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I Guess I Didn’t Knock That Wood Hard Enough

Then (as in a week ago): Oh la la la, Ariel stays in her bed until we get in the room.  Oh happy day, what a lovely child.  Oh girls are so much easier than boys.  Oh I wouldn’t even mind if she did get out of bed because she would probably just quietly read books.  Unlike her brother, who wreaks havoc if you don’t come get him within a few seconds upon waking.  Including, but not limited to, smearing poop everywhere.  (Ok, that hasn’t happened in a while, but just typing that is tempting fate).  What a lovely daughter….a week ago…..when I should have been knocking wood every time I said these things to someone……

NOW: Fast-forward to present day.  This past weekend in fact.  The lovely daughter decides, oh wait, I CAN get out of bed without a grown-up in the room.  And I can run around my room wreaking havoc.  Why didn’t I think of this before?

Thursday night.  We watched a movie (The Little Mermaid!!!) after dinner, so twins are up to bed a little after 8.  Ariel gives a hard time about laying down and getting covered up, but relents because I threaten to leave the room.  Will settles right down, Daddy covers him, Mommy kisses him goodnight.  He tells us he loves us both.  Awww.  (The “I love you’s” sometimes still have to be prompted, so it’s THE BEST when he does it on his own).

The grown-ups go back downstairs to make some tea, have a snack, watch TV, and (for me) do some laundry, etc.

We hear, through the ceiling, the pitter-patter of little feet.  First, we’re amazed it’s not The Boy.  So, up I go.  Sure enough, she’s running around, but got scared when she heard my footsteps so tried quickly to return to bed.  I cover her again and tell her to stay in bed and go to sleep.  She mentions Princess Ariel and I ask if she liked the movie.  She informs me that “my no watch movie yet, my eat dinner first!  Watch movie later.”  This is somewhat concerning because she’s obviously got some time-traveling going on that I don’t know about.  But, I figure that’s good…..she must be SO tired that she’s getting confused.  Good.

I return to my melty ice cream and soggy cone.  Yum.  Then……little feet.  Tim makes the tea while I go up again.  Now, let me tell you, I probably wouldn’t normally go up and keep checking on either of them, but it’s just so weird that she’s actually out of bed. 

She’s naked. 

She informs me that her diaper was wet and she threw it in the garbage and she needs a new one.  Although that’s somewhat annoying, I guess that’s a good sign in some ways (related to potty training).  OK, so I get a new diaper on her, tell her not to take it off again, get her jammies back on, get her back in bed, get her covered up.  Ok, done.

Back downstairs.  Little feet.  I don’t want to run the risk of her being naked again and then peeing all over the place.  So I go up again. 

I tell her that I am getting mad.  She says, incredulously, “Mad??  NO MOMMY, you not mad, you a nice mommy.  You nice to Mil-Yum, you nice to me.”  I am laughing so hard.  But I try to explain to her that even though I’m nice, I can still be angry and she better not get out of bed again.

Back downstairs again.  Little feet.  Now I really am mad.  I go upstairs again, sternly tell her this, and she crawls back up into bed.  That’s the end of that.  For real this time.

Friday night: Little feet, little feet, little feet, naked girl, new diaper, little feet, little feet.  I go up for the third time and find that her pillow and a blanket are on the floor. 

She informs me that she’s sleeping on the floor.  I ask her why.  She tells me, “my no like my big girl bed, my want to sleep on floor….it’s safer.”  WHAT??!!  Um, ok, whatever. 

It’s not a big deal, but I still try to convince her to sleep in her bed. 

I ask; what about all your stuffed animals?

Ariel responds; I’ll just bring them down here, mommy.  (She does.  I help.)

M: what about your pretty star sheets?

A: my don’t like them, my don’t like black.

M: Those aren’t black, they’re purple

A: My don’t like them.  My sleeping on floor.

M: What about your music box?

A: My just bring it down here.  Take it off!

M: No, I can’t take it off, it has to stay up there, I guess you better go back to bed.

A: No mommy, I need to figure this out.  Hmmmm (while tapping her chin)


A: I know, I be right back.  (goes up on her bed, presses music box, climbs back down.) There!  My figured it out.  And if it turns off, my climb back up and turn it on and come back down and sleep on floor.

So, I’m out of ideas.  She tells me again she wants to sleep on the floor, her bed is not cozy.  Ok, fine.  I convince her to lay a blanket down to sleep on and cover her up.

