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Potties are Making Me Crazy(er)!

NOW: Oh my goodness, these kids have really gotten the hang of using the potty.  Or, they’ve really gotten the hang of manipulating Mommy for M&M’s, I’m not sure which.  For example, yesterday, they each only had 2 accidents.  But they each recieved like 70 M&M’s.  Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I’m just saying that comparative to how many times they peed, they only missed twice. 

I started making baby vegetables and dinner around 4:30.  The kids were eating their snack in their highchairs.  I usually make them sit in their chairs; #1 because I’m paranoid of choking, #2 because if they’re running around with the food then the dogs steal it (only because the kids hold it out to them), and #3 if they’re in their chairs they’re giving me some free time in the kitchen. 

I had 2 pots of water on to boil, with corn and peas.  I had also started making Tim’s snacks for his lunches for next week (I put them in individual containers and then he just grabs them to pack his lunch.)  So that stuff was all over the counter.  I also needed to get a skillet on the stove for my veggie burgers and the oven needed to be pre-heating for the french fries.  Then the twins were done with snack and running around.

And I was in the bathroom with them.

For an hour and half. 

They would go pee-pee.  Potty would play the music.  Twins and Mommy would clap and cheer. (Mommy less and less enthusiastically maybe).  Twins would ask for M&M!  We would dump the potties one at a time in the big toilet.  They would each help flush, and wave bye-bye to the pee-pee.  Mommy would help children get underwear and shorts back on and tell them to go play.  Mommy would wash out the potty bowls and put them back together, step out of the bathroom, and have twins rushing back towards her saying “potty, potty”.  And the process would start all over again.  They peed every time.  And not just a drop or two.  I don’t know if they just don’t get the idea of “holding it” a little bit yet, or if they’re just not old enough to “hold it”.

In between potty times Will was getting into mischief.  Either climbing on the couch, which is annoying because I don’t want him to have an pee-pee accident.  Plus, he fools around with all of the stuff on my end table.

He was finally calm for a couple minutes when I heard a strange sound.

And this is what I found.  At least the toilet lid was down, so none of it got wet.  I just bunched it all up on top of the roll so that it could be used the right way. 

In any case, I finally turned the oven on to pre-heat at 5:40.  We usually eat at 5:30.  Oh well.

It was after 6:00, I started serving up dinner, and Will came over to me (this was after his 15th M&M) and said “eat?”.  Yes, we’re eating soon, Mommy’s just getting your plate ready.  “Hungry” he says.  Hungry?  How can you possibly be hungry after all those M&M’s?????  

Grandma and Papa had come over the night before with a surprise.

Potty Time Elmo dolls!  They are SO cute!  Elmo talks and says he’s thirsty or needs a drink and you give him his sippy cup.  Then, a little while later, he tells you he has to go potty.  If you get him to his little potty on time, he sings a song and “flushes” the toilet.  If you don’t get him there on time, he says, “oops, Elmo had an accident, sorry, maybe next time, accidents happen!”.  They just loved them.  However, because we dump their little potties into the big potty, they thought Elmo’s little potty would need to be dumped.  I could just see the little potty, the Elmo, the sippy cup, or maybe all 3 ending up in the water.  So I convinced them they didn’t need to do that because Elmo flushes the potty on his own.  Phew.  It also came with a sticker chart and stickers, but with these kids they’d have it filled up in one day.  🙂  At least they’re excited.  And running back and forth to the bathroom is good exercise for me I guess.  This is now.

THEN:  I know it’s going backwards a bit, but I’m trying to write about what I remember from 2 years ago (or more) and my memory is normally fuzzy as it is.  So bear with me, please! 

I wanted to give more information about the internal sonograms at the fertility clinic.  I had never known such a thing existed.  My knowledge of sonograms was probably mostly gathered from TV shows where they put the jelly on the pregnant chick’s stomach and used the little wand to gently glide over it and show the picture on the screen.

An internal sonogram also shows pictures on the screen, but because they were looking for follicles on my ovaries, and follicles are much smaller than babies, they had to do it internally.  They just wouldn’t show up on a “normal” sonogram.  It wasn’t really uncomfortable, just a little weird at first.  They had this wand (kinda looks like a long dildo), and they’d put a latex cover on it (kinda like a condom), and then put jelly right on it.  Then, they put it inside the vaginal opening, but only a little bit, not very far. 

