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Do you AC?

NOW: So, I haven’t been running.  I liked running in the morning, but then Tim wasn’t doing anything for exercise but the walk with the twins and it’s not really enough.  So, we decided to give up the walks, unless we have extra time, and go back to the Wii Fit.  Which means I gave up the running because I was not going to do two strenuous workouts a day, especially when one involved getting my butt out of bed at 4:30. 

So far though, it’s much better as far as weight loss.  I have lost weight each day that I’ve got on the scale.  So that’s good. 

Plus, we eat our dessert/snack earlier, which is good also.  Mentally, I’d rather have my snack after exercising and showering while I’m relaxing on the couch.  But then we go to bed only about an hour later.  I figure it’s probably not good to eat that soon before bed.  So, we eat our snack right after dinner.  Just a little extra something, a little treat.  However, my ice cream intake has been severely limited.  Tim had originally decreed every other day at the most (he has to help me control myself).  Then, he relented because it’s hot out and we can have ice cream every night.  Now, he’s back to his original thought; much to my dismay.  This past week though, I’ve only had ice cream once!  Go me!  Maybe that’s why the number on the scale has been going down.  I’m not going to admit that to him though.  Let him come to his own conclusions.  I still usually have something cold though – sorbet, or a fudgsicle, or a frozen fruit pop.  But, it’s summer, right?

Plus, we still haven’t turned on the air conditioning.  By now, if we haven’t caved, we won’t.  I had promised I wouldn’t unless the twins were having trouble sleeping, but they’re not.  We did buy fans for their rooms though.  I am SO glad for this.  We usually get a nice breeze going through the house so in the morning the first thing I do is throw open all of the windows and doors downstairs.  The windows upstairs are usually open all night, unless I think it’s a little too chilly for the twins’ rooms and then I sneak in and close theirs.  I would so much rather have the fresh air after being cooped up all fall, winter, and spring.  I think it’s probably healthier too – not the same ol’ stale air we’ve been breathing for nine months.  Plus, I love the heat.  I would so much rather be hot than cold.  I can always turn a fan on.  I would take a 90 degree day over a 30 degree anytime.  That’s why we like to go to Florida in the summer…..even though everyone thinks we’re crazy.  This is now.

QUESTION: A/C vs. Open Windows?  Which do you prefer?  Which do you do?

THEN:  We have only turned the air conditioner on in our house 3 times. 

Once was the first year we had the house.  We had planned a trip to Washington D.C. but we were going to drive all night.  So, the night before we stayed up as late as possible, and then woke up early the next day, intending to sleep in the afternoon.  It was so unbearably hot and sticky in our room that we decided to go try and nap downstairs.  It was too sunny.  We decided to just turn on the air so we could sleep and then turn it off before we left that night.  Then, when we got back there were a couple of nights that were ridiculously hot, so we turned the air on a few nights and turned it back off in the mornings.  Bad idea.  It took so much energy to get the house cooled down to the right temperature so many times, that our electric bill that month was ENORMOUS!  We vowed never again.

The year I was pregnant.  Everyone kept telling me “aren’t you lucky, it’s such a mild summer.”  Well then, I would have been REALLY uncomfortable in a hot summer!  The temps were a little lower than normal, and it was a pretty rainy summer.  But I was a sweat-box.  Especially at school (no, schools around Buffalo do not have Air Conditioning – at least not my district!)  Most of the time, from April – August, I had to sit to teach because I was so out of breath and uncomfortably warm.  I teach summer school too, which is only like 3 hours in the morning.  By the end, I’d go right home and take a cool shower.  So, around May, I decided I needed the A/C on at home.  After that, it was much better.  I would take a nap after school and be very comfortable – as long as I had a fan blowing on me also.  I would wear the same 2 maternity skirts and a handful of maternity tank tops over and over.  I know most people do this, but I couldn’t stand to wear my shorts, or a sleeve longer than a tank.  I was also having major swelling in my ankles and wrists by the end of the day, so I relaxed in the A/C a lot.  But, I was supposed to be relaxing anyway.