She’s running around again so Tim goes back up around 10. He also unsuccessfully tries to get her to sleep in her bed, so covers her up on the floor again.

I go up to bed around 11 and check on her.  She’s sleeping.  Naked.  Scrunched up on her stomach.  So I somehow get her diaper and jammies back on without waking her too much.  The diaper may or may not be taped to her stomach but that’s  a problem for the morning.  There’s a pee spot on the blanket but she’s not laying on the spot so that’s a problem for the morning also.

Saturday – no nap.  Naked twice.  Little feet for 2 and a half hours.  Closet opening and closing.  Pairs of socks separated, but still in her drawer.  Books everywhere.  She has a whole new outfit on – inside-out shorts and a tank top.  She’s not to happy she can’t wear that downstairs.

Saturday night – Tim’s dad babysat.  She did sleep on the floor but there were no little feet noises and when I checked on her before I went to bed she was clothed.

Sunday – no nap.  Naked twice.  Little feet for 2 and a half hours.  Naked again – pee on the rug.  Clothes out of the closet.  Diaper pack out of the closet – I put it out of her reach.

Sunday night – she asks me to read her a book upstairs (we always read one downstairs together before coming up), so I tell her if she lays down (still insists on the floor) and I cover her up and THEN I will read the book.  She does, I do, she stays and there’s no little feet.

No nap Monday.  Falls asleep quickly at night again. 

I’m assuming this is just a phase.  But after saying that, I better knock wood.  Hard.  This is now.

THEN:  My parents took me home after my visit at the NICU.  I was drained.  Physically and emotionally.  I didn’t want to leave, but I was ready to be home.  My mom was going to drop my dad off at home and then come to my house for a little bit and help me get settled and take care of the dogs.  But then Tim called.  He was leaving work.  Again.  I was so thrilled and so in love with this man who would constantly just put his new family over his job.  I was so amazed at his devotion.

Plus, we needed groceries. 

So my mom stayed until Tim got home.  I was just going to stay home while he ran for groceries, but decided I didn’t feel like being alone.  Plus, I wanted to talk to the pharmacist about my prescriptions.  So, off we went.  After I pumped – which was so much better on my own couch with my own pump and no worries about people wandering in and out of my room.  Still didn’t get a lot, but that was ok for now.

At Wegmans, I had to get one of those motorized carts and just follow Tim around, but that was fine.  I had used them a couple times even while pregnant because I wasn’t supposed to be on my feet for that long (because when Tim goes grocery shopping it’s no less than an hours’ worth of walking).  I putted around behind him as he meandered up and down the aisles.  I was wearing the new shirt my mom had made for me – I’m a New Mom of Twins, with a picture she had drawn of a boy and girl in a baby buggy.  So I was getting lots of attention with my little motorized cart and my shirt advertising my accomplishment.  At least people didn’t have to wonder why I was using the motorized cart. 

After our trip I wanted to sleep.  But I wanted to go to the NICU.  This was probably the beginning of realizing how selfless I could be if I really wanted to.  I could have easily taken a nap, gone to the hospital later, and not been judged about that.  But I didn’t want to.  I needed to see the babies.  And Tim did too.  We packed up some snacks, my pump supplies, and a couple of books to read while we visited.  Soon, we were on our way back to our children.  That was then.

P. U. (potty update)

NOW: I haven’t updated on the potty situation in my house.  It is still ongoing.  It’s certainly a process.  It’s nice because I don’t feel the need to rush.  My deadline is pretty far in the future (DisneyWorld: July 2012) so I’m confident they will be potty trained by then.  And if not, oh well, luggage full of diapers here we come!

They have their days.  And so do we; we being the caregivers.

In September, when I went back to work after summer break, my dad decided he’d like to switch things up and come to my house to watch the kids during the day.  I had previously been dropping the kids at his house.  But, rightly so, he didn’t really want puddles of pee all over his carpet.

Then, about halfway through September, he told me he was quitting.  No more potty stuff.  They’re too young he said to me.  I told him, quite frankly, it’s a little late for that. 

Point 1: They know what to do.  They can get to the potty. 

Point 2: They have no problem doing their business on the potty. 

Point 3: They love their underwear.

Point 4: They’re smart enough to figure out that diapers are easier.  So putting them back in diapers is just going to make it that much harder in 2 months when we try to reteach them. 

Point 5: In 2 months there will not miraculously be no more accidents.

Point 6: In 2 more months, he’ll be teaching them, not me.