And what we could see on the screen with that thing was amazing!  We were looking at little itty bitty follicles that were only millimeters big.  In fact, they could even use the screen to measure them.  That’s how they were able to tell when I would (probably) ovulate.  When the follicle was big enough, it was ready to release an egg.  If I’m remembering correctly (don’t take my word for it), the follicle had to be about 14-15 mm and that was when my insemination would be scheduled for the next day, or sometimes the day after that.  So I’d go in for 3-4 sonograms in the week I was supposed to be fertile to measure the follicles until they got to the right size and then I’d have to go in for the insemination a different day.

It was craziness.  I used a lot of sick time/vacation time/personal time those 2 years.  I tried to schedule the sonograms as early in the morning as possible and then still try to make it to work on time, but sometimes those appointments just weren’t available and then I’d have to take a half-day.  Most of the time I went by myself to the sonograms and then Tim came for the inseminations.  He just couldn’t take off all of those days!  That was then.

Ready Or Not……

NOW:  I would have liked to have started sooner, but I had Staff Development Monday and Tuesday, we went to the zoo with Papa B on Thursday, we had a graduation party Saturday, and a Fourth-of-July party on Sunday (yes, I know it was the 3rd of July).  So we’re starting on Independence Day – how appropriate.

Do you know what this is?   Here’s a closer look:

BIG KID UNDERWEAR!  We’re diving right in.  The twins  are not strangers to the potty.

We’ve actually had the potties since February.  But we haven’t really been training with any consistancy.  If we need to change their diapers, we’ll put them on the potty while we’re there.  We put them on before bath.  But that’s about it.  Sometimes they will ask to go to the potty, especially now that M&M’s are involved.  Ariel especially is interested in the M&M’s (she’s my daughter all right!).  But, now that Mommy is off for the summer, and we have piles of Big Kid Underwear, we’re ready to go!  We’re just going to put them in the underwear and see what happens. 

I know they’re not even 2 yet, but they are very interested in the potty.  They love to watch Tim and I go potty (no shame here).  They love to help get toilet paper.  They love to flush.  They love to wave bye-bye to the pee-pee or poo-poo.  They love to wash their hands.  And….they HATE having wet/dirty diapers.  Especially Will, who seems to have sensitive skin.

I figure if we’re outside, and they have an accident, it’s no worse than what the dogs are putting on the lawn.  Plus, we have a hose.

If we’re inside, and they have an accident, we’re getting new rugs at the end of the summer anyway!  So, I’ll just Resolve it, or Spot Shot, or whatever cleaning product I have on-hand.  We’ll just have to work harder at keeping them off of the couch.  (Although…..hey, maybe this is a great excuse for a new couch!  I’ll just keep that little thought to myself for now.)

It’s not like I’m throwing all of our diapers away, either.  If we get sick of it, or it’s not working out, we’ll just go back to diapers….and just put them on the potty every hour or so to get them more used to it.  But (for now) I kinda like the idea of getting them out of their comfort zone in hopes that this will make them realize when they need to go potty. 

A lot of articles I’ve read on the subject said to have them pick out their own underwear, and this is the first question I’ve been asked lately when I’ve told other moms my plan.  I didn’t do this.  I know what they like (Elmo and Mickey/Minnie), and I just bought them a couple packs of “cool” underwear and the rest “plain”.  I also got some new shorts to have handy.  I wrapped up the cool underwear in gift wrap and after they open their gifts, we’re going to have a POTTY PARTY!!!!! 

Wish them luck!  This is now.

Question: How did you/how will you potty train your kids?

THEN:  My pregnancy was one of the best times of my life.  I couldn’t wait to be pregnant and when I was, I just enjoyed every minute of it.  (Besides the sleeping/lack of sleeping, but that’s another day).  There was only once that I kind-of-almost-really-super-duper-regretted getting pregnant, being pregnant, and, especially, the drugs I used to get pregnant.

