy some gifts for upcoming birthdays and wedding showers.  We ended up at Wegmans just to buy some bottled water……and figured we might as well go grocery shopping while we were there!  We only forgot a couple of things without our list.  🙂 

Saturday we went to an all-day wedding at Lake Erie State Park.  It was really nice, but very very hot.  So we mainly sat under the tents and chatted with our friends.  Very relaxing.  This is now.

THEN:  When you’re pregnant, you have to go for a series of bloodwork tests to check up on you.  One of those is a gestational diabetes test.

I had heard horror stories about this.

It wasn’t THAT bad.

I had to make an appointment for the bloodtest.  Then, an hour before, I was supposed to eat 4 peanut butter cups (there were other candy choices, but this was mine!).  Sounds pretty good to me.  Then, go give the bloodwork.

Well, for the first one I ate the panut butter cups and then Tim and I went to Valu to spend the hour before I had to go back.  We walked around and shopped for some outdoor stuff we needed.  No on had told me that I was supposed to be sitting still for this hour and that walking around could mess up the results. 

I went back, gave the blood for the test, and was told my doctor would call with the results in a week or so.  OK, no problem.  Next time I went to the doctor, he had the results.  The number was slightly high, meaning I had to re-take the test, this time once every four hours.  The doctor didn’t think there was anything wrong because it was only a little bit high, but figured we might as well retest just to be sure.  He seemed pretty confident that there would not be a problem.

The next time, I couldn’t do the candy.  I had to drink this super-sugary pop-like substance right at the bloodwork clinic.  Then I had to sit for an hour.  At the bloodwork clinic.  Then, they’d call me back for my first blood sample.  Another hour, another blood sample.  And then two more.  So I sat there for over 4 hours.  And gave 4 blood samples.  With 4 needles!  UGH.  At least I got to catch up on some reading. 

Tim had dropped me off in the morning.  It was a fasting test – so the only thing really in my stomach was that gross drink.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to drive myself home after not eating and giving all that blood and being poked by all those needles.  I had arranged for my dad to pick me up and we went out for a quick lunch.  Because by then I was starving. 

Starting 3 days later, I kept calling the doctor for the results.  He had seemed confident, but I was a little nervous.  If I had gestational diabetes, I wanted to know so that I could figure out what kinds of dietary changes I needed to be making.  Plus, my dad has Type 2 Diabetes and I was carrying twins – both factors making my risks higher.  The results weren’t in.  Weren’t in.  Weren’t in.  Finally, the nurses told me that if there was an issue, they would call me, I didn’t have to keep calling.  So, once the results were in they’d give me a call if something was wrong.  I guess I could deal with that.  I didn’t end up getting any phone calls.  This was around the end of July.  My next doctor’s appointment was at the end of August.  So, I just kept doing what I was doing.  Although by now, I was really running out of room in my stomach and was eating much smaller meals, just more often.  That was then.