So, he agreed to keep trying.  He tried to quit again mid-October.  I reviewed points 1-6. 

I know it’s frustrating.  I am also frustrated at times, and I’m with them less.  All of the sudden they’ll be standing there, in the middle of the living room, peeing.  And telling you they’re peeing.  Then, while you’re helping one in the bathroom, the other is playing in the pee that you haven’t had time to clean up yet.  It’s a mess and a half.  Plus, we really are trying to keep them off of the furniture, but of course that’s the first place they want to go when they think you aren’t watching.

So we started reminding them more often.  It’s even more frustrating when you ask them if they have to go potty, they say no, and five seconds later there’s a stream of urine heading for the carpet. 

Then we started making sure they go every hour or so.  Like, you can’t play anymore until you at least TRY to go potty.  This sometimes involved bribery, pulling them or carrying them to the bathroom, letting them bring books or stuffed animals, or watching a grown-up go to the potty at the same time. 

Tiring, to say the least.

But it’s getting better.  The worst right now is the constant reminding and asking and then still making sure they physically get to the potty instead of just pretending they’re going to go and then running down the hall past the bathroom, laughing hysterically.  And if you’re not constantly reminding them, they forget and just pee on the rug.  I just don’t understand why they get the whole concept but just won’t do it on their own.  Even if they have an accident, I ask them where the pee pee should go and they tell me in the potty.  I even ask them if the spot where the accident is looks like the potty and they laugh and say no, the potty is in the bathroom.  And I say, then why didn’t you run to the potty?

I don’t get it.  They get the whole idea.  They like the idea.  They like wearing underwear.  They’re getting better at pulling down and putting on their underwear.  I don’t get why they need SO MUCH prompting to get to the potty.  I understand that even older children (or sometimes adults) need reminders to go, especially if they are in the middle of doing something fun.  But this is like every time. 

This week, Ariel has actually just started stopping what she’s doing, and running to the potty.  Hallejujah!  She’ll be playing, and all of the sudden either tell you “Go Away” because she wants to go to the potty herself, or “Come Too!” because she wants you to come watch/help.  Or, she’ll be mysteriously missing from the room and you hear the faint sounds of the potty music coming from the bathroom!

Very exciting stuff.  Will is better when she’s around.  Because she’ll get all kinds of attention for running to the potty by herself and then he wants to do it.  That’s fine with me!  However, if Ariel sleeps late or is in another room, or has “held it” longer than he can……accident. 

But, it’s a process.  I think they’re doing very well, especially for their age.  I certainly didn’t expect miracles this past summer.  (It would have been nice…..but unrealistic).  I know a great number of people don’t start potty-training until 2 1/2 or 3……and even then it can take 2 days, 2 weeks, or 6 months, or more.  So, technically it’s been about 5 months, and over the summer they were outside in bathing suits a lot where they didn’t have to worry so much about running to the potty.  Or, we’d be on an outing (to the zoo, a friend’s house, papa’s house) and I’d put them in diapers.  So those first 2 months weren’t exactly consistent.

We’ve even been taking them on short trips in underwear.  Every Saturday, after swim class, we go to Wegman’s for groceries.  At first Ariel refused to sit on the “big potty” even with the little ring attached, so she had to wear diapers.  And Will would insist on going to the big potty 3-4 times while we were there, but that’s better than having accidents in the shopping cart.  Then, Ariel suddenly decided it was safe on the big potty, so now she’s been going shopping in undies too.

Saturday night we went to dinner and had them in their underwear!  This was the first time Ariel actually announced her need to go to the potty and was immediately rushed there and rewarded!  No accidents at Applebee’s!

It is quite a milestone.  And I can’t wait until it’s over.

This is now.

THEN:  My heart broke, and yet was filled with so much love and hope.

It was breaking because I couldn’t hold, or even touch, my little miracles.  A kiss on the forehead and Ariel was whisked away.  I didn’t even get that with Will.  Then they were gone.  It was as if they never were there.  I got to see them each for less than a minute.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks in floods.  I was such a blur of emotion and the drugs certainly were not helping.  I felt weak and vulnerable and sad and happy and sorry for myself and thrilled that my babies were pretty healthy considering the circumstances.

As they sewed me up and helped me out I just kept inquiring about my babies.  I wanted details about their health.  The nurses assured me they were going to be fine.  But it wasn’t enough.  I just wanted to see them again.