I was at school (I’m a teacher) and it was the year I taught third grade.  (I’ve jumped around quite a bit).  It was twoards the end of the day.  There was a teacher’s aide that worked across the hall from me in the copy room.  She was my savior – I would pop over, she would watch my class, I could go to the bathroom!!!!  If you’re not a teacher, you don’t understand what it’s like to  not go to the bathroom especially when you’re pregnant.

Anyway.  I wasn’t really feeling well.  I had eaten normally, it was only April, so I wasn’t huge yet.  It was hot though, hot for April anyway.  I was uncomfortable.  I really really needed to go to the bathroom.  For a while.  Now, not only is my belly upset, I’m sweating, but now I’m paranoid that something’s wrong with my babies.  So, I pop across the hall.

April 18, 2009:

Let me pause and tell you about Marilynn.  She was my at-work mommy for a while.  Not only would she run to my room to watch my kids, knowing when I had to “go”, but she just looked out for me in general.  I was supposed to get eggs as part of a science unit.  We incubated them and they hatched into chicks.  She called me one morning, all in a panic, telling me I needed to call the Science department right away before the eggs came!  Why?  She wasn’t sure it was a good idea to have them in my room while I was pregnant.  She was very worried.  If I didn’t call, she would.  I called, they said it was fine.  She was relieved, but also told me SHE would handle them if necessary.   

So, it also smelled a little funny in my classroom because of the baby chicks, who had hatched by then. 

I ran over to the copy room, she took one look at my face and knew something was wrong.  “I just don’t feel good”, I told her hurriedly.  I didn’t even wait for her to get to my classroom before sprinting to the bathroom.  Once there, I was doubled over in pain.  My stomach felt like it was going to rip apart.  I went to the bathroom; it didn’t help.  I made it back to my classroom, because I had to.

I told Marilynn about my problem.  She said I better ask my principal if I could leave right after buses.  And I needed to call the doctor (still at the fertility clinic) right away.  If I didn’t call, she would.  She ignored my protests, “no, I’m fine”, “we have a faculty meeting today”, “I’ll wait and see if I feel better when I go home and lay down”.  She forced me to call the doctor.  While waiting for him to call me back, I told my remaining students (it was dismissal time by now) that I really didn’t feel good.  I put my head down on my desk and rubbed my aching mid-section.  What was wrong?  Something horrible?  Were my babies ok?  Was I ok?  I tried to tell the twins through my thoughts that they were ok, it will be ok, you’re ok, Mommy’s ok”.  I hoped they were telepathic.

Doctor called back – come in to the office – but it’s probably **just** a burst follicle.  Really?  This is the worst pain of my entire life……but yes, I will come in, just to be safe.  Wait.  Tim is out of town on business.  I didn’t know if I had a ride.  I will call back.  They said they would wait for me.  I obviously sounded panicky.

I got permission to leave after my class was gone.  Several people I passed offered to give me a ride home.  No, I just needed to be by myself.  I considered it though, wondering if I could/should drive.  But I live very close.  I made it home.  On the way I used my (hands-free) phone to call Tim and leave a message asking what I should do.  The doctor didn’t seem worried.  Tim didn’t answer, so I left a calm (?) message.  Then, I went in and laid on the couch, because I was convinced this would be the trick.  I almost fell off of it because I was literally writhing in pain.  I called my dad and mom – could they come and get me, nothing to worry about, just the worst pain of my life, no big deal, everything’s fine, I just need to go to the doctor.  I had to hunt them down on their cell phones.  They were kind of far away, but they got to my house in about 20 minutes.  The doctor said they’d wait for me to get there even though it would be after closing.

By the time my parents got there, it was no longer the worst pain of my life, but it was still bad.  And I was still worried.  They insisted I go, even though I said I didn’t need to.  I sat in the front.  I could barely keep my eyes open, I was worn out from the pain.  When I got there, the nurse and the doctor ushered me into the back for an internal sonogram.  Yes, *just* a burst follicle.  It might be sore for a few more hours.  Babies were fine.  I was fine.  Just a burst follicle.  Just the worst pain of my life, over.  I think I walked around on my tiptoes for the next few days…..just to make sure nothing got jostled, put out of place, or burst.  But, the worst pain of my life, the only “bad” thing of my pregnancy, was over.  That was then.