The first summer we had the twins was the only other time that we decided to put the A/C on.  They were sleeping through the night by then (finally, Will) and we didn’t want to mess with that by having it be too hot and uncomfortable.  Plus, we kept their doors closed at night (otherwise they wake each other up), so it gets even warmer without the A/C.  We didn’t want to give up our sleep because of being uncomfortable either.  So, we had it on. 

When I was in my early teens my parents had Central Air installed.  My sister and I would be walking around in sweatshirts and pants and socks, not even realizing how warm it really was outside.  Even then, we would also be covered in a blanket watching TV or whatever.  Our mom would get on our cases about not using the pool.  Well, why would you feel the need to go cool off when you were already cold enough?  Plus, if you’re cold inside you figure it must be cool outside.  When we would leave the house, we would have to run back in and change into summer clothes – like, oh, it IS warm out here, huh?  So, that’s why I have promised myself not to use the air conditioning at my house unless it would become an absolute necessity.  That was then.

Patriotic Piggies

NOW:  Can I tell you how glad I am to have a daughter AND a son?  People often say to me “oh, a boy and a girl, how perfect.  Are you done now?”  Which is kind of presumptuous.  But also kind of true.  I think because they are of the opposite sex, they are already very well-rounded in gender-based activities.  But, part of that is Ariel being a girlie-girl. 

See her little red toenails?  I had to get a picture of them while she was in her swing.  When she was on the ground she kept running away saying “no, no, no”, but in a cute, teasing voice, not a tantrum voice.

I had been thinking about painting her nails for a while now.  What better time than 4th of July?  Nice red for the holiday.  I was going to do them red and blue, like mine. 

  But, I wanted to see how she reacted first.  I asked her this morning if she wanted me to paint her toenails.  She said yes.  I didn’t know why because I don’t think she knew what I was talking about, but she’s pretty agreeable.  I didn’t even have mine painted yet to show her an example.

  I painted them for her while she was in her highchair, having snack.  I figured this way her hands were busy holding crackers and stuffing her mouth.  Less likely to touch them.  I painted her big toe first and asked her if she liked it.  “More, more” was the reply, while pointing to her remaining toes.  So, I finished them up, and told her she couldn’t touch or they’d smudge.  And she didn’t!  Once she was ready to get out of her chair, they were dry.  She showed Will, who immediately touched them and smiled.  I thought, “uh-oh, here we go, he’s gonna want some too.”  But he didn’t.  Even after Mommy painted her own toenails too.  I figured worst-case-scenario if he REALLY threw a fit I had some clear polish that might have satisfied him and no one would ever know.  I should have known better, really.  The boy acts like I’m shoving bamboo shoots up his fingernails when all I’m doing is clipping them.  So he probably wouldn’t want any extra attention bestowed on his piggies.

Poor Will had to play by himself in the sandbox though.  Ariel didn’t want to get her toesies dirty.  See?  Girlie-girl.  🙂  She’s all ready to party this weekend!!! 

ALSO: I lost 2 lbs. on the Wii Fit last night!  Meeting and beating my goal of 5 lbs in a month!  YAY!!!  I think it’s all the extra running around after the twins.  And, eating less because it’s hot.  And going back to dessert after dinner, not after exercising.  However, I am often STARVING after exercising.  Here’s our schedule: eat dinner, have dessert, play with twins, baths for twins, put twins to bed, exercise, relax on the couch, bed.  We don’t want to have our dessert/snack too close to bedtime, but should we be eating after exercising???  This is now.

Question:  Should I snack after exercising even if it’s only a couple hours before I go to bed?

THEN:  April 5, 2009

Ok, I don’t often go around showing off a naked belly, so it’s hard to compare this picture to what my belly looks like normally.  That being said, I already felt HUGE.  And I’m only 2 months pregnant!  Look, I had to wear my pajama pants below my waistline.  Pajama pants.  So, maybe I went a little overboard with the eating at first.  I don’t know.  The doctors didn’t seem concerned – I was carrying multiples after all!  I was expected to gain a little more. 

