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Hair today, Gone tomorrow…..

NOW:  So yesterday’s post was mostly about the beautifying of Ariel’s little red toenails.  What of Will, you ask? 

Just what he is waiting for?  His first haircut, of course!  I know you can’t tell in pictures, but I really did a number on him the couple of times I trimmed it.  The layers were all kinda messed up.  I didn’t really want to do near his ears.  It was fine for a while but as it’s been growing out it looks all kinds of messy.

My little pumpkin was SO GOOD!


Even when the razor was brought out in those last two pictures – all he was doing was turning his head to see what it was.  No tears.  Although he looked on the verge the entire time.  There was a big one hovering in his right eye that spilled down his cheek about halfway through the ordeal.  But he didn’t get upset until the blow dryer was brought out to get the loose hair off.  So, the hairdresser promptly turned it off.  Mostly he just sat quietly, occasionally turning to look at Daddy, who was also getting a trim (in a show of solidarity).

Ariel stood by Mommy and Will the whole time.  What a supportive sister.  She was very concerned about the hair on the floor.  I had to keep reassuring her (like really, 50+ times) that they would sweep it up with a broom and throw it in the garbage later.  I think if they had handed her one, she would have gotten rid of it herself.  (SEE?  Teaching them housework is a good thing when they’re young!)  Or, maybe she inherited Mommy’s (self-diagnosed) OCD tendencies.

The end result?  A handsome little boy gets even more handsome!!!

Although by this time he was chanting “down, down, down” because he was afraid the blow dryer was going to reappear.  🙂 

As a side-note, I like to front-load my kids.  If I know something potentially traumatic, or even something potentially fun is coming up in the next few days, I start telling them about it early.  This way, it’s not just sprung at them.  So, we had already been telling Will for the last couple of days that he and Daddy were going to get haircuts on Saturday.  Of course he doesn’t necessarily know what a haircut is, and he sure as hell doesn’t know when Saturday is coming.  However, I think they really appreciate being told about these things, especially if it involves a change in routine.

On the other hand, it can backfire.  Ariel was sobbing before nap yesterday.  It was difficult to make out what she was saying, but we finally got it.  Party.  Apparently I talked up the party we were going to a little too much and neglected to tell her it was AFTER nap.  Oops.  Oh well.  This is now.

THEN:  I’d like to think I didn’t change my eating habits that much when I was pregnant, but if I’m being honest with myself, that’s a lie. 

Some changes were for the better.  Tim started getting up earlier to make omelettes.  I wanted the protein, so the eggs and cheese were awesome.  Much better and more filling than anything I had been previously eating for breakfast, even oatmeal.  We would often have a little bit of bacon, or homemade breakfast sausage on the side.

 I started eating more, but healthy, snacks.  Mostly to make sure I wouldn’t get sick.  I was very lucky, I didn’t wake up nauseous, and I never vomited.  But about halfway through my morning I would start to feel sick to my stomach.  So, at mid-morning, out came the cheese and crackers.  The crackers were plain enough and the cheese was good protein.  It was the perfect remedy to get me through until lunchtime.  If I got busy during my mid-morning break and forgot to eat, my tummy would let me know it!  And I got that snack in me quick!

I would have my salad and fruit as normal for lunch.  A mid-afternoon snack usually consisted of pretzels or more crackers, or another piece of fruit.  I tried yogurt, but it made me sick to think about it, so that plan was scrapped. 

Here’s me, April 11, 2009:

Dinner was a bit of a different story.  Tim was still working a weird shift, so my parents (or sometimes friends) would take pity on me and my lack of cooking skills, and invite me to dinner.  So, I was eating my mom’s cooking, which isn’t bad but is a bigger portion that we would have made at home.  Or, we were going out.  More than likely it was the latter.  Not so bad, right?  Well, it was when I was ordering things I might not have; if I didn’t have my excuse in full force.  I really try not to eat fried foods, normally.  But I would find myself ordering chicken fingers or chicken finger subs.  I would order a taco sub and eat the entire thing, plus some french fries.  I wasn’t really making “good” food choices.  I still wasn’t gaining a ton of weight, and with my frequent doctor visits I would always ask.  I was doing fine.  I confessed my eating habits – I was doing fine.  Give your body what it needs and what it wants.  Ice cream sundaes almost every night?  Sure, you’re doing fine.  The babies are healthy.  You are healthy.  Everything is fine. 

Ice cream sundaes every night.  My dream come true.  A couple scoops of chocolate-peanut-butter ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce, peanut butter topping, nuts, banana (I was having horrible cramps in my legs so I was trying to get more potassium), and whipped cream.  I tried not to make them too big, I really did.  Ok, not every night.  But at least 2 – 3 times a week.  And the other days I would just have ice cream, no toppings.  I was doing fine.  Everyone is healthy.  Everything is fine.  That was then.