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Twinisms of the Week


Monday: We went trick-or-treating for the first time!  After every house, Will announced “next house Mama!”.  They did pretty good saying trick or treat and remembering to say thank you.  Their favorites were the houses that held out the bowl and let them pick.  Will also made sure to wave good bye to everyone as we walked off their porch.  After going up and down one street (a pretty long street), Ariel plopped herself down on the grass in front of a house.  Daddy asked if she was all done.  She responded, “yes, carry me”.  So, we finished up the last house on the street, piled them both in the wagon and made our way home.  Nice night.  🙂

Tuesday: I needed to pick up the massive amounts of dog poop that were accumulating in our backyard, in addition to the leaves that were covering the piles.  I took the twins out with me.  After carefully cleaning up every last pile of poop, I started racking.  When the pile was big enough Ariel layed herself down and closed her eyes.  She asked me to cover her up, so I raked more leaves on top of her.  She laid there for a good 30 minutes, occasionally sitting up to see what William was doing.  When she finally stood up, Will went over to her and asked, “Rosie, Ariel?  Play Rosie?”  He wanted her to play ring-around-the-rosie with him and fall in the leaves.  Two cute things about this conversation: First – Him asking her to play, how cute is that?  Second – he has this adorable way of raising his voice at the end of a question so that you know it’s a question. 

Wednesday: Ariel was “being bad” during the day because she kept climbing on the couch whenever Papa left the room for 2 seconds.  Papa continuously yelled at her to get down.  Finally, Will set up her comfy chair facing the corner and took her by the hand and brought her over to sit down.  “Time Out Ariel”, he determined.  And. She. Sat. There.  Huh.  Once I got home I decided to put away all of the Halloween decorations.  I left out anything that could be “autumn” but put away the skeletons, etc.  The twins helped.  They are so useful!  I left the tote in the kitchen, and went around the house with them, collecting decorations.  As long as it was soft or unbreakable I handed it to them and they ran it to the box.  Then later on, Ariel was coloring and Will helped me dust (YES YES YES!!!!), and then we put out a few Thanksgiving decorations I have.  Will was continuously asking the rest of us, “you like turkey gobble gobble?  You like turkey?”

Thursday:  Diaper boxes are all the rage at our house.  They go in and out of style, as with any toy, but lately they are the “it” toy.  Toy, yes.  Cardboard diaper boxes.  Oh the things you can do with them and a little bit of imagination.  A train, a house, a tower (or towers), a door, a blockade, a dog cage (or baby cage hee hee), a car, a tunnel, a bridge.  You can even make windows to peek through.  Or little mini-houses for the “guys” (stuffed animals of all sorts).  Oh, and the twins like to play with them too.  😉

Friday: Getting ready to go meet Daddy at the car place so he can drop off his car for an oil change.  Then we’re bringing Chinese food home (the twins are ecstatic, I get a kick out of the fact that they like Chinese food).  Then we’re all putting our jerseys on and going over to a friend’s house to watch the Sabres game.  We have some Halloween presents to exchange too!  The twins will get to play with Matt and Eliza – always a great time! 

Have a great weekend!  Any fun plans?????   This is now.

THEN:  They finally brought Tim into the operating room, so that was a little of my stress gone.  Now I just had to concentrate on the fact that I could not feel the lower half of my body.  I know that was what was supposed to happen, but for someone who has never even had novacaine before it was a little unnerving.  Tim frequently assured me that my hips and legs were still attached to the upper half of my body.  I just had to trust him since a curtain was covering me and I really had no way of knowing for sure.

The worst part of the numbness was when I had to be moved from my current hospital bed to a much narrower one….without the use of my legs.  There were two nurses who were lifting me using the sheet underneath me.  This was terrifying.  I honestly thought they were going to drop me.  I weighed a million pounds because of the pregnancy already, plus my legs were dead weight.  So I felt like I must have weighed literally a ton.  I didn’t want them to move me.  But I had no choice.  I held onto the edge of the new, skinnier bed until my knuckles turned white.  But, of course, everything was fine.  Except that my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  And I could no longer feel my fingers on top of everything else.

Tim stayed by my head and held my hand from that point on.  I had drugs in me, attached to me, and a curtain covering me.  He was my only grip on reality.  So even though I wasn’t in any pain, I held his hand just as tight as if I was in labor.  I kept begging the nurse on my other side to tell me what was going on.  She patiently obliged.  Giving me (a basic) play-by-play of what was going on with my body as I couldn’t feel or see it. 

They had told me they would start with Ariel because she was Baby A.  I teased Tim that he wasn’t having a boy first.  So when I felt the first big tug, I knew it was her.