I still couldn’t exercise.  Those extra follicles that had gotten so enlarged from the injectable fertility drugs were still enlarged and likely would be for a few more months.  I couldn’t believe it.  A small price to pay, but it made me nervous.  Thinking that the follicle, or even my whole ovary, could burst or twist?  Not good.  So I was taking it easy with the workouts.  Very easy.  But, I was told to, so it’s not like I was really being lazy.  I was trying to follow the doctor’s orders to a “t”, which included no working out, no sex, and some “no-no” foods.  After working so hard to get what I wanted, I didn’t want to screw it up by eating blue cheese or a hot dog or something stupid.  I was a little paranoid probably.  But I wasn’t taking any chances. 

I got on the Wii Fit to weigh myself a few more times.  It was funny because when you gain weight, it asks you to pick a reason.  There’s no “pregnant” option.  So, the computer kept trying to motivate me to lose weight and reach my goal.  Stupid computer.  🙂 

It was kind of frustrating because I was so used to exercising.  I had really started to like it.  The way I felt so good afterwards.  Plus, it was just part of my routine now.  I knew I was supposed to gain weight, duh, so that part didn’t bother me.  Just the feeling that there was something I enjoyed doing that I couldn’t do anymore.  I was also really worried that once I had stopped, I would stop for good.  It would just be continuous excuses and I would end up never getting back into that routine again.  It was a valid concern.  It had been so many years that I would tell myself to exercise and not do it, or do it inconsistantly.  It had only been a year since I had started regularly exercising.  Only a year that it had been part of my routine.  Only a year since I realized I actually enjoyed it.  And it would be over 9 months to forget all of those feelings and go back to the lazy, excuse-ridden feelings that I had had for most of my teenage/adult years.  So, I tried not to let go of that feeling.  I waited for the day when those follicles were back to normal size and maybe I’d exercise a little towards the later half of my pregnancy so I didn’t forget.  That was then.


NOW:  I’m going to let Will and Ariel tell about their day.  Anything in quotes is what they said while I was asking them questions and typing.

“Hello”, Mommy is letting “William” and “Ariel” write today because we went to “SCHOOL” yesterday!  We know all about school because mommy teaches there.  We read about “school” in “books”, and we learn about school on Sesame Street with “Elmo”.  But yesterday we got to “GO” there!  “Papa” drove us to mommy’s school.  It’s HER school.  We played on the playground.  We even went on the “slide”.  We wanted to go on the “swing” but the strap was broken.

We walked around with all the “kids” in mommy’s class.  Then we went upstairs to her classroom.  We colored with “crayons” and played with “blocks”, “trucks”, and a “ball”. 

“Bye bye” for now!  Mommy will tell you more. 

A few funny and surprising things……Will is usually very outgoing, Ariel is a little more shy.  But, when it came to those kids, they BOTH just took their hands and let themselves be led away from mommy onto the playground.  Every once in a while, they would ask for me, and the kids would bring them right back, but then they’d be off running around again. 

When we were in the classroom, it was so interesting how ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ they are.  It’s funny how Nature trumps Nurture.  Now, I know we probably do treat them slightly different.  But we didn’t when they were really little.  And we try not to now.  So, here’s a boy and girl raised in the same house, same parents, same age, same TOYS, and yet they have vastly different personalities, characteristics, and gender tendencies.  Ariel probably would have been content to color and sit and hold a stuffed animal.  Will was running around, pushing the trucks, throwing the ball, building with blocks and knocking them down.  It’s really so interesting to see how they are turning out in comparison with one another. 

The kids in my class seemed to have fun with them too.  Some even wrote in their Memory Books that their favorite memory of 2nd grade was when Will and Ariel came in.  Cute.  They were arguing a little about taking turns holding the twins’ hands, but they were very good with them.  Even some kids I wouldn’t have expected.

