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NOW:  Sunday Tim wanted to cook a brisket.  He needs to do a practice for the twins’ birthday party/Labor Day Party.  We invited a few friends over to share it because it was humungous.  We started out the afternoon by setting up the new Bounce House!

Tim’s mom wanted to get the twins a bounce house last year for their birthday but it was so late in the season they were all sold out.  So, this year she decided to buy it at the beginning of summer and gave it to them early.   We hadn’t set it up yet, but since our friends Brian and Leslie were bringing their son Matt, we figured it was the perfect time to try it out with the kids.

Will went right for it.  Ariel was a little more timid, so I had to go in with her at first.  Which I wanted to do anyway!  🙂 

After a little  while, I got out and They tried out the slide.  It was amazing how quickly they figured out how to get back in by themselves. 

Of course, they soon figured out it was a lot easier going up the slide than in the “right” way.  Oh well.  Tim’s brisket turned out really well.  A little too “smokey” flavored, but now he knows.  That was the point of the practice.  It’s something that needs to be cooked ALL DAY LONG, but that actually makes it easier because he can prep and cook other things while it’s on the grill.  So, he figures it’s a good idea for the parties.

YUM!  He’s going to use different wood chips next time so that it’s not quite so smokey-tasting.  I thought it was good, but what do I know? 

While we ate, the little boys played a little bit of hockey at the table with the sippy cups.  They went on the slide and swings after dinner and then it was bedtime.

It was so much fun being able to spend some relaxing time with our friends.  Summers just seem to get away from us sometimes.  And Tim and I are so busy on the weekends (and so is everyone else!), that it was great to have a day “off” where we didn’t have family parties or other obligations and we could just have a random day with our friends.  It’s great when we can let the kids play together too!!!  This is now.

THEN:  I felt as big as a house.  I know most women probably feel that way, especially towards the end of their pregnancies, but I was only 6 months and carrying the equivilent weight of a full-term singleton pregnancy. 

This picture was taken August 3, 2009.  I can see how swollen and full my face and wrists are, even in the picture!  I was still feeling pretty good though.  I was relatively cheerful about the whole thing.  I was on modified bedrest, but still being able to do what I wanted to, thanks to my glorious husband.

Let’s make this flashback about Tim.

I don’t know how most men react to infertility treatments and a crazy hormonal pregnant bed-resting wife, but my husband could not have been more supportive.  When we were trying to get pregnant he put up with all my self-diagnosis, came to as many fertility appointments as he could, and didn’t think twice about getting that sample in that little plastic cup every month.  He wanted a kid just as badly as I did….and he wanted me to be happy more than anything. 

Once I was pregnant it wasn’t long before I couldn’t do anything around the house.  He dutifully took over lawn-mowing, laundry, general cleaning, and setting up the babies rooms.  He didn’t do anything as quickly as I wanted him to, but he patiently kept explaining to me that not everything needed to be done within a month of my pregnancy.  In other words, he put up with my nagging and didn’t get annoyed by it.

He took me places in a wheelchair.  Now, I don’t know, but I think maybe other people would be embarrassed by this.  There was nothing “wrong” with me.  He pushed me all over and even put up with me in the motorized cart at the grocery store without saying a word. 

Maybe this seems uneventful or not extraordinary in the least.  But I was grateful for it. 

Everything was going along fine.  Tim did manage to get the rooms painted, the dressers upstairs, the cribs put together and the sheets on the mattresses.  He helped me wash all the clothes.  He put the toys together…..even the ones they wouldn’t be able to use for months…..and stored them in the family room. 

Everything was going along fine.  The bag was packed.  Way early.  Because I’m a planner and because what if I went in early?  I was going to the doctor at the end of August for a check-up and I’d be scheduling my C-Section for 38 weeks.  I was excited by that.  It’s not often you get to pick your babies’ birthday! 

Everything was going along fine.  But then the heartburn started.  That was then.