One of the things they had warned me about was that it was highly likely that the babies might not cry because of their under-developed lungs.  It didn’t necessarily mean that anything was seriously wrong, just that they might need to be put on a respirator or CPap machine right away.

I burst into tears when I heard my daughter screaming.  Not only because she was born but because she was breathing.  Even my nurse remarked that her lungs must be especially healthy for a preemie.  They brought her over to me after she was cleaned up.  I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to hold her, but they pressed her forehead to my lips so I could welcome her into my life.  She was bundled up and had a little pink hat on.  She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen……or heard.

Will was born 2 minutes later.  He entered the world a little more quietly, but was crying a little bit.  Still music to my ears.  They cleaned him up and pushed him past me in an incubator.  He needed a to be on a respirator.  I couldn’t touch him at all, just look and smile and whisper to him how much I loved him.

They were whisked away to the NICU.  I wouldn’t see them again for over 24 hours.  That was then.

Morning Routine (no-twin-Tuesday)

I’ve done it.  I’ve accomplished something marvelous.  It might only be temporary, due to any unforeseen circumstances but the fact that it is currently happening is nothing short of miraculous.

Tim is getting up early with me and exercising.  And likes it.

I have been trying to do this for a long time.  Even when we would have an event planned in the evening and we would know we weren’t going to exercise he would refuse to get up early. 

But we’ve been slacking off as of late and I decided it was time to try something new.  Not only were we skipping days, but we were so tired by the end of the day that we weren’t putting a lot of effort in when we did exercise.

So, last weekend I broached the subject again.  I said we’d have more time at night to just relax.  One of the reasons I didn’t like exercising after the kids were in bed was because that only left about 2 hours before we went to bed.  So, we’d get ready, we’d exercise, we’d shower, and we’d have maybe a half-hour before I was falling asleep on the couch.  Plus, I was just plain exhausted after working all day, dealing with twins while trying to start dinner, and then playing after dinner. 

So he agreed to try.  YAY YAY YAY!!!  Last week we got up every morning.  Well, he was on death’s door Thursday and Friday so he skipped, but whatever.  And this week we are still going strong!  We even got up Saturday morning before swim class. 

I feel like I have more energy in the morning, both as I’m exercising and then after.  I feel like it adds more time to our day….which it really does because we’re getting up an hour earlier.  Plus, I don’t feel so guilty making evening plans because I still get my workout in.  I also think it is helping me control my eating again because I can’t tell myself that I’ll just work it off later.  Nope, too late, you already exercised for the day.  I also read an article about morning workouts that said you need to give yourself at least 3 weeks to readjust to your new schedule.  So as of right now, that’s the plan.

Last week I don’t feel like I was any more tired than usual because of this new routine, but this week I’m feeling it a little more.  But that’s more due to our busy weekend. 

We stayed up late Saturday because we went out to dinner and then spontaneously decided to catch a showing at 11 PM of The Rocky Horror Picture Show……complete with props!!!!   I was so excited!  It was a lot of fun, but it has sure taken it’s toll on me as far as being tired.  Friends of ours and Tim and I decided to visit a restaurant called Tantalus.  AMAZING!!  The only bad thing was that the menu was enormous….and everything sounded so good!  It was hard to decide.  We started with a seafood appetizer and I had a glass of red wine.  Then, I tried a cup of their Apple Pumpkin Goat Cheese Soup.  I wished I had ordered the bowl instead because it was SO yummy!  Then, another glass of wine.  For dinner, I had a pasta dish called The Tuxedo.  It was linguini, and linguini infused with squid ink.  Then it was mixed with a spicy red tomato sauce, chunks of tomatoes, kalamata olives, pine nuts, and anchovies.  I’m not normally an anchovy person, but I sure was with this dish!  To end the meal, I tried their hot apple cider “kicked up” with a shot of Van Gogh Caramel Vodka.  It was heavenly. 

After dinner we were walking across the brick street to a small bar to finish watching the Sabres Game.  On the way we passed by the local Theater…..which was showing Rocky Horror that night.  We went in and inquired about props, found out they were allowed, and left the boys at the bar while we ran to Tops for supplies!  When we got back we rounded them up (not too hard to do because the Sabres game was done) and invaded the theater.  I have ALWAYS wanted to do this movie in the theater with the props and my experience was not disappointing.  It was SO SO SO much fun.  And as my friend said……it was one of those spontaneous things we used to do more often before I had kids.  Which was not meant in a bad way at all, and was very true! 

I spoke to Tim about it afterwards.  We don’t get a lot of nights out where we can be spontaneous.  Usually we get a babysitter for a specific event, we go to the event, we go home.  This was such a nice night because aside from dinner, we had no agenda.  We could have done basically whatever we wanted.  And we did.  What a treat!