After school, we went for lunch at Ted’s Hot Dogs.  I was at the counter ordering and paying and the twins were sitting with Papa.  Ariel is quite the little singer lately, and she was singing the “Mama” song…..which consisted of “mama, maaamaaaa, maaamaaa, MAMA, MAAAAMAAAAA” and was pretty much screeching at the end….much to the amusement (thank goodness) of everyone else in the place.

After the kids were in bed Tim and I went back to the Wii Fit.  The last time we were on was about 3 weeks ago.  Tim’s weight stayed the same.  Mine?  I gained 3.3 lbs.  *sigh*  This is now.

THEN:  While Tim and I were trying to get pregnant, he was on a different shift.  He would work Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 2pm – 11pm.  I’m a teacher, so I was basically getting home a couple hours after he had left.  And believe me, I DO NOT stay up until 11.  I’m usually in bed by 9, especially if he’s not there to make fun of me.  This situation had it’s ups and downs.  The up-side was my exercising and eating.  I would come home from work, do my exercising (at least an hour a day), shower, and eat dinner.  I didn’t have to work around anyone else’s schedule and I didn’t often have any other plans.  On the weekends I would just exercise at my convenience.  Whether he was there or not.  My meals were simpler also.  I don’t cook and I don’t eat as much when he’s not around.  I don’t know why, just how it is.  So, although I would ‘cheat’ (with ice cream sundaes) every once in a while, I was being more healthy, especially with portion control.

The bad part was…..we didn’t see each other much.  Except when we were both taking the day off to go to the fertility clinic or something.  So… takes two people to make a baby…..and those two people weren’t together very often.  We had to be creative.  I started going to bed really early, like 8, and when Tim would get home from work he’d wake me up.  That was one option.  Or, he’d go to bed as soon as he got home and I’d set my alarm a little early and wake him up before I would go to work.  That was another option.  It was difficult, but there wasn’t really any way around it at the time.  We tried our best.  Early on, I thought maybe that was the reason we weren’t getting pregnant.  After a while though, it became clear that wasn’t the only reason.  Even with weird schedules and being tired, we were timing everything appropriately and often enough.  But it still wasn’t working.  That was then. 

Question:  Some people at work said they do gain a little weight when they start running.  Do you put on weight when you run?   

Revamping the Workout

(No-Twin Tuesday #2) NOW: Tim and I had a discussion/argument last night during our walk.  Is walking good enough?  It came from the idea that I wanted to go to bed early because I kept getting up early to go running.  He (get ready to awww) didn’t want me to go to bed early because that’s the only time he gets to spend time with me.  AWWW.  What a great hubby!  (I argued the point that his ‘spending time together’ consists of watching TV, but he insists it still counts.)  Anyway, he asked why I was running in the morning if we take a walk for exercise anyway?  I told him that I hadn’t lost weight in a while and that I didn’t think the walking was enough. 

So, we decided we need to get back on the Wii Fit.  This means fewer walks with the twins….although they enjoy it, they seem to be getting a little bored anyway.  And once I’m off for the summer I can take walks in the afternoons with them if they miss them.  But, that means after they’re in bed is when we exercise.  So, it cuts a little bit into our “alone” time, but it’s better for us physically.  Who knows?  Maybe after we’re both at the weight we want to be we can scale back a little and do walks more often.  Right now, it doesn’t seem to be enough.  The Tim Hortons Iced Coffees probably aren’t helping either.  This is now.

 THEN: I think part of the reason I lost so much weight while trying to get pregnant is because I was so stressed.  I convinced myself that losing weight would help me get pregnant, which got me started.  But then I realized how good I felt while I exercised.  It cleared my head.  It worked my body.  It gave me an emotional boost whenever I saw the number on the scale go down.  It really was one of the best things I could do for my body and my brain. 

During the time that I was trying to get pregnant, I tried to just convince myself that “this baby was not meant to be mine”.  Meaning, that months’ exact combination of sperm and egg would have been a unique creation…..and it just wasn’t meant to be my child.  I think that sort of helped me get through.  That eventually, we would be paired with our perfect little offspring and that he/she was the one that was the perfect combination.  Anything to help me cope. 

