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On Our Way… Where the Air is Sweet…

NOW: We’re sweeping our cares away….and headed to Sesame Place!  Our first family vacation!  We’re taking the almost-7-hour drive down to Langhorn, PA (Near Philadelphia), and spending a few days with Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and friends!

I am so super excited!  We had started talking about going back in March when I first started looking into it.  Most people don’t even realize it exists!  At the time we decided the kids would be too young, they wouldn’t be able to go on anything, and it was a 7-hour car ride.  ’nuff said.  But then…..

Me: Honey, maybe we should go to Sesame Place

Tim: The deals were all going on before (it is May now)

Me: OK  (pouting)

Tim ignores the pouting.  I decide to go online and see if any deals are still going on.  I discover BETTER ones!  HA! 

The  next day:

Me: So, there are still deals going on….but only if we book within the next 3 days.

Tim: Deals for what?  (and he says I’m the one with no memory)

Me: Sesame Place!  We should go!

Tim: But what about all the cons we had last time we discussed it?

Me: They’re older now, they love Sesame Street, we had no idea what they would be like 2 months ago, I think they would really enjoy it. 

So, we look into it.  Hotels are buy 2 nights, get 1 free, and you get upgraded to a Season pass, which will get us an extra half-day into the park while we’re there, plus 30% off food and merchandise.  Tim agrees that we should go.  We book a dinner with Elmo also.  Why not, right?

YAY!!  He tells me there was never a question because after all, he always gives me whatever I want.  True, true.  🙂

So this weekend I started packing.  Who knew it would be so hard to pack for 2 2-year-olds?  Obviously I had to pack everyone’s clothes and toiletries (including diapers AND potties and underwear).  Plus, I have to bring toys and books for them…..what if it rains a day and we’re stuck in the hotel a little while?  Plus, these kids get up at like 6:30….Sesame Place doesn’t open until 10.  So even taking into consideration breakfast time and drive time, we still will have some down time in the morning.  I like to be prepared.  Thank goodness we’re taking my car.  It looks like I packed enough for 4 weeks instead of just 4 days.

  We are bringing a cooler too.  Luckily, there is a fridge in our hotel room, so we are bringing a gallon of milk for the kids.  But, we need to keep it cold on the way down there, right?  So, the cooler.  Since we’re bringing it anyway we’re also adding some bottled water, pop, and juice.  This will all be used on the ride down, or in the hotel room, or to save a little money in the park.

These bags are just for the twins.  Clothes, toys, books.  And this doesn’t include the diapers, swim diapers, nighttime diapers, and toothbrushes, hair brushes , etc.  I also still have to pack their stuffed animals from their cribs, but can’t do that until last-minute.  Oh, and the potties too.

Well, good thing we decided to take my car.  It’s a smallish SUV and at first Tim was against taking it because of the mileage.  Then, we compared and realized I was getting just as good a mileage as he was in his sedan.  Problem solved.  And I’m still not sure how we’re going to fit everything because it’s not like we have the back seat available (2 carseats!).  The floor of the backseat can fit a few things.  And obviously the trunk.  Which already has the stroller in it.  Hm….  This will definitely require some Tetris-type skills. 

The two main things I’m nervous about:

1. – 7-hour car ride with twins that are not even 2 years old.  So, we’re leaving pretty early to allow for as many stops as necessary.  We originally thought about leaving after lunch so that it would be naptime, but then we wouldn’t be getting to the hotel until dark, and that’s never fun.  So, after breakfast it will be.

2. Sleeping.  I am just trying to convince myself that if they’re tired they will sleep.  Pack ‘n plays are being provided for us at the hotel, but they’ve never slept in those.  That’s why I’m brining all of the stuffed animals from their cribs – for a sense of familiarity.  I’m hoping.

Oh well, too late now.  We’ll see how it goes.  And I vow not to be one of those parents that’s yelling at their kids throughout the whole trip.  What’s the point of that?  We’re there for THEM.  So their agenda is what we will follow.  I’ll keep you updated!  We’re bringing the laptop!

Question: Are you one of those people who cleans before vacation?  Because I am.  I don’t want to come home to a messy house.  So, I cleaned the tub last night.

And I vacuumed.  And mowed the lawn.  And did some laundry.  And tried to just “clean up” in general.  This was all in between packing up the car (as much as possible, we do have to put some stuff in right before we left), and normal twin bedtime stuff.  Oh!  And Tim worked late.  What a fun night I had.  So worth it when they get to meet Elmo!

Oh, and for those of you wondering about the dogs.  We are SO SO SO lucky that we always have our families stop by and feed them, let them out, whatever.  So my Father-in-Law is staying at our house this time.  He has some work he wants to do anyway, so he’ll take care of the dogs at the same time.  YAY!