I had heard and seen so many instances where, even with a C-Section, the baby was placed in the mother’s arms when it was born.  I wasn’t expecting that with my current situation, but I couldn’t help but feel that this was so unfair.  I felt so sorry for myself, and my longing to see them and touch them and hold them was so strong, clouding my feelings of relief and anxiety.

I felt robbed.  I had waited for them for so long and I just wanted them.  They were mine.  And they were gone. 

The dramatic (and drug-filled) part of me thought about how they were ripped from my abdomen and rushed away from me without time to even tell them how much I loved them and wanted them. 

And I was so angry.  My weak stupid body.  The twins would be cleaned up, moved to the NICU and limited people could visit them in about an hour.  But not me.  I had to rest.  I couldn’t be moved.  My own body was failing me again because I had to waste time recovering from surgery.  I wouldn’t be able to go down to see them for at least 24 hours.

But guess who could go see them?  That very night.  Who could go see MY babies?  Everyone else.  They hadn’t gone through over 2 years of fertility treatments, including needles they were terrified of and IUI’s that were extremely uncomfortable.  They hadn’t carried twins in their bodies for 7 months.  They hadn’t had to be on bedrest.  They hadn’t had to be pushed around in a wheelchair.  They hadn’t been stuck in the hospital for the last 4 days and then finally had to be put through emergency surgery 9 weeks before they were due.  But they got to go see MY babies.  And I couldn’t.

The next morning.  Guess who got to see my babies?  Not me.  My family, my extended family, a few friends.  All before me.  That afternoon?  Not me.  Everyone was coming up to see me after going to see MY babies and telling me how beautiful they were and how well they were doing and how soft their skin was and how they opened their eyes and how Ariel was already responding to the sound of Tim’s voice and saying “oh, just wait til you see them, you will be so happy.” 

 I had met my own children for less than a minute.  All these other people were getting to see them for hours at a time and listening to them and touching them and learning about them from the nurses that were taking care of them.  I had gotten to see them for less than a minute.  So, after waiting to conceieve them, waiting for them to be born, and waiting to find out how healthy they would be upon being born 9 weeks early…..I was waiting again. 

Tim was obviously splitting his time between me and our children.  He would come up to me at regular intervals to tell me how they were doing and what machines they were on, and what the nurses and doctors said.  Then someone else would show up to visit and back down he would go. 

Upon proof-reading this post, I just want to clarify that it shouldn’t be read as if I sound like a whiny b**ch.  🙂  Thanks.

That was then.

I know I’m getting out of sequence because I skipped right to the day after they were born.  I am still just filled with so much emotion when I remember the pain I felt knowing that I couldn’t go see them.  I’ll skip back a little next time I post.

A 7-hour Drive is Actually More Like 11 (Day 1)

Disclaimer #1: For the recap of our trip, I will probably not be doing my normal Now and Then format.  I am already behind on my updates and want to concentrate on telling you about our vacation.

Disclaimer #2 – Tomorrow is supposed to be No-Twin Tuesday.  For same reason as above, it will not be….but the No-Twin Tuesday will return next week.

Thanks for reading!  And for understanding!

NOW: Oh boy.  Ok, it could have been worse.  A lot worse.  There were no major meltdowns from either 2-year-old stuck in the car for the 7-hour drive to Sesame Place.  Well, not even Sesame Place, just the hotel.  However, they were just whiny enough to add approximately 4 hours onto the trip.  Not too bad, really!  Mommy made sure to start her day with an iced coffee.

The first of many.  Although I do feel very sorry for people living past Syracuse.  No Tim Hortons!  The agony of it all!  I had to make-do with Starbucks.  *sigh*

Around the hour-and-a-half mark, Will started whining. 

This was obviously expected.  Luckily, on the 90 through NY there are several pull-off service stations.  Mommy got another iced coffee from Tim Hortons, and twins got Timbits.  As a mini-snack and a bribe (for later).  We let them walk around the service station for a bit to stretch their legs, and then got back in the car.  Another hour later, we stopped again and had a snack at another service station.  I guess sitting in a booth is somehow vastly different from sitting in the car.

And looking at the cars out of this window was so much better than looking at the ones out the car window.  🙂  We led them out, barely able to contain them.  They were so so so excited already.  What an adventure!

Daddy did a great job of keeping them entertained when necessary from the passenger seat.  From propping up bears to look out the front window……..

…….or understanding that when Will yelled “ARE YOU??”, he was wanting to play hide-and-seek.

