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Accidents and Animals

NOW: Yesterday we went to the zoo again, this time with Mema (I’m SO glad I got that membership!)  I had been debating what I wanted to do about the whole underwear/diaper conundrum.  We had only done underwear for a day, but they were SO excited about it and I wanted to keep it going.  However, they don’t really understand yet to tell me before they have to go.  Which means I have to do a really-really-really good job of trying to guess when they might go.  Which means going to the potty like every half-hour.  At least.  Which is annoying enough fine at home, but was going to be a pain in the neck at the zoo, especially because I wasn’t by myself and I would feel bad dragging Mema to the bathroom so much. 

So, I decided to do underwear.  (I am totally insane).  I brought the wagon instead of the stroller so that if there was an accident they’d be peeing on plastic, not cloth.  I put waterproof pads for them to sit on in their carseats.  I brought TONS of underwear and shorts, but also diapers.  The backpack on the back of the wagon was also full of shorts and underwear.  And lunch.

After they ate breakfast, I had them try to go to the potty before we left.  They both peed.  YAY!!!  Good to go.  I put the bag in the car and started the car so it wouldn’t be so hot. 

I came back to the house to get a kid. 

Will told me “poo-poo, poo-poo” and went running to the bathroom.  I could already smell that it was too late.  Poo-poo was in the underwear.  (The underwear actually held it!  It didn’t even get on his shorts!)  So, we had to change, get cleaned up, get new underwear.  OK.  Now, let’s put Will in the car.  OK. 

Then I came back to get Ariel, who was standing by the front door, legs slightly spread apart, with pee running down her leg.  So, we had to change, get cleaned up, get new underwear.  OK.  Now we can go.

They stayed dry all the way to the zoo, and then I tried to make them go potty before we left the parking lot.  I put the potty in the back of the car and sat them both on it.  No pee-pee.  OK. 

We walked into the zoo.  The elephants weren’t going to be out today.  The otters were sleeping in a log.  The sea lion was swimming around for a little bit, but then he went inside.  But the polar bears were out!!  YAY!!

These kids are obsessed with the polar bears.  They didn’t even care about the Spectacled Bear this time.  And they were thrilled that one of the polar bears was swimming.

The ENTIRE TIME I kept stopping every 20 seconds to see if they were wet.  So we decided to stop for a potty break…….we had only been there for 30 minutes.  I brought Will in first.  I had brought in the seat of the potty, which snaps onto a big toilet.  We did this, I sat him down, he was a little unsure.  Then someone pushed the dryer button and we were “all bun (done) all bun all bun down down down down down down down all bun”.  Ok, I didn’t want to freak the kid out, so we went back out to the wagon.  I sat him down.  He peed.  So, out came the diapers.  I took Ariel in to try first, but then put her in a diaper also.  If I had been by myself, or even with Tim, I would have dealt with it, but I felt really bad taking all that time away from Tim’s mom.  So, diapers for the zoo for today.  It’s ok.  It’s not giving up.  (right?).  Tim said at least I tried.

  The Rhino was also swimming, much to the delight of the little ones. 

The twins definitely had a good time.  Plus, with Mema, they always get a souvenier.  I figured Mema would come out of the gift shop with a polar bear, after seeing how much the twins liked them.  Instead, she came out with……nothing.  She wanted them to pick.  Oh boy. 

We took the kids into the shop and they immediately spotted the polar bears and shouted “bears bears!”  But, that wasn’t good enough for Mema.  She proceeded to give them a choice of 4 different stuffed animals.  Well, of course, not-quite-2-year-olds don’t realize you’re giving them a choice.  They think you’re just giving them what you’re holding out.  So, we came home with……..

Actually, that’s not entirely true.  We came home with 2 of each of these…..but I took this pic during nap, and Ariel insisted on having all of her animals in her crib with her.  I had her bring them back down later.  Thank you Mema!  (and, I hope you’re bringing a toybox as their next gift).  🙂  This is now.

THEN:  By Week 16 of my pregnancy I had already had 6 sonograms.  I know, so lucky, right?  You’re jealous, you know it!  Week 12 and 16 were at the high-risk doctor at the hospital because I had been released from the fertility clinic.  At week 12, they said next time they might be able to tell the sex of the babies, but they weren’t making any guarantees because it would still be early.