This is now.

THEN: We went on one trip when I was pregnant.  To New York City.  It was our second time there.  Normally, I bring Bonine with me on any trip.  I get motion sickness pretty badly and the Bonine works wonders.  I especially need it when I go on amusement park rides.  (Tim laughed because I packed some for Sesame Place, but I’d rather not take a chance!)  Anyway.  I was not taking any medicines while pregnant.  I was doing anything I could to avoid any kind of medicines.  But I really wanted to take some Bonine for the plane ride to NYC. 

I called the doctor.  They said it wasn’t on the “approved” list.  So… was my choice.  I decided not to bring it.

I got so sick on the plane.  I almost threw up.  I was even rummaging around in the little pocket in front of me looking for the barf bag.  It was not there.  I didn’t want to ask Tim for his because I didn’t trust myself to open my mouth and not puke.  I didn’t even want to turn my head sideways to try to catch his attention.  It was a particularly rocky landing.  I just kept my mouth closed and my gaze even and my breathing short. 

I was definitely not looking forward to the cab ride to the hotel.  At least I had some crackers.  You’re not supposed to eat in a cab, but I was desperate.  It helped a lot.  I’m sure the cabbie would rather have car full of cracker crumbs than puke.  Which is what I probably would have told him if he asked me to put away the crackers.  (I’m not usually rude but my state of mind was a little ‘off’ at this point.)

We had a lot of fun walking around the city for the weekend though.

We saw two Broadway shows:

Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie, possibly my favorite movie of all time, but it fell a little short on Broadway, so I was a little disappointed.  Mary Poppins BLEW ME AWAY THOUGH!  We each got a souvenir cup (I use mine for iced coffee now), and we got the unborn twins pins that say “my first Broadway show”.  It technically was!

We went to some awesome restaurants.

Lombardo’s is one of the oldest pizza places in NYC, it’s in Little Italy.  It definitely lived up to its reputation!  We’re pretty picky about pizza, and this was extremely yummy!  Definitely want to go back.

This was a cool ice sculpture at a Japanese restaurant we went to.  I can’t remember the name of it and Tim’s not here right now to ask.  So, oh well.  It was good though.  We had American-Kobe beef.  It was pretty good, but not as good as the real thing.

We absolutely loved Mario Batali’s restaurant Babbo when we were in NYC back in 2007.  So we decided to try Casa Mono – his spanish restaurant.  I don’t know if it was because I was pregnant and uncomfortable, but I really didn’t like the atmosphere.  Well, Tim didn’t either, so it wasn’t just me.  The tables were very small and crowded together and I just felt trapped.  The entire menu is in Spanish and we felt a little funny asking for help.  It’s mostly Spanish tapas.  The food was ok.  Not on my recommended list.

On our last night there, we went to morimoto, named for the owner/chef Masaharu Morimoto.  One of the most famous/best Japanese cuisine chefs around today.  I was a little nervous because I was trying to avoid sushi during my pregnancy but I didn’t necessarily want to order only cooked things.  I did end up having a few bites of Tim’s raw dishes.  Everything was so excellent.  I would highly recommend this restaurant.  Maybe this is why Ariel likes sushi now.  🙂  The best part?  The bathroom.  I almost didn’t go.  But, being that I was pregnant and wasn’t sure exactly how long it would take us to get back to the hotel I decided to go on our way out.  SO GLAD I DID!  The toilet had many different options to choose from.  A little spray of water to wash you after you “went”, a dryer, perfume choices.  All for your little behind.  I was mesmerized.  I texted everyone I knew and called my parents and in-laws to tell them.  It was like nothing I had ever seen before.  Maybe I’m just not cultured enough!  🙂

The plane ride back was not so bad.  I made sure ahead of time that I had a barf bag in the pocket, as well as in Tim’s.  I concentrated on the TV show I was watching and tried not to look side to side.  I also ate some pretzels that were provided.  I don’t know if I would EVER fly while pregnant AGAIN.  That was then.


Happy Birthday Biscuity!


   An ode to my 6-year-old:

  You were our first pet together,

  Thunder is not your favorite weather.

  You’re a great sister to Griffin

  But your preference for eating poo will never be forgiven

I love when you sit with me

I love when you cuddle

I love when you let the twins get you into a huddle

You’re the nicest pup ever

You’ve made me love Goldens Forever

Today you turn six

And you still love chasing sticks

How time has gone by

And I want you to try

To contine being the best dog you can be

I know I don’t have to plead

We love you so much

You’ll get extra pats, hugs, treats, and such

Have a wonderful day

Now….you wanna go play? 

WE LOVE YOU BISCUIT ROSE!  (any girl I have will have the same middle name as me).


