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Sunshine, Sprinklers, Showers

NOW:  I bought some new things to try for breakfast.  I don’t know if I bought the right stuff, but the combination ended up being pretty yummy, so hopefully it was healthy too.

This was the only thing I was unsure of… Granola ceral the same as granola?  I don’t know.  Also, I only used 1/4 cup because it was 220 calories for a 1/2! 

I put in plain Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and the granola cereal.  In retrospect, I should have put the granola on before the berries.  Live and learn.  I got a taste of the yogurt before anything else was in it, and I got a little scared (yuck), but after everything was together, it ended up being really good!

I also had a serving of V8 Fusion juice on the side.

Since we were actually home yesterday, I decided it was easier to take the potty-training outside.  Especially when Will went through 4 pairs of underwear within a half-hour of being awake.  I put on bathing suits, sunscreen, and prepared something new – the sprinkler. 

Will went right for it….after Mommy demonstrated.  Ariel was a little more timid.  So, I asked Will to show her.

They grasped hands (Awww!) and Will led her over to the water.  They both got squirted in the face a few times, much to my amusement.  Then they figured out when the water was moving towards them, go to the other side.  🙂

They tried to get the dogs to come in too, but no such luck. 

Then, we had snacks and juice in the Adirondeck chairs.  A neighbor stopped by the fence to say hi, and commented that they looked like little grown-ups in their chairs.

I was giving them 2 Goldfish crackers at a time.  A “couple” they’d tell me.  Ariel was feeding every other Goldfish to the dogs.

I’m sure they appreciated her sharing. 

Then, the twins decided the dogs were probably thirsty, especially since they had dumped their water bowl.  They decided to fill it back up with water from the pool.

This was while Mommy was chasing Will around to get his bathing suit back on because he had just gone pee-pee on the potty.  (Good thing Mommy brought the M&M’s outside). 

This was hilarious to me, because they’d fill up the bowl, but then dump most of the water down the front of themselves as they walked with it to place it on the grass for the dogs.  By the time it was set down, there was like a drop left.   And then they would take the dogs’ paws and try to drag them to the water bowl.  It was cracking me up.  They kept trying though.  Ariel thought maybe she better taste it first.

Just to be safe.  Pay no attention to your juice lying right near you.  Just drink the pool/dog water.  Good grief. 

Swinging is apparently Will’s relaxation time.  It’s been a rough morning, huh buddy?

When I had gotten Ariel out of her crib this morning, and on the changing table to get dressed we had a little conversation.

Ariel: Nails?  Toes?

Mommy: Yes, your toenails are still red.  I might repaint them today.  They’re chipping.

Ariel: Pink?

Mommy: Um….OK….sure, pink.  (I’ve never heard her say pink without prompting before, usually it’s ‘blue’ or ‘red’)

Ariel: (showing me her fingers) – Nails?  Fingers?  Pink?

Mommy: You want your fingernails painted too?

Ariel: (nods, and points to each fingernail) Thumb!

Mommy: Ok, we’ll do your thumb nails too. 

Ariel: PINK!

Mommy: OK!

She’s getting to be quite demanding!  🙂  And quite the diva. 

I got a little flack from my mom for painting her nails (she puts her fingers in her mouth! is what I was told).  I said, “well, Ariel insisted.”  My mom asked, “well, who’s the mother?”  As if I was being serious and honestly only painted her nails because she said so.

So, while on her swing…..

……I followed her directive. 

I figured in her swing she’d be less likely to smudge, especially the fingers.  She only messed up one of her thumbnails, but it’s not too bad.  Little Princess.

We went in for lunch and I tried something else new.  I had had a hummas wrap last week at the zoo and it was surprisingly good (I didn’t expect much at the zoo eatery I guess).  So, I had bought myself some supplies last Saturday:

I added lettuce, tomatoes, and red peppers.  I meant to add cheese, but forgot.  Tim said if I don’t need it, why bother adding more calories?  Good point.  But I like cheese.  So we’ll see about next time.

The twins of course insisted on a “bite, bite”.  They liked it too!  I felt very healthy.  I think I want to go running tonight.  My “plan” is to do a 5K this Sunday…..we’ll see.  🙂  I also had a glass of Crystal Light – sunrise tangerine strawberry.  I know Crystal Light is all chemicals or whatever, but if I can get a nice, sweet tasting drink to limit my cravings of actual sweets, and it’s only 5 calories, I’ll take it. 

Since I bought these breakfast and lunch supplies and Tim doesn’t like any of it, I’ll be eating it for a week.  I’ll decide then if I really like it or not!  This is now.

THEN:  My baby shower was so much fun.  But it was tiring.  And hot.  I ate barely anything because by then I felt like I was so full just from a few bites.  I had no room in my stomach and it was only June.  So, I was eating smaller “meals” a lot more often throughout the day.  And I was worried about looking big enough to pass for pregnant.  HA!

Mom took care of favors; little candles shaped like 2 peas in a pod.  MIL got the cake.

After the first few gifts, I had enough of standing.  The pressure on my stomach was too much.

The most memorable thing that happened was this:

I had sat down to open my gifts because I couldn’t stand to stand.  I was wearing a sundress.  I was trying to keep my legs together, like all good ladies should.  But it was SO uncomfortable.  There was a tablecloth on the table but I wasn’t sure how far down it went in the front.  So, with absolutely no sense of shame, I called out “can anyone see my legs under this table?”  The response, “no, why?”  Because I really can’t hold my knees together any longer and I’m just hoping no one is getting a show.  Laughter ensued, and I spread my legs apart a little more comfortably.  Ah.  That’s better. 

After getting everything home that night, I convinced Tim to get started putting things together right away.  I knew I’d only be able to help a little, but as the weeks and months went on, I’d be able to help even less.  Even the things we wouldn’t be able to use until they were 6 months or older…..why not put it together now, rather than when we have 2 babies to deal with?  So that week we got all of the jumpers, bouncers, swings, and other little odds and ends put together.  Two (or more) of everything.  Wow.  That was then.