The first month on injectables, I had a chemical pregnancy.  I probably wouldn’t have even known, except that I was going for bloodwork like every other morning.  (This needle in addition to the ones I was poking into myself).  I was scheduled to go for bloodwork 14 days after my insemination to see if I was pregnant, as long as I didn’t get my period.  So, I went for the bloodwork.  My emotions were through the roof because I was actually a couple days late for my period.  Yay!?  They called me later that day and scheduled me to come back in a couple days because the results weren’t negative.  What?  Well, does that mean they are positive?  No.  My hormone levels were just the slightest bit elevated…..but not high enough to be called “pregnant”.  But, maybe we were just too early.  Those two days were the worst/best.  MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE.  No…..when I went back  the levels had dropped again.  I questioned the nurse and she told me that would sometimes happen with a chemical pregnancy.  Basically a SUPER DUPER early miscarriage.  Being the optimist, that gave me hope again.  I HAD (kinda) GOTTEN PREGNANT.  That was then.

Run and Melt

NOW:   First things first.  I went RUNNING (jogging) yesterday MORNING!  AHH!  I am still in disbelief myself, so I took pictures to prove:

I always feel so good AFTER I exercise.  I wish I felt that good BEFORE, it would be so much more motivating.  I’ve been setting my alarm for 4:30 for 2 weeks……and then I either wake up at like 2 and think “oh I’m too tired to wake up in a couple hours” and then I turn the alarm off.  Or, the alarm goes off and I think, “yeah right”.  But, I was going to be going out to dinner with a few friends and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take a walk with Tim and the twins.  So, after laying in bed for 10 minutes (I’m amazed I didn’t fall back asleep), I forced myself to get up and go.  I considered doing the Wii Fit instead, but once I let the dogs out and fed them I got that breath of fresh air and decided I wanted to be outside.  I ran/walked for about 30 minutes around my neighborhood.  I loved having the sky turn from dark to light and watching the street lights go off as I went.  I wanted to carry as little as possible, so my camera wasn’t with me, but I was amazed at all the birds and rabbits I saw!  I know that seems silly, but there were just SO many. 

Anyway, I got home and it felt so stifling hot inside compared to outside that I decided to do my stretching and  jack knives on my deck.

I was pretty proud of how much I had run and I little I had to walk.  My main reason for walking at any point was a stitch in my side.  My legs felt good, my chest felt good, it was just a cramp that kept coming back.  Whenever I did stop to walk I made sure to give myself a limit like only for 3 driveways or only until the corner.   And then I made a goal for the running too and tried to go farther than the goal I set.  It was good to have those little “markers”.  After my stretching and jack knives I made my way upstairs to shower before I had to get my three little buggers out of bed.  🙂

After work, I went to pick up the kids as usual and then got lunches ready for the next day.  The twins were being terrors, but fast terrors, so I got no pictures.  My favorite thing was when I was sitting on the “potty”, and Ariel decided she needed to go too, so sat down on her chair next to me and was pulling on my clothes as I sat there.  In the meantime Will was runnign around the house, knowing I couldn’t come after him, splashing in the dog water, trying to close the bathroom door, trying to open the garage door and trying to get toilet paper (lots of it) for me to use. 

So, I was extra-glad when Tim came home today, especially because this meant I could leave to go to dinner with a few friends.  They were having Ladies Night at the Melting Pot so we had made reservations and tonight was the night!

I had been there before, and so had Mariah, but Leslie had not.  With the Ladies Night you got a cheese fondue course to share, a salad (each) and a chocolate fondue course to share.  I was actually a little nervous going into it because when I’ve gone before it’s been with Tim and we know what each other likes so it’s not hard to compromise.  But I wasn’t sure what to expect from my friends.  We all did the usual “Oh, I don’t care what we order”, but then Mariah settled upon the Fiesta Cheddar Cheese (I insisted I wanted it Medium though, not too Hot).  It came with three different kinds of bread, tortilla chips, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and apple slices to dip.

Later, we agreed upon the dessert – Dark Chocolate with Dulce de Leche.  YUM!