Patriotic Piggies

NOW:  Can I tell you how glad I am to have a daughter AND a son?  People often say to me “oh, a boy and a girl, how perfect.  Are you done now?”  Which is kind of presumptuous.  But also kind of true.  I think because they are of the opposite sex, they are already very well-rounded in gender-based activities.  But, part of that is Ariel being a girlie-girl. 

See her little red toenails?  I had to get a picture of them while she was in her swing.  When she was on the ground she kept running away saying “no, no, no”, but in a cute, teasing voice, not a tantrum voice.

I had been thinking about painting her nails for a while now.  What better time than 4th of July?  Nice red for the holiday.  I was going to do them red and blue, like mine. 

  But, I wanted to see how she reacted first.  I asked her this morning if she wanted me to paint her toenails.  She said yes.  I didn’t know why because I don’t think she knew what I was talking about, but she’s pretty agreeable.  I didn’t even have mine painted yet to show her an example.

  I painted them for her while she was in her highchair, having snack.  I figured this way her hands were busy holding crackers and stuffing her mouth.  Less likely to touch them.  I painted her big toe first and asked her if she liked it.  “More, more” was the reply, while pointing to her remaining toes.  So, I finished them up, and told her she couldn’t touch or they’d smudge.  And she didn’t!  Once she was ready to get out of her chair, they were dry.  She showed Will, who immediately touched them and smiled.  I thought, “uh-oh, here we go, he’s gonna want some too.”  But he didn’t.  Even after Mommy painted her own toenails too.  I figured worst-case-scenario if he REALLY threw a fit I had some clear polish that might have satisfied him and no one would ever know.  I should have known better, really.  The boy acts like I’m shoving bamboo shoots up his fingernails when all I’m doing is clipping them.  So he probably wouldn’t want any extra attention bestowed on his piggies.

Poor Will had to play by himself in the sandbox though.  Ariel didn’t want to get her toesies dirty.  See?  Girlie-girl.  🙂  She’s all ready to party this weekend!!! 

ALSO: I lost 2 lbs. on the Wii Fit last night!  Meeting and beating my goal of 5 lbs in a month!  YAY!!!  I think it’s all the extra running around after the twins.  And, eating less because it’s hot.  And going back to dessert after dinner, not after exercising.  However, I am often STARVING after exercising.  Here’s our schedule: eat dinner, have dessert, play with twins, baths for twins, put twins to bed, exercise, relax on the couch, bed.  We don’t want to have our dessert/snack too close to bedtime, but should we be eating after exercising???  This is now.

Question:  Should I snack after exercising even if it’s only a couple hours before I go to bed?

THEN:  April 5, 2009

Ok, I don’t often go around showing off a naked belly, so it’s hard to compare this picture to what my belly looks like normally.  That being said, I already felt HUGE.  And I’m only 2 months pregnant!  Look, I had to wear my pajama pants below my waistline.  Pajama pants.  So, maybe I went a little overboard with the eating at first.  I don’t know.  The doctors didn’t seem concerned – I was carrying multiples after all!  I was expected to gain a little more. 

I still couldn’t exercise.  Those extra follicles that had gotten so enlarged from the injectable fertility drugs were still enlarged and likely would be for a few more months.  I couldn’t believe it.  A small price to pay, but it made me nervous.  Thinking that the follicle, or even my whole ovary, could burst or twist?  Not good.  So I was taking it easy with the workouts.  Very easy.  But, I was told to, so it’s not like I was really being lazy.  I was trying to follow the doctor’s orders to a “t”, which included no working out, no sex, and some “no-no” foods.  After working so hard to get what I wanted, I didn’t want to screw it up by eating blue cheese or a hot dog or something stupid.  I was a little paranoid probably.  But I wasn’t taking any chances. 