I went into the Week 16 sonogram figuring I’d be able to find out the sexes.  I’m optimistic.  Everyone always says (well, maybe not everyone) that they don’t care “what” the baby (or babies) is, just that it’s healthy.  Totally true.  Totally true. 

Except that I really wanted a boy and a girl.  Really.  Because in my head, that would probably mean we’d be done.  I had always wanted a boy and girl.  Some people are girl mommies (my mom – I don’t know what a boy of hers would have turned out like), some people are boy mommies, some people are both.  There is no right or wrong and this is not meant to be nasty, even to my mom.  I really felt like I was both.  I could be girlie with a girl and rough-and-tumble with a boy.  Tim and I wanted 2 kids, maybe 3.  But if we could get our boy and girl on the first shot, maybe we’d be done. 

 At the same time, I was so enjoying being pregnant that I had it in my mind that we’d have another one anyway…..just so I could be pregnant again.  We had our 2 kids, but I was only getting 1 pregnancy – so maybe we’d have a third child someday so that I could experience another pregnancy.  But still, if we had a boy and a girl this time then the pressure would be off for next time.

So, I laid down on the table, got jelly on my belly, and the poking and prodding began.  The technician really wanted to find those baby parts!  She found the boy first.  There it was, clear as day!  It was so exciting!!  She examined him first before moving onto the other.  We got to see his lungs, his kidneys, his belly, and his heart.  We even got to see little red and blue lines indicated blood going to and from his heart.  What an awesome experience.  I got to see my little boy’s blood rushing, and his heart beating.  They checked all of the valves and made sure there were no little holes or anything.  He was perfect.  I think I was holding my breath most of the time.  I needed him to be fine and I didn’t even realize I was worried until I saw that he was fine.

Next, she moved onto the other baby.  Crossed legs.  Crossed legs.  POKE POKE POKE.  Crossed legs.  OK, we’ll just move onto the other organs.  Again, I held my breath.  Lungs, kidneys, belly, heart.  Blood rushing correctly, no signs of any abnormalities or concerns.  Exhale.  Were the legs still crossed?  Nope……definitely a girl.  I didn’t realize how clearly that would come across on a sonogram.  I mean, a boy  has something to show right?  I kinda thought a girl would just have nothingness.  Nope, there were definite girlie-parts visible. 

It was breathtaking.  Knowing that, at least for now, my little extensions-of-myself were healthy.  I had two healthy babies.  In that moment, I knew that that really was the important thing.  Healthy babies.  Being truthful though……I was also ecstatic knowing I had a little boy and a little girl inside of my belly.  That was then.

We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

NOW:  Yesterday we played outside on a very windy day!  Just for a little while because it was actually chilly.  But after hanging out inside all morning, the twins were ready to go “OUT”.  Ariel picked flowers and gave them to Mommy.

Then, we all drew with chalk.  We have a concrete slab in our backyard that our shed used to be on.  We are building a new shed this summer, but until then it’s the perfect place for chalk!  This was like an epiphany for me.  Going in the front is kinda nerve-racking, especially since Will doesn’t really want to sit still and do chalk for as long as Ariel.  So keeping him happy in the front is harder because there’s the “street factor”.  In the back, he would wander away when he got a little bored and then come back.

I was on my own again for dinner, so I re-heated some beans and rice in the microwave for myself with a couple pieces of bread and a tall glass of pink lemonade Kool-Aid (made with Splenda so I don’t feel guilty about the calories/sugar). 

I also used a little bit of spray butter on my bread.  The twins had peanut butter and jelly strips and Ariel actually ATE THEM!!!  Yay for Mommy’s persistance.  Will ate the jelly off the bread – an accomplishment for him. 


They also had carrots and peas and some of Mommy’s beans and rice (mostly the beans – toot toot!!!)

This morning we had plans to go to the zoo with Papa B.  He had mentioned it a couple of weeks ago because he had off for an extended holiday weekend.  I dressed them in coordinating outfits for our trip.  Ariel in a lovely zebra print, and Will in a lion-themed ensemble.