Because 2 Goldens are Better than 1

NOW:  These are my first babies:

Biscuit (aka The Queenie)



Biscuit is 6 years old tomorrow!  Happy almost-birthday!  She really is a little queenie – in her dog world, Tim is the alpha, then she ranks second, then me, then the twins, then Griffin.  Griffin is just a sweetie – I call him my cuddle-bug. 

   Biscuit’s Likes:

Destroying toys so Griffin can’t have any. 

Chewing rawhides and making Mommy fish them out of her throat.

Chasing after Griffin and wrestling/humping him (yes, she is a girl, and she is spayed, it’s a dominance thing)

Chasing balls and barking at them.

Chasing rabbits/bird/people that walk past HER yard. 

People that love her.

Biscuit’s Dislikes:



             Not being petted if you’re within arm’s reach. 

              The vacuum (I tell her if she wouldn’t groom Griffin and leave his fur all over the rug I wouldn’t have to vacuum as much!)

Awwww......Griffin used to be a puppy!

Griffin’s Likes:

Playing with Biscuit

Following Biscuit

Cuddling with Biscuit

People that love him

Griffin’s Dislikes:

Nothing, he’s pretty easy-going

They don’t sleep on our bed – just on the floor in our room.  Luckily, our bed is too high for them to get up on by themselves.  And (I know it’s No-Twin Tuesday, but I have to mention this) they are both so super good with the twins!  They get poked, prodded, crawled on, fed fake food, fed real food (they like that part), and get their dog food taken out of their bowls as they eat….and they do nothing.  Best. Dogs. Ever.  This is now.

THEN:  We did a lot of research when picking a dog breed.  We knew we wanted kids someday and Goldens are one of the highest-rated temperments for if you have the dog first and the kid after.  We got Our Biscuit in October 2005.  It was a little over a year after getting married, we had bought our house that April, and we were originally going to wait to get a dog.  But, Tim got a new job, working Second Shift and I said there was NO WAY I was going to be alone in the house every night.  We needed a dog.  Now.  So, we got her.  She was one of three puppies that were left from a litter of seven.  We went to meet her and took her home that night.  After running to Wal-Mart to get some necessary supplies.  She was already 12 weeks old, and not really puppy-small anymore.  She jumped on my lap in the car like she was meant to be there.  She smiled the whole way home.

She was a terror at first, only because she could not be contained.  We weren’t going to crate her, so we were going to block her into the kitchen at first.  She had other ideas.  So, we ended up borrowing a dog house from my parents to use as a temporary crate just at night or when we weren’t home. 

We got Griffin in December of 2007.  It was a little earlier than planned (although we knew we wanted a second Golden at some point), but a breeder I had heard about from a Golden-lover at work was expecting another litter and if we wanted in on it, we had to put down a deposit.  We got first choice of the boys.  We got to see the puppies when they were only a couple of days old.

Then, a few weeks later, we went to play with them and meet them.  We even brought a blanket with us to bring home to Biscuit so she could get used to her new brother’s smell before he came home at 8 weeks old.  He shivered the entire time on my lap in the car, but immediately loved Biscuit when he came home. 

She was more unsure.  She was actually scared of him for a while.  But, eventually her won her over. 

I love love love having two dogs.  And I will always have two dogs.  I get too attached to have it any other way.  It sounds morbid, but once one of them “goes”, I will get a puppy.  Otherwise, I’ll be the person that claims she’ll never get a dog again.  I’d rather just always have dogs in my house.  So the puppy won’t replace my faithful dog, but instead will be another faithful dog to add to my heart. 

My dogs definitely helped during my struggles with infertility.  They were my shoulder to cry on.  They took my mind off of my troubles just by petting them.  They were always in my way my companions while I exercised and ate dinner by myself.  They jumped all around and were super excited as I told Tim I was actually pregnant.  They are, and always will be, my first “children”.  That was then.

Work or Family; can’t it be both?

NOW:  I love my job.  I wouldn’t give it up, unless I could stay off until my kids were in school and then just go back.  But that’s not how it works with teaching.  At least not here.  We have two incomes to pay the bills.  Yes, we do have some luxuries – two new cars, DVC so we can go on vacation, two state-of-the-art grills in my(Tim’s) backyard, a Zoo Membership.  But all of these things benefit our children also. 

Now, that being said, there are some jobs (NOT teaching) that expect that you should just abandon your family if you want to get ahead.  Last year, for the twins’ first birthday, they wanted to send my husband for training in Virginia Beach.  He informed them it was his kids’ first birthday and he couldn’t miss it.  They said that they had missed plenty of birthdays, and especially the first birthday; the children won’t even remember!  Think George Banks from Mary Poppins.  Luckily, Tim has watched Mary Poppins enough to know family comes first and did the training at another time.

