Life with Twins

NOW:  Just a now.  Sorry.

I played hooky today!!!  YAY!!!  And I only told Tim (and now you guys….shhh!).  I ran a couple errands this morning.  Very simple – pick up dog perscription and get money from the bank.  Then I hung out at Panera for a few hours.  I had a Cinnamon Crunch bagel with Maple Walnut Cream cheese (only half the container, thank you very much), with a Cafe Mocha made with skim milk.  That was for breakfast.  Later, for a snack, a yummy orange scone and some coffee.  While there I enjoyed my Nook… came pre-loaded with Dracula and I had never read it and so I’ve been hooked, but haven’t had much time to read.

Then, I used the spa gift certificate Tim had given me LAST Christmas.  My massage was heavenly.  The worst thing about it was that it was too short (the shortest hour of my life).  But I feel like a new person.  I move and don’t hurt or feel stiff……I forgot that was possible!  I wish I could do this more often.  I’d be a lot less stressed….I don’t think I realized how much stress I actually had in my muscles until now.  I am so torn between not wanting to go home and have the stress return as soon as I’m back “on”…..and wanting to go home because I think I could be more patient than normal with the twins right now.

Now, I’m back at Panera and just wanted to type a few words.  I had a You Pick Two – with a steak and blue salad and a cup of Garden Vegetable with Pesto soup.  And more coffee.  🙂

I’m going back to the vampire world now!  Real vampires.  Not ones with souls who fall in love and drink animal blood because they have a conscience.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  This is now.

Comments on: "Recharging, Unwinding and…..5 Days Until my Birthday" (4)

  1. Aren’t e-readers great? That’s so funny, because when I got mine, I started reading Dracula, too! Isn’t it fabulous!

    I love massages, but they can be sooo expensive. They just make you feel so wonderful! I’m glad you liked it. 😉

    • I absolutely LOVE my Nook! I can’t remember why I hated e-readers anymore! There are so many more reasons to love them!
      I only went because I had the gift card. Although….I did tell Tim that if he wants to get me any more gift cards I wouldn’t be opposed. LOL.

  2. Thanks for the comment… it is difficult hopping on the treadmill… Not easy for the best of us


    • Well, hopefully it won’t rain too much while I’m training…..otherwise I will just have to get on that machine. Although my husband will be happy because right now that $600 machine is just kinda collecting dust.

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