Then Sunday we carved pumpkins, and yesterday we went out trick-or-treating. 

So, as I’m writing this, I am exhausted.  The last few days were exhausting.  Work was exhausting.  Kids are exhausting.  I’m ready to get a good night’s sleep (and it’s only 4:00) and start fresh…….with my morning workout!!!!!!!

It’s Halloween! (almost)

NOW:  One of my annoying things from last week’s post was that I’m sick of waiting for Halloween to get here.  I’m so excited!  We visited the Great Pumpkin Farm like  forever ago.  We picked out pumpkins at a parking lot stand weeks ago.  I have been wearing orange and black for the past 5 days. 

The Elmo costumes are ready.  Although I haven’t been to Wal Mart and K Mart to look again for red pants.  So, black it is.  For now.

Finally.  Finally.  We got to celebrate Halloween.  Sort of.  “Mommy’s School” had a Halloween party tonight.  Goody bags, hayride, pumpkins, face painting, the works.  When I told the twins they said “YAY, SEE THE KIDS!!!!”  “AND PUMPKINS!!!”  I see where their priorities lie. 

I was missing them so much while I was at work.  I think it’s because I was so excited to see them and get them dressed up and go to Halloween.  🙂

Holidays were always a big deal in my house growing up.  We decorated and planned for weeks.  I am glad Tim embraces the same type of behavior now with our own kids.  We get excited not just for the kids, but for ourselves.  And now it doesn’t seem so weird because we can pretend “it’s for the kids.”  And having the kids makes it that much more special and exciting.  It’s nice because we have fun too.  It’s an escape from reality and the stress of work and chores.  I love that we both still have a child-like mentality within us at times like this.  It will help us stay happy and feeling young and encourages our kids to be excited and curious.

Anyway, not only were they excited because their costumes were laid out and I told them we were going to a party …..Mommy’s shirt and earrings had pumpkins!!!!  I love the fact that they still literally squeal with joy over the smallest things.  🙂

So after the raviolis are done cooking, and a quick wardrobe change….we were off!  For Halloween! 

We went on a little hayride, picked out pumpkins, got a tatoo on our hands, and ate rice krispie treats in the shape of pumpkins.  The twins also got their first taste of Kool-Aid.  🙂  Not THE kool-aid.  Just regular Cherry Kool-Aid.

Everyone exclaimed over their costumes, and I decided the black legs will be fine…..especially because for trick-or-treating it will be dark anyway!

All in all, we had a fun time.  And I’m slightly satisfied in my thirst for celebrating Halloween.  For now.  This is now.

THEN: I think August 30th was one of the longest days of my life.  Tim and I had spent so much time together in the hospital the last couple days we had run out of things to talk about.  We could have talked ourselves in circles about how awful we were both feeling, but what was the point?  Now that we knew the twins had to be delivered we just wanted it done.

We called my mom, dad, and sister first.  Of course they would come up to the hospital later.

Father-in-Law, Sister-in-Law and soon to be Brother-in-Law were next.  Dad and Sarah would come up later.  Ron had to work.  That was fine.  Mother-in-Law was at work.  I was worried about this because it’s really hard for her to get off, especially last minute, especially on a weekend.  But she would be there. 

It was so much of a relief that they would all come.  But it was also nerve-wracking.  I knew it would be more people telling me everything would be ok, and don’t worry, and they weren’t worried.  Even though they were and I didn’t want them to worry.  Part of me wished I could have just called them later and just said “oh by the way, twins were born, everything’s fine.”  But…..that wasn’t reality in any sense.  And besides, I didn’t know if everything would be fine.

But, so be it.  Ever try to watch TV, with limited channels, in the middle of a Sunday afternoon?  Terrible, to say the least.  so that wasn’t an option.  I couldn’t concentrate enough to read.  I guess Tim and I both kinda just wanted to be alone with our thoughts, but be with each other. 

Halfway through the day a nurse from the NICU came up to see us and explain what the NICU was all about.  Now, honestly, I had been preparing for the NICU route from Day 1.  I knew all along that it was a possibility for them to come early, or with low birthweights.  So at least this was not a total shock. 

The nurses explained several different scenarios and types of equipment that would be used.  A pair of nurses was assigned to each baby right in the delivery room so as soon as they were born they could be assessed and taken care of as necessary.  It made me feel marginally better. 

Right now, it was just the waiting.  And the not-knowing.  Were they healthy?  Would there be anything “wrong” with them?  How long would they end up staying there?  What machines would they be hooked to?  Would they be fighting for their lives? 

We didn’t know these answers.  But at 4:38 and 4:40 PM we would find out.

That was then.