It came with more than this, but we started gobbling it down so fast I almost forgot to take a picture!  Bananas, strawberries, rice crispie treats, brownie bites, cheesecake, pound cake, marshmellows, oreo-covered marshmellows.  We had a second plate of food, it was so delicious!  I also ordered a second glass of red wine at this point, and Mariah and Leslie each had another “Love” martini.  I tried to convince myself I had chosen the healthier of the two drinks. 

Here’s us girls!  (A fourth friend, Katie, was sick, so she didn’t end up coming 😦 )

  So, I had a good night talking about our kids and catching up on job-related issues and stories.  I’ll see them again Saturday at another friend’s party (but WITH all the kids this time!).  Fun fun!  I can’t wait for some more free time in the summer when we can all get together more often.  Let’s make a point of it girls!  This is now.

THEN:  I went through six cycles (months) of Femara + Insemination = Nothing.  I was responding to the Femara, that is, my follicles were growing and (probably) releasing eggs.  But, I wasn’t getting pregnant.  Dr. Sullivan had said Femara for four months, so I was frustrated again…..on the sixth month I asked the nurse….she said all I had to do was ask.  So we made an appointment to meet/talk with him again about our next step and other options.  I thought they were going to try me on Clomid.  A friend was on it (also not getting pregnant), and she was having wicked side effects with it.  Not that everyone does, but I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to it.  When we went in to talk to him, he said he didn’t want me on Clomid.  The femara was doing what it was supposed to, in a sense, and Clomid wasn’t going to have any better affects.

So, he suggested injectables.  Wow.  I am terrified of needles.  Did I ever mention I am terrified of needles?  Um, OK.  Needles then.  Injectable fertility medication.  And, it has to be given so often (every day during the fertile time of your cycle), that I (or my spouse) had to give it to myself.  Really.  Every night.  OK.  So, I agreed to these terms.  I wanted a baby right?  Right.  Next we met with the nurse so she could teach me how to give it correctly.  First, she wanted to check with my insurance to see if they covered it.  She called my insurance company directly.  They said it would be fine (it wasn’t, but that’s another story).  So, she taught me how to give it.  It has to be given in your thigh or belly.  Numb the spot with an ice cube (if desired).  Pinch the skin.  Stick the needle in and press the syringe.  She also had to show me how to measure it because every morning I was to go in, get an ultrasound to measure the follicles, and then call an automated message that would inform me of the dosage for the night.  Ok, got it.  That was then.

Question: What do you if you get a stitch/cramp in your side while running?  Or, is there something I can do to prevent it altogether?

No-Twin Tuesdays

NOW: I am thinking that on Tuesdays I will (try) to refrain from writing about the twins and focus more on exercise and eating and weight loss.

I wanted to begin by writing about my Wii Fit.  I’ve found that it’s the BEST thing to help ME lose weight.  And Tim loves it too!  The best thing about it is the variety of exercise so you don’t feel like you’re always doing the same ol’ thing.  The most recent version is the Wii Fit Plus.

It’s like having a personal trainer in my living room.  Now, granted, the personal trainer is a computer man (or woman, in Tim’s case), but he’s a lot less expensive than a real-live personal trainer in my living room.  So, it’s a trade-off.

It came with the game (workouts), and the Wii Fit board.

I also use the extra step option that’s available separately.  We incorporate free weights sometimes too (like when we step, or do tricep curls).

There’s a calendar and graphs to track your progress, which I love!  I don’t have the time to write down every minute I exercised.  It also suggests weighing yourself every day (body test), and also tests your right/left balance.  I know a lot of people don’t recommend this, but I really enjoy it.  It gives me a better idea of what affects my weight and it’s encouraging even if I only lose 0.2 lbs. or something.  If I gain weight, it usually says to just keep on track and that it takes time to lose weight.  If I gain a significant amount of weight, it asks me to choose a reason (overeating, snacking, night snacking, not exercising, etc.)   It holds  me accountable and really makes me think about what I need to be doing differently.  Here’s my calendar shot from today.  The stamps (stars) mean you weighed in/worked out that day.  I’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather lately so there’s not too many stamps.  Which is one reason I think I’m not losing as much weight right now…..I haven’t been weighing in and holding myself accountable.

