Life with Twins

Where Are You?

NOW:  Oh, I’m just having fun at the ER.  Fun fun.  Last Saturday we had a family party.  Tim was feeling a little unwell before we left, but decided to go anyway.  He was feeling OK for a while, but then it was time for dinner.  Pizza.  His favorite.  He ate one bite and decided he couldn’t eat anymore.  Hm.  Strange.  Very strange.  After the twins were finished eating, Aunt Sarah entertained them so I could eat.  Tim laid on his Aunt and Uncle’s couch.  He fell asleep.  I went to check on him several times.  He had short conversations with me, but insisted he didn’t want to leave and appear rude.  During present-opening, I came in again.  He was sad that I hadn’t checked on him.  Wait a minute…..I did.  He didn’t even realize/remember.  We decided to leave after the presents were open.  I had to drive him home. 

After putting the twins to bed, I took his temperature.  102.5.  Obviously something going on there, and he took some Nyquil before bed and it helped him sleep and he didn’t feel too bad.

Upon waking Sunday morning, he dragged himself downstairs and proceeded to remain on the couch all day.  Not really doing anything.  His stomach was still slightly upset, so he didn’t want to eat.  I tried to encourage him to drink water, etc, but he was afraid his stomach would be upset again so he didn’t drink much either.  He kept complaining he was hot/cold and finally asked for the air conditioning to be put on so that at least the temp in the house was more regulated.  He had the Star Wars movies in the DVD player, but he wasn’t really watching it.  He wasn’t reading.  He wasn’t on the computer.  Just laying around. 

I suppose I should have been more concerned at this point.  He never naps.  But he was obviously not feeling well so I just let him be.  To be honest, it was easier.  He is pretty much a baby when he’s sick.  So, it’s kinda like the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  I was already dealing with two babies, I didn’t really need a third.  If he just slept that meant I didn’t have to wait on him.  Selfish, I know, but in my defense, I figured he just needed rest to feel better.

Well, by the time we took his temperature before bed, around 9:00, it was 105.6.  He decided to take a bath and I told him he better not make it too warm.  I called the doctor, got the answering service, and waited to get a call back.  She was concerned.  That’s a high temperature!  He was to take Tylenol and re-test his temp in 45 minutes.  If it wasn’t below 101 by then, he was to go to the ER.  If it was, he could wait and go to the doctor tomorrow.  The fact that he even “let” me call the doctor was pretty tell-tale.  He never wants to call the doctor. 

Well, it was still 103.5.  I called my mom to sit at the house because the kids were obviously in bed.  We took off to the hospital.  After waiting in the waiting room for over 2 hours, he finally got called back to Triage.  Where they took his temperature and it was only 99.1.  We waited another hour.  A nurse came in, took his temp again and basically told us we could wait… least another hour…..back in the waiting room…..but because his temp was almost normal there wasn’t much they could do.  Really?  After waiting for more than 3 hours? 

We decided not to wait.  We decided it was better to get him home to rest, as it was already after 2 in the morning.  It wasn’t until we were at the hospital that I realized how bad he really was.  After his temperature started dropping, he was able to speak in complete sentences again.  I just thought because he was so tired and kept nodding off earlier that that was why he wasn’t really answering me or speaking in more than just grunts.  After he started becoming more lucid, I realized how out-of-it he really had been earlier.  It was too late for me to be scared/worried, but he should have gotten to the hospital earlier.  I felt terrible.  I had been trying to do what I could for him, but didn’t realize that his resting was really being lethargic because of such a high fever.

The next morning, he took Tylenol, but then we decided to have him stop taking it, and wait and see if his temperature rose again.  This way, we’d catch it before the Immediate Care center closed, avoiding another night at the ER.  Well, it got up to 104.4 around 6:30, so we called his dad to watch the kids, put them to bed, and drove over.  They took him in back right away and started asking lots of questions, tested his vitals, and seemed very surprised that the hospital had basically sent us away the night before.  Even with his temp supposedly being back to normal.

They took some blood…..he almost puked/passed out.  They hooked him up to an IV because he was dehydrated.  He was still more aware than the day before, which was a relief.  After running the bloodwork, it came back that his white blood cell count was low, which meant a viral infection.  They told him to make sure he drank more fluids over the next few days, as well as take Motrin and Tylenol.

He took one more day off of work, and I tried to be a better wife.  🙂  Now I had my 3 babies to take care of.  He had eaten Lipton soup both Sunday and Monday, but Tuesday he decided to try and have some rice.  He didn’t have much of an appetite.  Probably because I kept making him drink so much water. 

In the midst of all this I was still trying to get the deck and swingset stained.  The swingset was the hardest part because of the height.  I’m terrified.  I tried to do the roof, I really did.  I got up pretty high on the 14-foot ladder, but couldn’t do it with the paint tray and paintbrush in my hands because I wouldn’t have a hand free to hang on to the ladder for dear life.  So, our brother-in-law said he would do it later this week.

We also were supposed to have a shed built.  It finally got done today.  Yesterday was raining so they couldn’t do it.  Which also meant we were stuck inside.  Again.  And then they came today.  Which meant we were stuck inside.  Again.

I also still had to force myself to exercise.  I really really really really really really did NOT want to exercise today.  I went running.  I felt better.  I ran for a solid 30 minutes, no walking, no stopping.  Just zoning.  Just appreciating being by myself even though when I got back I felt like I could just crawl into bed, even as a sweaty mess.

It’s usually such a relief when Tim gets home from work because it’s so nice to not be outnumbered.  But even with him being home, he’s sick.  He can’t help with the kids, and he shouldn’t because we certainly don’t want them getting sick.  So, I was totally completely outnumbered all day long for the past week.  No breaks.  And I had an extra person to take care of (Love you, Tim).  And even during naptime I was staining or cleaning or doing other chores.

He’s feeling better though.  Thank goodness.  Today he took Motrin in the morning only.  But by 6:00 his temp was *only* 100.5. 

That’s where I am and where I have been.  But, I should be back soon.  But boy, I sure am tired.  🙂  This is now.


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