Last night, he had to work late.  He’s salaried, but he still has a certain amount he should be getting done and it doesn’t always fit into his 8-4:30 schedule.  Other people stay late.  All.  The.  Time.  Every day!  Even if they have kids!  I suppose maybe their kids go to bed later than 7:00, but still.  I guess it’s harder for me to understand because I don’t have that kind of career.  Tim doesn’t stay late that often because he wants to come home and see the kids (and me, I suppose).  Every so often though, he has to stay late to catch up.  So I was alone with the twins for the evening. 

I was outnumbered.  4 to 1 (you gotta remember the dogs!).  And it was thundering, so Biscuit counted as extra dogs because she did not want to leave my side.  She actually did not want to leave my lap, but I was standing, so she didn’t have a choice.

I did not get many pictures before dinner.  In fact, there are none.  At one point, Ariel was screaming “POO POO” at me….so I checked her diaper.  Nope.  She kept it up, “POO POO, POO POO”, potty?   I couldn’t really say no.  I’m trying to teach her the potty is a good thing.  At the same time, Will really was poopy.  Ariel sat on the potty.  I changed Will’s diaper in the bathroom.  Biscuit was trying to climb in my lap.  Griffin was barking from the living room because the twins had moved the dogs dishes in the doorway and he was trapped.  And I had pots of steaming veggies on the stove top.  Will ran away after his diaper was changed and brought Ariel some books to read on the potty.  He is just SO SWEET, right?  Then he, along with Biscuit, kept trying to climb over where I was blocking the doorway to the bathroom so that they could get in there.  Patience is a virtue.

I was also on my own for dinner. 

Ariel and Will were served sweet potatoes, peas, and blueberry waffles (previously frozen).  I’m good with the microwave and toaster. 

I made myself a veggie burger; added cheese and ketchup and mustard.  We didn’t have any rolls so it’s just on White/Wheat bread (it’s Wegmans brand – it’s like White whole grain or something).  I did toast the bread in the toaster.  I’m high-tech.

I only got to eat half of it though.  Two weeks ago, we fed the twins veggie burgers and they wouldn’t touch it.  When Mommy eats it and they don’t have it, it’s a different story apparently.  So I had mostly bread.  I also warmed up some “stuff”.  It’s mock pierogi to all you Polish people.  (I am Polish, but my mom makes it, and she is not).  We nicknamed it Stuff when I was really little. 

There are many different ways to make Stuff.  All of them bad for you.  My mom’s is the worst.  But it’s like the perfect food.  I was going to ask her to make it on Father’s Day for our cookout, but Tim said that wasn’t a good idea because it’s SO BAD FOR YOU.  So I didn’t ask.  She made it anyway to surprise me.  (I was secretly thrilled!).

It consists of noodles, sauerkraut (see, I am Polish), mushrooms from a can, ground beef (although she probably used 90% fat free – that’s healthy, right?).  And this time – drumroll please – 2 boxes of butter.  No, that is not a typo.  It was made in a big crockpot.  But still.  2 BOXES of BUTTER.  Even in small portions its hard to justify eating this.  Except that it’s so good.  And nostalgic.  I threw the rest of the leftovers out.  I felt so bad, but I knew it was the right thing to do. 

According to the Wii Fit – I lost 2 lbs today!  I had supposedly gained 2 yesterday, so that’s a wash.  This is now.

THEN:  The psychic.  Do you believe in psychics?  I didn’t.  My MIL had gone to one in November 2008.  The psychic apparently knew that her son (Tim) and daughter-in-law were trying to get pregnant and having trouble.  She told my MIL to tell us to not worry.  (Oh, OK, that will work, thanks lady I never met).  She said we’d be pregnant by Valentine’s Day.  As much as I didn’t believe, I didn’t want to believe, and I didn’t want to hope and wait for Valentine’s Day like it was some kind of deadline.  I hoped she was right.  I hoped it was sooner.  I hoped Valentine’s Day wouldn’t come and go with nothing to show for it. 

My second round of injectables was at the end of January.  Mid-January I got a text from my good friend telling me she was finally pregnant.  (A text, I know, I couldn’t believe it either – but she wanted to give me time to digest the news on my own before I actually had to speak to her).  I was so happy.  I’m not lying or remembering wrong.  Happy was my first and strongest emotion.  I was having coffee with another friend and I called Tim right away.  I was so mad she had TEXTED me with this big news.  Was I a little sad for myself?  Yes.  But not more sad that I had been anyway.  And it gave me hope.  If she could try for two years and get pregnant, I could too, right?  It was a little awkward when we saw a bunch of friends towards the end of January.  They all felt sorry for me.  I didn’t want them to feel sorry for me, I wanted them to feel happy for her.  I know they did….they were just concerned about me, too.  That was then.