They were watching me as I loaded up the car.  Stoller, diaper bag, food bag, drink bag, Mommy’s purse, and a blanket to sit on while we ate lunch.  They were VERY excited!  Don’t let anyone tell you that kids don’t remember things.  They do.  They haven’t been to the zoo in probably a month (I have a membership to our Buffalo Zoo).  But yesterday, when Mema stopped by she asked them what they were going to see at the zoo.  They responded “animals”.  I think she was shocked.  I know I was. 

Looking at the Kodiak Bear.  The bears and any water, are their favorite things at the zoo.  They kept asking to come back to the bears.   We got there pretty early so it wasn’t too crowded at first.  I love, love, love my stoller by the way.  I could write a whole blog post just on that.  And I get TONS of compliments on it!

Kodiak Bear


The highlight of the trip for me, anyway) was the Gorillas.  There’s a new baby, and the whole family, Daddy, Mommy and Baby, were all walking around and laying near the glass.  The baby was even playing peek-a-boo, which the twins thought was hilarious!  They kept yelling “MOMMY, BABY, DADDY” and pointing to the different gorillas.

Awwww…..look at the baby!  So cute!  The lion was also pretty active.  He kept pacing back and forth.  The twins were roaring at him.

We also saw some Golden Lion Tamarins that were jumping all around and swinging from branches.

Polar bears again:

And a Sea Lion that kept swimming around.

We had a nice picnic lunch.  The seagulls were trying to be very friendly, which the twins enjoyed. 

Then we let the twins walk around a bit.  They were getting tired of sitting in the stroller.  So Papa pushed the empty stroller while I held hands.  There were a few things we had skipped because the twins would need to walk into them anyway, so it was easier than getting them in and out and in and out.

First we stopped by the Rainforest exhibit.  We saw scarlet Ibis.  And the twins LOVE touching the waterfall.   We’re going to have to take them to Niagara Falls soon. 


Then we went to the duck pond, where they also had some swans.  There was a mesh “cage”, but the ducks got really close, so the twins loved that.

Then we went to the petting zoo part, which used to be really cool when I was a kid, but I guess someone decided it was too dangerous to just have kids and animals running around in a pen together.  So, it’s a little more controlled.  And we only got to pet the sheep.  I always tell the twins “pet it nice”, so now whenever they want to pet something they ask “nice?”. 

On the way out, they asked to see the bears again, so we made a detour to see the polar bears for the third time.  But hey, we’re here for the kids right?  Who cares if they wanted to see them again!

Them kept yelling “swim” “wa-wa” “bears”.  But apparently the bears were not interested in swimming at that time.  Our last stop was the elephant because he wasn’t there when we came in.  By then, the twins were TIRED OUT!  They fell asleep in the car before we left the parking lot.

So, therefore, it must have been a good day!  Good thing Mommy got a membership.  We’ll go back next week!  A lot of people don’t like our Buffalo Zoo, and I have to admit, I have been to bigger ones (Toronto), better ones (Washington D.C.), but for the twins, this was is JUST RIGHT.  This is now.

THEN:  One of the nice things about being at a fertility clinic is all of the sonograms you get.  One of the nice thing about having multiples is all the sonograms you get.

They look like little marshmellow people!!!!  Baby A and Baby B.  It was so much fun being able to see them grow every few weeks. 

When I first was pregnant, there were just a few food aversions that I had.  And I made sure to eat like every 2 hours because otherwise I felt a little nauseus.  So I kept crackers in my desk at school, in my purse, and next to my bed.  Just in case.  I didn’t feel like drinking coffee.  Which was good.  I wasn’t going to drink coffee my first trimester anyway, but I had insisted that I would drink it later because I didn’t want to give it up.  It was my only vice.  But I drank much less, especially because I was pregnant through a summer. 

The other thing that made me feel sick?  Water.  Not good.  How could I not drink water?  I didn’t want to drink sugary things, or artificial sweetners.  Luckily, putting lemon in it helped a lot.  I didn’t used to like lemon in my water, but a friend suggested I try it.  It worked miracles.  So that was another thing I started carrying around with me.  Crackers – not so crazy.  But lemons in your purse?  A little weird.  Oh well.

I told Tim we were going to take pictures of my growing belly every week.  Yeah right.  We got quite a few at the beginning, then we forgot, then we got more at the end. Here’s one of the first when I was showing.

  This was taken March  26, 2009.  So, about 2 months preggo.  At about 12 weeks I was released from the fertility clinic to my regular OB doctor.  That was then.