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Do you AC?

NOW: So, I haven’t been running.  I liked running in the morning, but then Tim wasn’t doing anything for exercise but the walk with the twins and it’s not really enough.  So, we decided to give up the walks, unless we have extra time, and go back to the Wii Fit.  Which means I gave up the running because I was not going to do two strenuous workouts a day, especially when one involved getting my butt out of bed at 4:30. 

So far though, it’s much better as far as weight loss.  I have lost weight each day that I’ve got on the scale.  So that’s good. 

Plus, we eat our dessert/snack earlier, which is good also.  Mentally, I’d rather have my snack after exercising and showering while I’m relaxing on the couch.  But then we go to bed only about an hour later.  I figure it’s probably not good to eat that soon before bed.  So, we eat our snack right after dinner.  Just a little extra something, a little treat.  However, my ice cream intake has been severely limited.  Tim had originally decreed every other day at the most (he has to help me control myself).  Then, he relented because it’s hot out and we can have ice cream every night.  Now, he’s back to his original thought; much to my dismay.  This past week though, I’ve only had ice cream once!  Go me!  Maybe that’s why the number on the scale has been going down.  I’m not going to admit that to him though.  Let him come to his own conclusions.  I still usually have something cold though – sorbet, or a fudgsicle, or a frozen fruit pop.  But, it’s summer, right?

Plus, we still haven’t turned on the air conditioning.  By now, if we haven’t caved, we won’t.  I had promised I wouldn’t unless the twins were having trouble sleeping, but they’re not.  We did buy fans for their rooms though.  I am SO glad for this.  We usually get a nice breeze going through the house so in the morning the first thing I do is throw open all of the windows and doors downstairs.  The windows upstairs are usually open all night, unless I think it’s a little too chilly for the twins’ rooms and then I sneak in and close theirs.  I would so much rather have the fresh air after being cooped up all fall, winter, and spring.  I think it’s probably healthier too – not the same ol’ stale air we’ve been breathing for nine months.  Plus, I love the heat.  I would so much rather be hot than cold.  I can always turn a fan on.  I would take a 90 degree day over a 30 degree anytime.  That’s why we like to go to Florida in the summer…..even though everyone thinks we’re crazy.  This is now.

QUESTION: A/C vs. Open Windows?  Which do you prefer?  Which do you do?

THEN:  We have only turned the air conditioner on in our house 3 times. 

Once was the first year we had the house.  We had planned a trip to Washington D.C. but we were going to drive all night.  So, the night before we stayed up as late as possible, and then woke up early the next day, intending to sleep in the afternoon.  It was so unbearably hot and sticky in our room that we decided to go try and nap downstairs.  It was too sunny.  We decided to just turn on the air so we could sleep and then turn it off before we left that night.  Then, when we got back there were a couple of nights that were ridiculously hot, so we turned the air on a few nights and turned it back off in the mornings.  Bad idea.  It took so much energy to get the house cooled down to the right temperature so many times, that our electric bill that month was ENORMOUS!  We vowed never again.

The year I was pregnant.  Everyone kept telling me “aren’t you lucky, it’s such a mild summer.”  Well then, I would have been REALLY uncomfortable in a hot summer!  The temps were a little lower than normal, and it was a pretty rainy summer.  But I was a sweat-box.  Especially at school (no, schools around Buffalo do not have Air Conditioning – at least not my district!)  Most of the time, from April – August, I had to sit to teach because I was so out of breath and uncomfortably warm.  I teach summer school too, which is only like 3 hours in the morning.  By the end, I’d go right home and take a cool shower.  So, around May, I decided I needed the A/C on at home.  After that, it was much better.  I would take a nap after school and be very comfortable – as long as I had a fan blowing on me also.  I would wear the same 2 maternity skirts and a handful of maternity tank tops over and over.  I know most people do this, but I couldn’t stand to wear my shorts, or a sleeve longer than a tank.  I was also having major swelling in my ankles and wrists by the end of the day, so I relaxed in the A/C a lot.  But, I was supposed to be relaxing anyway.

The first summer we had the twins was the only other time that we decided to put the A/C on.  They were sleeping through the night by then (finally, Will) and we didn’t want to mess with that by having it be too hot and uncomfortable.  Plus, we kept their doors closed at night (otherwise they wake each other up), so it gets even warmer without the A/C.  We didn’t want to give up our sleep because of being uncomfortable either.  So, we had it on. 

When I was in my early teens my parents had Central Air installed.  My sister and I would be walking around in sweatshirts and pants and socks, not even realizing how warm it really was outside.  Even then, we would also be covered in a blanket watching TV or whatever.  Our mom would get on our cases about not using the pool.  Well, why would you feel the need to go cool off when you were already cold enough?  Plus, if you’re cold inside you figure it must be cool outside.  When we would leave the house, we would have to run back in and change into summer clothes – like, oh, it IS warm out here, huh?  So, that’s why I have promised myself not to use the air conditioning at my house unless it would become an absolute necessity.  That was then.