There is also a screen where you can add in any “outside” exercise you did, but I often forget to add it in.  😦  The little red flag marks the date that I set to reach my goal.  Every time you hit that date you reset your weight loss goal.  It can be as little or as much as you want, in as much time as you need.  The program measures BMI and weight, and suggests getting closer to a BMI in the “normal” range, rather than overweight (me)/obese (Tim).

Here’s a graph shot of my weight since last October.   You can see that last October I started exercising again, but then kinda “fell off the wagon” for a couple months.  We started up again in January, and although there are some spikes, overall it’s been down.

I like being able to look at the ‘big picture’.  Even if I do gain a little from day to day, I can look at this view and see that my hard work really is paying off.  I really am losing weight overall.  And that’s important to keep my motivation up!

There are two big new features on the “Plus” version of the Wii Fit.  One, is a whole new set of aerobic-type activities called Training Plus.  This includes new exercises such as bike-riding and Segway challenge (all in your living room, with NO extra equipment!!)

Tim and I do mostly aerobics (goal: 30 min/day) to get our heart rate up, and then we do strength and yoga as well (15 – 20 mins).  Wii Fit really helps me keep the different types of exercing balanced…..otherwise I would probably forget about strength and yoga even though I know they are important.

The other new feature that I like it the My Wii Fit.  You pick target areas for the day (such as back, legs, tummy), how many exercises you want to do in that area, and then the computer picks a routine for you based on your choices.  This helps me keep on track with time, too.

This is now.

THEN:  I bought the Wii Fit in summer 2008.  I needed something to get me on track to lose weight.  I had bought a treadmill when I first started wanting to lose weight, but its usage was spotty at best.  Anyway, after almost a year of trying to get pregnant, I thought maybe some weight-loss would help.  I had heard about the Wii Fit and we already had a Wii.  At the time, the Wii Fits were hard to get.  So I started stalking stores.  Found out that Circuit City was going to have like 6 of them on a Sunday morning.  Got there about an hour before opening, was the fourth person in line.  YAY!  I felt like I won something.  🙂  I set it up and started using it right away.  It was just as I had thought, I absolutely loved it.  Here’s an overview and some sample exercises.

  Yoga: These are poses such as Downward Dog, Tree Pose, Cobra….you use the balance board to try and keep yourself centered and balanced as you hold the pose.   You get a “score” and a “ranking” after each (that’s Tim’s favorite part, he’s more competitive than me).  This way every time you do the pose you can try to get better (or you can try to beat your spouse’s score).

   Stength Training includes exercises like jack knives (crunches), plank, push-ups, tricep extentions and lunges.  These also give you a score and rank after each time you do it.  Most of them also have the option of selecting more (or less) repetitions.  The “Challenge” options for push ups, jack knives, and plank let you challenge your trainer and do as many reps as YOU can.  Great way to push yourself to get stronger.

   Hula Hooping, running, boxing, and step aerobics are some of the activities in the Aerobics section.  I like the Free Run and Free Step – once you start it you can turn the channel and watch TV while the Wii Remote keeps track of how fast you’re going and tells you when you’re done.  This option is great for when I’m unmotivated because then at least I can watch a show and it seems like less work.  The Aerobics are also scored and ranked.

Here’s my graph from when I first got it……it goes down, down, down.  I was ONLY doing Wii Fit for exercise, and trying to eat better, smaller portions.  The point where it starts going up again is where I got pregnant and was still weighing myself occasionally.

Look!  I was “normal”……..for weight anyway!  That was then.

Question: What do you do to lose weight/exercise?  I’m always looking for new ideas!

Less twins, more exercise

Now:  Although I adore my two little ones, I also want to make sure I blog about my exercise and eating. 