It really worked out well that Tim was the passenger because I often get carsick if I have to turn around.  The twins both fell asleep about 45 minutes before Syracuse.  Luckily, they woke up just as we spotted an Applebee’s off the highway……there weren’t too many more restaurants after that.

We knew right away what to order for Ariel….shrimp and french fries off of the kids menu.  We got chicken tenders and fries for Will.  They don’t often have french fries, but are obsessed with them.  Unfortunately we didn’t realize the shrimp was fried.  Ariel didn’t touch it.  She and Will did share the chicken and the french fries though.  (The Count’s French Fry Count: That’s 1, 1 meal with french fries, ah, ah, ah). 

We got back on the road and only stopped at one more rest station.  There were none in the rest of NY, although it wasn’t a toll road anymore.  The toll to go across NY? 6 bucks.  The toll down to Philly through PA?  80 cents…….another 80 cents…….then 11 dollars more.  What the heck!  And there were only 2 rest stations (the kind where you don’t have to exit and then get back on).  So, Mommy got Starbucks, babies got diapers changed (we were not dealing with potties on the car ride), and we got back in the car.

As we were approaching Philadelphia, babies started whining again.  Rightly so; it was way past dinner time by now.  Almost 7:00, when we usually eat at 5:30.  Daddy tried to calm them down with the stash of Timbits but they weren’t really interested.  We didn’t really know a good place to exit in Philly and there were no restaurant signs, and trees blocking the neighborhoods, so we didn’t want to risk it.  We decided to keep going until we got to our exit and then if we saw something before the hotel, we’d stop there first. 

We ended up getting to the hotel, getting our stuff inside (thank you Daddy), and asking the front desk for suggestions.  The twins were so excited to be out of the car and someplace new that they almost kinda forgot about being hungry and were just running around the hotel room like maniacs.

They figured out right away where the bathroom was.  And knew the pack-n-plays were their cribs.  I put their stuffed animals from their cribs at home inside right away so they were familiar.  When Tim was done bringing up the luggage we left again to drive to dinner.  We decided on Olive Garden.  It was all about familiarity for the kids at that point because we knew they were “starving”.  So pasta and pizza seemed like a good choice.  It was another 15 minute ride….made all the much longer because you could not make a left turn to save your life in the town.  How ANNOYING!  All the way there Will kept saying “almost almost almost dinner almost almost”.  But not in a whiny way, just a reassuring way.  What a trooper. 

We ate and headed back to the hotel.  They ran around for a bit (don’t know how they had the energy 3 hours past bedtime) while I got things ready for our first day at Sesame Place so that I wouldn’t have to waste time in the morning.  Tim and I decided we’d put them to bed, then take showers while they fell asleep and then we’d go on the computer or read by flashlight for a little bit before going to sleep ourselves.

Ariel started screaming bloody murder as soon as she was in the pack-n-play and the lights were off.  We had obviously expected SOME sort of reaction to sleeping in a strange place, but this was a little much.  Tim tried to calm her down while I ran into the shower.  When I got out, he went in, and I tried to soothe her.  I sang “Twinkle Twinkle” and the Sesame Street Theme Song over and over and over and over and over and over again until she finally laid down and I could hear her even breathing.  By then, Tim was pretty much asleep.  I laid down also…..but was kept awake another hour or so by Will constantly shifting to become comfortable.  He finally settled down around midnight.  Around 5:30 AM Ariel woke up screaming and I reassured her that we were all still there.  Prior to that, I had been woken up half a dozen times by her whimpering.  That, and the fact that I had to go to the bathroom but didn’t dare get up and risk making any kind of noise.  Later, I found out that Tim had had the same issure during the night.  At 7, Will woke up and started saying “dister, dister” to Ariel, which of course, set her off again.  That was the end of that.  We had hoped to sleep until 8, but oh well.  This is now.

On Our Way… Where the Air is Sweet…

NOW: We’re sweeping our cares away….and headed to Sesame Place!  Our first family vacation!  We’re taking the almost-7-hour drive down to Langhorn, PA (Near Philadelphia), and spending a few days with Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and friends!

I am so super excited!  We had started talking about going back in March when I first started looking into it.  Most people don’t even realize it exists!  At the time we decided the kids would be too young, they wouldn’t be able to go on anything, and it was a 7-hour car ride.  ’nuff said.  But then…..

Me: Honey, maybe we should go to Sesame Place

Tim: The deals were all going on before (it is May now)

Me: OK  (pouting)

Tim ignores the pouting.  I decide to go online and see if any deals are still going on.  I discover BETTER ones!  HA! 