I got on the Wii Fit to weigh myself a few more times.  It was funny because when you gain weight, it asks you to pick a reason.  There’s no “pregnant” option.  So, the computer kept trying to motivate me to lose weight and reach my goal.  Stupid computer.  🙂 

It was kind of frustrating because I was so used to exercising.  I had really started to like it.  The way I felt so good afterwards.  Plus, it was just part of my routine now.  I knew I was supposed to gain weight, duh, so that part didn’t bother me.  Just the feeling that there was something I enjoyed doing that I couldn’t do anymore.  I was also really worried that once I had stopped, I would stop for good.  It would just be continuous excuses and I would end up never getting back into that routine again.  It was a valid concern.  It had been so many years that I would tell myself to exercise and not do it, or do it inconsistantly.  It had only been a year since I had started regularly exercising.  Only a year that it had been part of my routine.  Only a year since I realized I actually enjoyed it.  And it would be over 9 months to forget all of those feelings and go back to the lazy, excuse-ridden feelings that I had had for most of my teenage/adult years.  So, I tried not to let go of that feeling.  I waited for the day when those follicles were back to normal size and maybe I’d exercise a little towards the later half of my pregnancy so I didn’t forget.  That was then.

Free at Last!

NOW: It’s my first real day of summer vacation!  YAY!!  Monday and Tuesday I had staff development, so I wasn’t really ‘off’ until today.  And it’s kinda cool outside 😦  But that’s ok.  Yesterday my friend Katie baby sat the twins while I was at my school-stuff.  They must have had a ball!  After she left, they kept asking for her.  I told them we’d see Katie Sunday at Uncle Steve’s party.  Then, like 3 hours later, at bathtime, I asked if they had fun with Katie today (because they were SO DIRTY from playing outside!)  They said, “Katie….Sunday…..Steve’s”.  They remembered!!  Wow. 

They picked some flowers for me while I was gone.

They were being very silly last night at dinner. 


When I asked Will what he was doing with his strawberry, he told me “mustache”.  What a word for a 22-month old kid.  I was laughing so hard, Tim yelled from upstairs to ask what I was laughing at.  I recently read an article that quoted a study.  The study had found that people who had kids did not say their kids made them happier on a daily basis.  I wish I could have been a part of this study – I would have skewed their numbers.  These little ones make me laugh SO much, and make me so happy to be their mommy. 

After dinner Will and Daddy were kicking the ball around the living room.  Ariel was making soup using a bucket and a shovel and feeding it to everyone – Mommy, Daddy, Will, Biscuit, Griffin, and various stuffed animals.

It was delicious!  I ate way too much!  A great chef, like her daddy.  🙂 

This morning they asked for toast for breakfast.  Will’s got a little mangled when he decided he’d rather have Cheerios.

Oh well.  I had frozen waffles with peanut butter, and a nice, big cup of coffee in my Tigger mug.

  I really have to start being more creative with my breakfasts this summer.  I see so many great ideas on other blogs.  I need to just write down what to buy and just buy it!  And just make it!  Especially because Tim leaves for work before I get up, so he doesn’t have to eat what I eat.  (Heaven forbid that boy eat extra fruit!)  Plus, I just have more time.  I’m not rushing to get the kids and myself ready to leave for Papa’s and work.  So, that will be my goal for myself next week; different breakfasts.

After breakfast, we played.  First the twins played with Dance Star Mickey and their boppy penguin.

Then, they spread out a couple of towels and blankets and we had a pretend picnic.  They invited Mommy, the doggies, the Sesame Street guys, the Princesses, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Rex, and various other animals.  They served water, tea, strawberries, blueberries, and cupcakes.  They thought of all of these things themselves, I just provided some plastic bowls and plates. 


I also helped peel the wrappers off of their cupcakes.  I had one myself, too, of course. 

  When the bowls were empty – *this is how you know apparently* – all of the guys went home.  The twins and I had a “real” snack at the kitchen table – goldfish crackers and stars (Gerber puffs – the only “baby” snack they still request) and juice.  I usually use Apple Juice or White Grapefruit Juice mixed half with water.  We’re going to experiment with other juices soon.  Then, we watched Sesame Street.  Their favorite part is Elmo’s World.  I was singing along with the theme song “Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayon too”, and paused.  Ariel, my little songbird, sings “That’s Elmo’s World”.  I was shocked.  🙂   Then, they turned into zombies for about 10 minutes, which is why we don’t watch too much TV.

They were celebrating Dorothy’s birthday on the episode, which was funny because it’s Biscuit’s Birthday too!  (Did ya read the **bad** poem I wrote to her earlier, did ya, did ya??).  Then, we went for a cool, windy walk with their stuffed puppies in the wagon.  This is now.

