Life with Twins

Med-sin too!

 NOW:  I came home from work on Wednesday the 16th to my MIL telling me that Will has been complaining that his left ear hurts.  When she left, my “real boy” (a nickname that he created) was attached to my hip, did not want to be put down, would not stop crying, and had a mild fever; 102.3.  Hm. 

Never having experienced an ear infection with either of them (yes, I’m lucky), I decided to just give him some Motrin and continue on with our evening plans – Christmas photo shoot.  Although several times I almost called Tim and told him not to bother meeting us.  I held my baby as I got everything ready to go and tried to get him motivated.  Usually he’s a big ham – the kid absolutely loves having his picture taken.  The twins have several play cameras and he is often heard around the house saying “cheeeeeeese” and just taking a picture of himself or random objects.

Anyway, he kept telling me he didn’t want to go for pictures.  Hm.  Oh well, the show must go on.  I figured if they were absolutely horrible because he was crying I just wouldn’t buy any and we’d go back a different day.  But I had a coupon Dammit!  And I was not going to give up on that just because he was having a meltdown in my arms. 

I got him in the car and his tears turned off.  Motrin, reporting for duty.

All the way there, they delighted in pointing out all of the Big “Tucks”, especially the Cement “Tucks”.  Ahh, much better.  The photos came out great!  I will try to take a picture of the pictures and post them.  I took him to see the Dr. the next morning and he did have a mild ear infection and was given Amoxicillan.

The story behind the story;  when FIL baby-sat Thursday the 17th, and again when SIL baby-sat the 19th……they were both concerned because Ariel keeps saying her ear hurts and insists that she needs “Med-sin” too!  I keep explaining to her that we only get medicine when we’re sick.  So apparently she decided that claiming that her ears hurts is a sure-fire way to get some of the sweet stuff.  She’s tried it with me a couple of times too…..I try to explain about the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  I guess I should be grateful that they will willingly take medicine when necessary.  Right?  This is now.

Question:  Do your kids like to take medicine?  Or do you have to hold them down and pry their mouths open?

THEN: Magnesium Sulfate.  Used in treatment with women who have preeclampsia.  Maybe other things.  I don’t know.  And I don’t care.  I just hope I never have to have it again. 

I was on this horrible stuff because the doctors and nurses were afraid that I would have a seizure due to my severe preeclampsia.  Especially during the C-Section.  So it was one of the many IV’s sticking into my body as I was delivering, and then post-op for a little while. 

I was definitely shaking.  I even asked if I was ok.  I could not control my body after the twins were delivered.  It was like the worst case of the chills ever, and not caused by cold.  It was normal considering the demands that had been placed on my body over the last few hours.  Totally normal even for a healthy C-Section patient.  But still scary.

My husband stayed with me, and my families were able to come into my room a little while later.  Of course, the first thing they wanted to know were the names.  🙂  They waited for about an hour until they could go down to the NICU to see the twins for themselves.  Then they came back up to me.  It was late.  I don’t know how late.  I was pretty drugged up and tired.  Probably not as late as it felt to me, but definitely dark outside.  They needed to go eat dinner and go home.  I was glad.  I was exhausted.

And of course, Tim needed to eat too and his family had offered to take him to dinner and then bring him back to the hospital.  I couldn’t eat yet and I certainly didn’t want the smells of food in my room.  He asked my permission and of course I said yes.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  I would just sleep.

What a mistake.  I should never have let him leave.  The drugs, and I’m convinced it was mostly the mag. sul. were making me hallucinate.  No lie.  I would kind of drift off into sleep and then be awoken, thinking someone or something was coming into my room.  At first I was thinking it was Tim, but then realized he had only been gone a short time.  Then it became crazy nurses with needles and dangerous instruments, and even monsters.

My doctor came in at one point.  Which was scary because all the time I kept thinking people/things were coming in and then someone really did come in.  He had been away on a weekend vacation, but had come back a little early to check on me.  He said he had tried to get there in time for the C-Section but it just wasn’t possible.  Had I been in my right mind I might have asked him why he didn’t inform me about the gestational diabetes/preeclampsia, but my tired mind and body wouldn’t let me get worked up about it.

After what felt like an eternity my husband finally really did walk in the door.  And scared the shit out of me because I thought it really was a crazy nurse or monster this time.  I started crying because he was finally there to protect me.  He had gone for a quick bite to eat, but then to visit the twins again.  What a good daddy.  But he was sorry he was gone for so long….I had told him I would just be sleeping.  I wasn’t mad….it’s not like I had originally expected psychotic nurses and monsters.  He slept in a chair by my side that night.  I was never more grateful for his presence.  But, if possible, I would be more grateful the next few days.  That was then.


Comments on: "Med-sin too!" (2)

  1. I have also (touch wood) been fortunate enough to never have a child have an ear infection. My eldest is coming up to being 5, now. And he’s really only been “sick” 3 or 4 times in his life, never to the point of needing anything more than a bit of paracetamol.

    And one more thing.

    Magnesium Sulfate. Ick. It was the absolute worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s impossible to really explain it to someone who hasn’t gone through it, isn’t it? My doctor said to me, “You may feel a sense of impending doom. Then you’ll feel like you’re going to die. That’s perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.”

    Yeah. That was kind of under-selling it, really. I didn’t have the hallucinations, though, which was fortunate. That would have been terrifying.

    • Yeah, they didn’t really warn me about the magnesium sulfate. You’re right, you have to live it to know what you go through with it. It’s awful.

      The twins are relatively healthy too. The ear infection was the only time we’ve had to get a prescription for them. They got a lot of preventative medicines and vaccines their first winter, but that was because they were preemies.

      Now they are just constant snot-machines. But they can still run around and play, so no biggie!

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