The  next day:

Me: So, there are still deals going on….but only if we book within the next 3 days.

Tim: Deals for what?  (and he says I’m the one with no memory)

Me: Sesame Place!  We should go!

Tim: But what about all the cons we had last time we discussed it?

Me: They’re older now, they love Sesame Street, we had no idea what they would be like 2 months ago, I think they would really enjoy it. 

So, we look into it.  Hotels are buy 2 nights, get 1 free, and you get upgraded to a Season pass, which will get us an extra half-day into the park while we’re there, plus 30% off food and merchandise.  Tim agrees that we should go.  We book a dinner with Elmo also.  Why not, right?

YAY!!  He tells me there was never a question because after all, he always gives me whatever I want.  True, true.  🙂

So this weekend I started packing.  Who knew it would be so hard to pack for 2 2-year-olds?  Obviously I had to pack everyone’s clothes and toiletries (including diapers AND potties and underwear).  Plus, I have to bring toys and books for them…..what if it rains a day and we’re stuck in the hotel a little while?  Plus, these kids get up at like 6:30….Sesame Place doesn’t open until 10.  So even taking into consideration breakfast time and drive time, we still will have some down time in the morning.  I like to be prepared.  Thank goodness we’re taking my car.  It looks like I packed enough for 4 weeks instead of just 4 days.

  We are bringing a cooler too.  Luckily, there is a fridge in our hotel room, so we are bringing a gallon of milk for the kids.  But, we need to keep it cold on the way down there, right?  So, the cooler.  Since we’re bringing it anyway we’re also adding some bottled water, pop, and juice.  This will all be used on the ride down, or in the hotel room, or to save a little money in the park.

These bags are just for the twins.  Clothes, toys, books.  And this doesn’t include the diapers, swim diapers, nighttime diapers, and toothbrushes, hair brushes , etc.  I also still have to pack their stuffed animals from their cribs, but can’t do that until last-minute.  Oh, and the potties too.

Well, good thing we decided to take my car.  It’s a smallish SUV and at first Tim was against taking it because of the mileage.  Then, we compared and realized I was getting just as good a mileage as he was in his sedan.  Problem solved.  And I’m still not sure how we’re going to fit everything because it’s not like we have the back seat available (2 carseats!).  The floor of the backseat can fit a few things.  And obviously the trunk.  Which already has the stroller in it.  Hm….  This will definitely require some Tetris-type skills. 

The two main things I’m nervous about:

1. – 7-hour car ride with twins that are not even 2 years old.  So, we’re leaving pretty early to allow for as many stops as necessary.  We originally thought about leaving after lunch so that it would be naptime, but then we wouldn’t be getting to the hotel until dark, and that’s never fun.  So, after breakfast it will be.

2. Sleeping.  I am just trying to convince myself that if they’re tired they will sleep.  Pack ‘n plays are being provided for us at the hotel, but they’ve never slept in those.  That’s why I’m brining all of the stuffed animals from their cribs – for a sense of familiarity.  I’m hoping.

Oh well, too late now.  We’ll see how it goes.  And I vow not to be one of those parents that’s yelling at their kids throughout the whole trip.  What’s the point of that?  We’re there for THEM.  So their agenda is what we will follow.  I’ll keep you updated!  We’re bringing the laptop!

Question: Are you one of those people who cleans before vacation?  Because I am.  I don’t want to come home to a messy house.  So, I cleaned the tub last night.

And I vacuumed.  And mowed the lawn.  And did some laundry.  And tried to just “clean up” in general.  This was all in between packing up the car (as much as possible, we do have to put some stuff in right before we left), and normal twin bedtime stuff.  Oh!  And Tim worked late.  What a fun night I had.  So worth it when they get to meet Elmo!

Oh, and for those of you wondering about the dogs.  We are SO SO SO lucky that we always have our families stop by and feed them, let them out, whatever.  So my Father-in-Law is staying at our house this time.  He has some work he wants to do anyway, so he’ll take care of the dogs at the same time.  YAY!

This is now.

THEN: We went on one trip when I was pregnant.  To New York City.  It was our second time there.  Normally, I bring Bonine with me on any trip.  I get motion sickness pretty badly and the Bonine works wonders.  I especially need it when I go on amusement park rides.  (Tim laughed because I packed some for Sesame Place, but I’d rather not take a chance!)  Anyway.  I was not taking any medicines while pregnant.  I was doing anything I could to avoid any kind of medicines.  But I really wanted to take some Bonine for the plane ride to NYC. 