Questions:  If your kid decides he/she doesn’t want what’s served, do you give them something else?  Always?

What would you suggest for my breakfasts next week?

THEN:  When I first got pregnant I found out through a blood test at the fertility doctor’s office.  Then, they had me come back a couple of days later to recheck my numbers.  They had pretty much quadrupled.  They should have just doubled.  What did this mean?  I started self-diagnosing, as pretty much anyone with Internet access does, and I called my friend, Leslie the Nurse.  I found out, and she thought too, that it COULD mean multiples.  Yippee!!!  But I had to wait for my sonogram appointment to find out for sure.

I went back to the fertility clinic about a week later for the internal sonogram.  They weren’t even sure that they would be able to see anything by that point because it was still so early, but they were going to try.  Two.  Two fertilized eggs.  I figured myself to be just about the luckiest person in the world!!  How exciting!  I was having twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They were each smaller than a grain of rice at that point.  That was then.

Baby Food

NOW: I mentioned in a previous post about veggies steaming on the stove.  I wanted to share a little about what we feed the kids.  I really buy in to the motto that Gerber has going right now: Start Healthy, Stay Healthy.  I am not the most healthiest person in the world.  I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, I eat too many snacks.  I’m trying to be better.  I want my kids to be better.  So far, it’s working out pretty well.  For them, anyway.  A lot of moms I know or have seen on blogs or message boards feed their kids what they eat.  It’s simpler.  And if you’re a healthy-eating mom, it works out well.

According to statistics, kids are not getting anywhere near enough fruits and vegetables.  Like 80% of kids under 2.  I think you’ve got to get ’em when they’re young!  They don’t know any better.  And they have to eat what you give them!  Of the kids that do get vegetables daily – the number 1 veggie consumed?  French Fries.  Vegetables already not that high in vitamins, dunked in oil and made crispy.  Now, I happen to absolutely love french fries.  So do the twins.  There’s nothing wrong with french fries.  Unless it’s the child’s main/only vegetable. 

 It’s true what they say too; you have to keep trying.  When the twins were really little, just trying out solid foods, we tried many different things.  Mushrooms were one thing that did not go over too well.  We kept making them, like every other week, and we kept offering them (along with other veggies we knew they already liked).  We tried them a lot and still no takers.  However, when they got a little older, around a year and a half, I had mushroom pizza.  They wanted to try it.  Lo and behold!  They liked the mushrooms and will usually eat them now.  Or pancakes.  For the longest time they would not eat pancakes.  Or Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.  Or grilled cheese sandwiches.  But I kept making these things week after week.  I tried putting them into different shapes – like strips instead of little bites, or triangles instead of rectangles.  It took a lot of patience.  Now, they will usually eat these things also.  Especially pancakes.  Especially with just a tiny bit of “dip! dip!” (maple syrup).  And if they didn’t eat the main dish I was offering, they still had their vegetables and fruit to eat.  I threw out a lot, or saved it for another day, another try.  But it’s worth it (so far). 

At my house, I still make the kids “baby food”.  We never bought jarred baby food.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but making our own insured that we knew what went into it, what portions we wanted, and saved us a TON of money.   We would steam the vegetables once a week and them puree them to the consistency we wanted, either using the food processor or the stick blender. (That one is just an example of what I’m talking about.)  This is basically what we still do today.  But without the puree-ing.  Once a week, I take 4-6 different kinds of vegetables, chop them up (if necessary), and steam them.

(Organic) Sweet Potatoes


Frozen Peas

I put them into plastic containers to cool before covering and putting in the refrigerator.  Then, for lunch and dinner I portion out 2 different vegetables, microwave them, and serve them to the kids.  They eat 4 servings of vegetables this way.  Sometimes more, because they will often ask for more veggies.  Then, whatever vegetable Tim and I have for dinner that night, they get some also.  (Ariel is a HUGE fan of asparagus).  They will also get a side salad if we have one; lettuce and tomatoes with a little bit of salad dressing.  Even when we go to restaurants or someone else’s house, I usually bring their veggies just in case they won’t like/eat whatever there is available.

