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Twinisms of the Week


Monday: We went trick-or-treating for the first time!  After every house, Will announced “next house Mama!”.  They did pretty good saying trick or treat and remembering to say thank you.  Their favorites were the houses that held out the bowl and let them pick.  Will also made sure to wave good bye to everyone as we walked off their porch.  After going up and down one street (a pretty long street), Ariel plopped herself down on the grass in front of a house.  Daddy asked if she was all done.  She responded, “yes, carry me”.  So, we finished up the last house on the street, piled them both in the wagon and made our way home.  Nice night.  🙂

Tuesday: I needed to pick up the massive amounts of dog poop that were accumulating in our backyard, in addition to the leaves that were covering the piles.  I took the twins out with me.  After carefully cleaning up every last pile of poop, I started racking.  When the pile was big enough Ariel layed herself down and closed her eyes.  She asked me to cover her up, so I raked more leaves on top of her.  She laid there for a good 30 minutes, occasionally sitting up to see what William was doing.  When she finally stood up, Will went over to her and asked, “Rosie, Ariel?  Play Rosie?”  He wanted her to play ring-around-the-rosie with him and fall in the leaves.  Two cute things about this conversation: First – Him asking her to play, how cute is that?  Second – he has this adorable way of raising his voice at the end of a question so that you know it’s a question. 

Wednesday: Ariel was “being bad” during the day because she kept climbing on the couch whenever Papa left the room for 2 seconds.  Papa continuously yelled at her to get down.  Finally, Will set up her comfy chair facing the corner and took her by the hand and brought her over to sit down.  “Time Out Ariel”, he determined.  And. She. Sat. There.  Huh.  Once I got home I decided to put away all of the Halloween decorations.  I left out anything that could be “autumn” but put away the skeletons, etc.  The twins helped.  They are so useful!  I left the tote in the kitchen, and went around the house with them, collecting decorations.  As long as it was soft or unbreakable I handed it to them and they ran it to the box.  Then later on, Ariel was coloring and Will helped me dust (YES YES YES!!!!), and then we put out a few Thanksgiving decorations I have.  Will was continuously asking the rest of us, “you like turkey gobble gobble?  You like turkey?”

Thursday:  Diaper boxes are all the rage at our house.  They go in and out of style, as with any toy, but lately they are the “it” toy.  Toy, yes.  Cardboard diaper boxes.  Oh the things you can do with them and a little bit of imagination.  A train, a house, a tower (or towers), a door, a blockade, a dog cage (or baby cage hee hee), a car, a tunnel, a bridge.  You can even make windows to peek through.  Or little mini-houses for the “guys” (stuffed animals of all sorts).  Oh, and the twins like to play with them too.  😉

Friday: Getting ready to go meet Daddy at the car place so he can drop off his car for an oil change.  Then we’re bringing Chinese food home (the twins are ecstatic, I get a kick out of the fact that they like Chinese food).  Then we’re all putting our jerseys on and going over to a friend’s house to watch the Sabres game.  We have some Halloween presents to exchange too!  The twins will get to play with Matt and Eliza – always a great time! 

Have a great weekend!  Any fun plans?????   This is now.

THEN:  They finally brought Tim into the operating room, so that was a little of my stress gone.  Now I just had to concentrate on the fact that I could not feel the lower half of my body.  I know that was what was supposed to happen, but for someone who has never even had novacaine before it was a little unnerving.  Tim frequently assured me that my hips and legs were still attached to the upper half of my body.  I just had to trust him since a curtain was covering me and I really had no way of knowing for sure.

The worst part of the numbness was when I had to be moved from my current hospital bed to a much narrower one….without the use of my legs.  There were two nurses who were lifting me using the sheet underneath me.  This was terrifying.  I honestly thought they were going to drop me.  I weighed a million pounds because of the pregnancy already, plus my legs were dead weight.  So I felt like I must have weighed literally a ton.  I didn’t want them to move me.  But I had no choice.  I held onto the edge of the new, skinnier bed until my knuckles turned white.  But, of course, everything was fine.  Except that my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  And I could no longer feel my fingers on top of everything else.

Tim stayed by my head and held my hand from that point on.  I had drugs in me, attached to me, and a curtain covering me.  He was my only grip on reality.  So even though I wasn’t in any pain, I held his hand just as tight as if I was in labor.  I kept begging the nurse on my other side to tell me what was going on.  She patiently obliged.  Giving me (a basic) play-by-play of what was going on with my body as I couldn’t feel or see it. 

They had told me they would start with Ariel because she was Baby A.  I teased Tim that he wasn’t having a boy first.  So when I felt the first big tug, I knew it was her.

One of the things they had warned me about was that it was highly likely that the babies might not cry because of their under-developed lungs.  It didn’t necessarily mean that anything was seriously wrong, just that they might need to be put on a respirator or CPap machine right away.

I burst into tears when I heard my daughter screaming.  Not only because she was born but because she was breathing.  Even my nurse remarked that her lungs must be especially healthy for a preemie.  They brought her over to me after she was cleaned up.  I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to hold her, but they pressed her forehead to my lips so I could welcome her into my life.  She was bundled up and had a little pink hat on.  She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen……or heard.

Will was born 2 minutes later.  He entered the world a little more quietly, but was crying a little bit.  Still music to my ears.  They cleaned him up and pushed him past me in an incubator.  He needed a to be on a respirator.  I couldn’t touch him at all, just look and smile and whisper to him how much I loved him.

They were whisked away to the NICU.  I wouldn’t see them again for over 24 hours.  That was then.

Comments on: "Twinisms of the Week" (4)

  1. Love how you contrasted the past with the present. And now I want to go lay in a pile of leaves!

  2. I never thought about the diaper boxes! What a good idea! I’m sure I’ll collect more since Pierce only likes to sit on his potty chair clothed. 🙂

    • We’re still collecting them. More slowly…..but surely. Although Ariel has recently started to actually stop what she’s doing and run to the potty when she has to go, without us literally dragging her there to “try”.

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