I called the doctor.  They said it wasn’t on the “approved” list.  So… was my choice.  I decided not to bring it.

I got so sick on the plane.  I almost threw up.  I was even rummaging around in the little pocket in front of me looking for the barf bag.  It was not there.  I didn’t want to ask Tim for his because I didn’t trust myself to open my mouth and not puke.  I didn’t even want to turn my head sideways to try to catch his attention.  It was a particularly rocky landing.  I just kept my mouth closed and my gaze even and my breathing short. 

I was definitely not looking forward to the cab ride to the hotel.  At least I had some crackers.  You’re not supposed to eat in a cab, but I was desperate.  It helped a lot.  I’m sure the cabbie would rather have car full of cracker crumbs than puke.  Which is what I probably would have told him if he asked me to put away the crackers.  (I’m not usually rude but my state of mind was a little ‘off’ at this point.)

We had a lot of fun walking around the city for the weekend though.

We saw two Broadway shows:

Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie, possibly my favorite movie of all time, but it fell a little short on Broadway, so I was a little disappointed.  Mary Poppins BLEW ME AWAY THOUGH!  We each got a souvenir cup (I use mine for iced coffee now), and we got the unborn twins pins that say “my first Broadway show”.  It technically was!

We went to some awesome restaurants.

Lombardo’s is one of the oldest pizza places in NYC, it’s in Little Italy.  It definitely lived up to its reputation!  We’re pretty picky about pizza, and this was extremely yummy!  Definitely want to go back.

This was a cool ice sculpture at a Japanese restaurant we went to.  I can’t remember the name of it and Tim’s not here right now to ask.  So, oh well.  It was good though.  We had American-Kobe beef.  It was pretty good, but not as good as the real thing.

We absolutely loved Mario Batali’s restaurant Babbo when we were in NYC back in 2007.  So we decided to try Casa Mono – his spanish restaurant.  I don’t know if it was because I was pregnant and uncomfortable, but I really didn’t like the atmosphere.  Well, Tim didn’t either, so it wasn’t just me.  The tables were very small and crowded together and I just felt trapped.  The entire menu is in Spanish and we felt a little funny asking for help.  It’s mostly Spanish tapas.  The food was ok.  Not on my recommended list.

On our last night there, we went to morimoto, named for the owner/chef Masaharu Morimoto.  One of the most famous/best Japanese cuisine chefs around today.  I was a little nervous because I was trying to avoid sushi during my pregnancy but I didn’t necessarily want to order only cooked things.  I did end up having a few bites of Tim’s raw dishes.  Everything was so excellent.  I would highly recommend this restaurant.  Maybe this is why Ariel likes sushi now.  🙂  The best part?  The bathroom.  I almost didn’t go.  But, being that I was pregnant and wasn’t sure exactly how long it would take us to get back to the hotel I decided to go on our way out.  SO GLAD I DID!  The toilet had many different options to choose from.  A little spray of water to wash you after you “went”, a dryer, perfume choices.  All for your little behind.  I was mesmerized.  I texted everyone I knew and called my parents and in-laws to tell them.  It was like nothing I had ever seen before.  Maybe I’m just not cultured enough!  🙂

The plane ride back was not so bad.  I made sure ahead of time that I had a barf bag in the pocket, as well as in Tim’s.  I concentrated on the TV show I was watching and tried not to look side to side.  I also ate some pretzels that were provided.  I don’t know if I would EVER fly while pregnant AGAIN.  That was then.

Potties are Making Me Crazy(er)!

NOW: Oh my goodness, these kids have really gotten the hang of using the potty.  Or, they’ve really gotten the hang of manipulating Mommy for M&M’s, I’m not sure which.  For example, yesterday, they each only had 2 accidents.  But they each recieved like 70 M&M’s.  Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I’m just saying that comparative to how many times they peed, they only missed twice. 

I started making baby vegetables and dinner around 4:30.  The kids were eating their snack in their highchairs.  I usually make them sit in their chairs; #1 because I’m paranoid of choking, #2 because if they’re running around with the food then the dogs steal it (only because the kids hold it out to them), and #3 if they’re in their chairs they’re giving me some free time in the kitchen. 