Tim and I are both trying to make a lifestyle change.  We are NOT on a diet.  I don’t believe that diets work.  When you’re done dieting, things go back to the way they were… eat those foods you gain back that weight.  It makes no sense to me.  You exercise until you lose the weight, then you stop exercising and you gain it back.  No sense.  A lifestyle change, although a bigger change, is somehow a lot more easier to manage.  You’re doing it for the rest of your life, which is a little hard to swallow at first (pun intended).  It takes longer to see results.  But, you’re going to finally lose the weight and keep it off, which is the great reward in the end.  You’re going to discover muscles you never knew you had.  Just look at this bicep!  🙂

You’re going to wear clothes you never thought you’d fit into again, but you do, you really do.  (Why do people, especially women, keep all these different size clothes in their closet anyway?)  I got rid of all of my “fat” clothes recently.  I’m still trying to lose weight……about 15 more lbs. would be good…..but by donating these clothes I’m trying to promise myself that I’m not going to gain that old weight back.

Our main eating goal: smaller portions.  I really believe that in our case we can eat what we want, just smaller portions.  We were terrible on portion control, but we’re getting much better.  Just yesterday, Tim made pasta carbonara, which included whole wheat linguine, peas, bacon, egg white, and an egg yolk on top that gets mixed in after.  I was going to take a photo but I dug in before I remembered.  We also had a large side of broccoli drizzled with teriyaki sauce, and about 4 oz of red wine.  I had read recently that red wine contained antioxidents which help your metabolism so we’ve been incorporating a small glass with our dinner.  Later that evening, on our walk, he asked if I was full from dinner.  I was…..why?  Well, he had only used 4 oz of pasta….total…..for both of us.  Normally he would have served us 4 oz each.  What a revelation!  We can eat half the amount of food and still be full!  Wow.  

Our main exercise goal: At least 30 minutes of cardio, and 15 minutes of combined strength and yoga.  Now that the weather is getting nicer here in Buffalo, our 30 minutes of cardio is usually a nightly, brisk walk with the twins…..either pushing the stroller or pulling the wagon.  We switch off pushing/pulling halfway.  The person not pushing/pulling at the time?  Does hand weights.  We either pump our arms (like in speed-walking), do bicep curls, or tricep curls.  I try to do a little of each as I go.  Our strength and yoga come after the twins are bathed and in bed.  We use the Wii Fit.  We pick a  variety of activities, going back and forth between the strength and yoga choices.  We use the hand weights here too, when appropriate.  We always end with jackknives (crunches) because our stomachs are where we need to lose the most fat.   This is now.

Then: When we first started trying to get pregnant back in the summer of 2007 I weighed about 160lbs.  I had gained about 20 of that on our Disneymoon back in 2004 and hadn’t lost it.  Hadn’t really been trying to lose it I guess.  (Except for a couple of months when I was dieting and eating less than 1,000 calories a day – unhealthy and unhappy).  Tim was about 230.  After our 9th month of not getting pregnant we decided to take the most-given advice (by people who have never been through it) – RELAX.  Give me a break.  Anyway, we decided we could use a vacation so we booked a Disney Cruise using our points from Disney Vacation Club (DVC).  By now, I had gained another 20 lbs from stress and mild depression, and Tim had gained more than that. 

Looking at these pictures afterwards made me really realize how much I weighed and how overweight I really was.  I’m only 5’1″.  While “relaxing” on the cruise, we ate what we wanted and didn’t do too much strenuous activity.  We walked around the ship’s exercise deck a couple of mornings.  But that in no way helped.  I came back another 10 lbs. heavier.   Tim was pushing close to 300.

I almost passed out the night I wore this peach dress because my dress was so tight and then I ate a huge dinner.  I couldn’t breathe.

After we got back and I looked at these pictures…..and thought about how I felt…..and thought about how I was supposed to feel attractive and alluring in order to want to make a baby, not to mention healthy enough to carry a baby for 9 months.  Close to 200 lbs. was too much.  I knew I had to do something.  It was February 2008.  I bought the Wii Fit two months later.  That was then.