Baby Carrots and Frozen Corn - steamed and in containers

For lunch, they also get a meat – and again, I only make this once a week and then refrigerate it.  I try to rotate between Organic Chicken thighs, Grass-fed ground Lamb, and Turkey. 
For dinner, their “main dish” is whatever Tim and I are eating.  Or, if it’s something that we don’t have enough of because we bought it already portioned, or if it’s something the twins don’t like, they get something else.  But we always make them try whatever we’re having.  There’s an Elmo’s World episode that helps with this – Elmo says you always have to try everything twice to see if you like it!  Some alternative dinners are waffles, blueberry waffles, strawberry waffles, pancakes, or pasta.  
Dessert is fruit.  Now, again, I don’t abide by this myself usually, so my kids are healthier than I.  But they need it more than me.  In the winter I bought frozen fruit and defrosted a few different kinds once a week.  For now, I buy fresh and just pull out and wash what they want.  They usually ask for blueberries (they say it “babies”, so we joke with them about being cannibals).  They also really like pineapple, strawberries, banana, cherries, watermelon, kiwi; anything really.  The one thing they won’t eat is raspberries and blackberries.  I think it’s the texture more than the taste.  They get “treats” sometimes too.  They love freezie pops, popsicles.  I found these really yummy fruit popsicles.  Del Monte Fruit Chillers Freeze and Eat – they’re not in the freezer section though, they’re in with the canned fruit/veggies and you freeze them yourself.  We love them and so do the twins.  And they contain real fruit!  Cherry, grape or strawberry.  Perfect on a hot summer day.  This is now.
THEN:  On February 19, 2009 I went for a bloodtest.  I hadn’t gotten my period yet (yay?), but I hadn’t taken an at-home pregnancy test either.  Tim was getting pretty good at keeping track of my monthly cycle by now.  I was going to just go for the blood test without telling him.  Negatively, because if I wasn’t pregnant again I wanted to deal by myself for a while.  Positively, because if I was pregnant I thought I could surprise him.  He knew, however, when I was supposed to go.  We both went.  We took the day off again.  It was nerve-wracking waiting for the phone call from the nurse.  We got breakfast sandwiches from Tim Hortons and brought them home.  We waited.  We watched some TV.  We waited.  We did some light housework.  We waited.  We ate lunch.  We waited.  We watched more TV.  We waited.  We did some mild step aerobics on the Wii Fit (I was still taking it easy so my enlarged follicles didn’t burst or twist).  The phone rang.  I ran upstairs to answer it by myself.  I knew who it was (thank goodness for/curse; caller ID).  I was shaking.  I barely made it up the stairs. 
I’m shaking even now, typing this and remembering.
I was pregnant.  The bloodtest was positive.  A lot positive.  Like high numbers.  No chance of not being pregnant (I asked several times).  Congratulations!  Come back in for bloodwork in two days to recheck the levels.  For real?  For real. 
I took a deep breath and grabbed Tim’s You’re-Going-To-Be-A-Daddy gift.  I already had it in a gift bag (I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT). 
I ran back downstairs still shaking.  He knew.  Before I even said anything, of course he knew.  He hugged me and we both cried.  I never saw him cry before and I never have since.  We hugged and hugged and cried and cried.  I was supposed to go out to dinner with friends in a few hours, but we needed to go shopping first.
We went and found each of our parents a “grandparent” frame.  We made a Build-A-Frog for my sister, and a Build-A-Monkey for his.  They were each holding a toy bottle and rattle.  We went to his parents’ house and had his mom open the gift.  They were so (obviously) excited.  She didn’t ‘get’ it right away.  His sister came home.  We gave her the monkey.  She screamed.  Tim’s mom ran upstairs to get ME a gift.  A Valentine’s Day bib.  The psychic had said by Valentine’s Day.  Only a little late.
We went on to my parents’ house.  My mom and dad were crying.  My sister was at work so we went there next.  She was excited. 
None of our family had really known what we had gone through.  We didn’t want criticism.  We didn’t want them to worry.  We didn’t want questions or comments.  They knew we were trying.  They knew we were going to a doctor.  They knew I was on some sort of medication.  They weren’t sure what they thought about that.  So, it was better not to give them too many details.  Besides, who really wants to talk about your sex life with your parents?  That was then.