I had 2 pots of water on to boil, with corn and peas.  I had also started making Tim’s snacks for his lunches for next week (I put them in individual containers and then he just grabs them to pack his lunch.)  So that stuff was all over the counter.  I also needed to get a skillet on the stove for my veggie burgers and the oven needed to be pre-heating for the french fries.  Then the twins were done with snack and running around.

And I was in the bathroom with them.

For an hour and half. 

They would go pee-pee.  Potty would play the music.  Twins and Mommy would clap and cheer. (Mommy less and less enthusiastically maybe).  Twins would ask for M&M!  We would dump the potties one at a time in the big toilet.  They would each help flush, and wave bye-bye to the pee-pee.  Mommy would help children get underwear and shorts back on and tell them to go play.  Mommy would wash out the potty bowls and put them back together, step out of the bathroom, and have twins rushing back towards her saying “potty, potty”.  And the process would start all over again.  They peed every time.  And not just a drop or two.  I don’t know if they just don’t get the idea of “holding it” a little bit yet, or if they’re just not old enough to “hold it”.

In between potty times Will was getting into mischief.  Either climbing on the couch, which is annoying because I don’t want him to have an pee-pee accident.  Plus, he fools around with all of the stuff on my end table.

He was finally calm for a couple minutes when I heard a strange sound.

And this is what I found.  At least the toilet lid was down, so none of it got wet.  I just bunched it all up on top of the roll so that it could be used the right way. 

In any case, I finally turned the oven on to pre-heat at 5:40.  We usually eat at 5:30.  Oh well.

It was after 6:00, I started serving up dinner, and Will came over to me (this was after his 15th M&M) and said “eat?”.  Yes, we’re eating soon, Mommy’s just getting your plate ready.  “Hungry” he says.  Hungry?  How can you possibly be hungry after all those M&M’s?????  

Grandma and Papa had come over the night before with a surprise.

Potty Time Elmo dolls!  They are SO cute!  Elmo talks and says he’s thirsty or needs a drink and you give him his sippy cup.  Then, a little while later, he tells you he has to go potty.  If you get him to his little potty on time, he sings a song and “flushes” the toilet.  If you don’t get him there on time, he says, “oops, Elmo had an accident, sorry, maybe next time, accidents happen!”.  They just loved them.  However, because we dump their little potties into the big potty, they thought Elmo’s little potty would need to be dumped.  I could just see the little potty, the Elmo, the sippy cup, or maybe all 3 ending up in the water.  So I convinced them they didn’t need to do that because Elmo flushes the potty on his own.  Phew.  It also came with a sticker chart and stickers, but with these kids they’d have it filled up in one day.  🙂  At least they’re excited.  And running back and forth to the bathroom is good exercise for me I guess.  This is now.

THEN:  I know it’s going backwards a bit, but I’m trying to write about what I remember from 2 years ago (or more) and my memory is normally fuzzy as it is.  So bear with me, please! 

I wanted to give more information about the internal sonograms at the fertility clinic.  I had never known such a thing existed.  My knowledge of sonograms was probably mostly gathered from TV shows where they put the jelly on the pregnant chick’s stomach and used the little wand to gently glide over it and show the picture on the screen.

An internal sonogram also shows pictures on the screen, but because they were looking for follicles on my ovaries, and follicles are much smaller than babies, they had to do it internally.  They just wouldn’t show up on a “normal” sonogram.  It wasn’t really uncomfortable, just a little weird at first.  They had this wand (kinda looks like a long dildo), and they’d put a latex cover on it (kinda like a condom), and then put jelly right on it.  Then, they put it inside the vaginal opening, but only a little bit, not very far. 

And what we could see on the screen with that thing was amazing!  We were looking at little itty bitty follicles that were only millimeters big.  In fact, they could even use the screen to measure them.  That’s how they were able to tell when I would (probably) ovulate.  When the follicle was big enough, it was ready to release an egg.  If I’m remembering correctly (don’t take my word for it), the follicle had to be about 14-15 mm and that was when my insemination would be scheduled for the next day, or sometimes the day after that.  So I’d go in for 3-4 sonograms in the week I was supposed to be fertile to measure the follicles until they got to the right size and then I’d have to go in for the insemination a different day.

It was craziness.  I used a lot of sick time/vacation time/personal time those 2 years.  I tried to schedule the sonograms as early in the morning as possible and then still try to make it to work on time, but sometimes those appointments just weren’t available and then I’d have to take a half-day.  Most of the time I went by myself to the sonograms and then Tim came for the inseminations.  He just couldn’t take off all of those days!  That was then.